laugardagur, mars 17, 2012

Enjoy some great Icelandic music - The World Domination or Death Vol. 2 Compilation - Music Alliance Pact

World Domination or Death Vol. 2 Mixtape - Play CD 
 Fantastic Rjominn took over Icelandic MAP

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Matt sagði...


Great music. Since you seem to know your stuff I have a question for you. I was recently at the Rekyjavik bar Boston and heard an amazing, dark, electronic song which had lyrics "...devil of mine...devil of mine...". Everyone at the bar was into it, though I had no luck finding the song on the internet. Do you have any idea of who sings this song?


Jaythorne sagði...

Hey, so this is like 42947329 years late, but I think the song you are looking for is Legend - Devil in Me.