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New deadline for Rokk í Reykjavík Video Competition: 30. April 2012

Put your video tribute to the Rokk í Reykjavík movie online on YouTube or Vimeo before 1. May 2012.

Competitor # 8: ruddinn

"Stórir Strákar", a cover of Egó

The Original @ 5:10

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Competitor # 2: Dr. Gunni

Dr. Gunni
"Af litlum neista verður mikið kál", a cover of Bruni BB

The Original @ 2:43 in this part of RIR

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Back to the 80s: Rokk í Reykjavík / Rock in Reykjavik Video Competition 1982*2012

Lockerbie "Laut" Video


Lockerbie - Laut from LockerbieOfficial

Útidúr @ Ja Ja Ja Music @ Lexington, London on 29. March 2012

Ja Ja Ja Music 
Freja Loeb 
Thursday 29. March 2012 @ The Lexington, London N1 9JB 

Útidúr (pronounced: ooh! – detour) are a twelve-piece group comprising players on double bass, drums, trumpet, violins, a second guitar and an accordion. They play joyous and ambitious chamber-pop with a dramatic streak – think Angelo Badalamenti, Beirut, Calexico and Ennio Morricone. Útidúr has honed their craft for a while and began playing at various venues in downtown Reykjavík in late summer of 2009. On seeing them live for the first time, The Line of Best Fit declared them “just incredible. Music to fall in love and get your heart broken to.” Útidúr’s debut album This Mess We’ve Made is out now and was recorded at the Sigur Rós recording studio ‘Sundlaugin’ in the summer of 2010.

Amiina "Jolly Parton" Live

"Jolly Parton"

Back to the 80s: Spilafífl "Talandi Höfuð"

"Talandi Höfuð"

Back to the 80s: Mogo Homo "Bereft"

Mogo Homo

GusGus "Over" Flex Funk RMX

GusGus in the RMX

GusGus Demo 57 V04


Back to the 80s: Q4U "Böring"


Stereo Hypnosis "Farmer in the sky"

Stereo Hypnosis
"Farmer in the sky"

Stereo Hypnosis  |  Farmer in the sky from Full Color Emotion

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Ghostigital "Interdeterminacy" Live @ Hafnarhús

Grand finale of the Tectonicsfestival
John Cage: Interdeterminacy
Ghostigital & Ásgerður Júníusdóttir, Sigtryggur Baldursson & Hrafnkell Kaktus Einarsson

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Back to the 80s: The Sugarcubes "Planet" Video (1989)

The Sugarcubes
"Planet", a song feat. on the album "Here today, tomorrow next week" (One Little Indian/Smekkleysa, 1989)

Emiliana Torrini "Gun" (2008)

Emiliana Torrini
"Gun", a song feat. on the album "Me and Armini" (2008)

Back to the 90s: GusGus "Is Jesus your pal?" (1997)

"Is Jesus you pal?", a song from "Polydistortion" (4AD, 1997)
Singer: Emiliana Torrini

Back to the 90s: Bang Gang "So alone" (1998)

Bang Gang
"So alone", a song featured on the album "You" (1998)

Back to the 90s: Unun "Einkalíf" (1995)


Lazyblood "Once upon a time" Live @ Lit Lounge (January 2012)

Lazyblood Live @ Lit Lounge
"Once upon a time"

Captain Fufanu Live Set @ Undercurrent @ Harpa

Captain Fufanu Live @ Undercurrent @ Harpa

Sin Fang "Catch the light" Live @ Undercurrent @ Harpa

Sin Fang Live @ Undercurrent @ Harpa
"Catch the light"

Æla Live @ Amsterdam @ Iceland Airwaves 2011

Æla Live @ Amsterdam venue @ Iceland Airwaves 2011

Skálmöld Live @ Copenhagen 2012

Skálmöld Live @ Nordatlantens Brygge @ Copenhagen 2012

Shotmovie "Ókyrrð" - Music by For a Minor Reflection

Shortmovie "Ókyrrð" 
Song "Ókyrrð" by For a Minor Reflection

Atrum "Peasant" @ Kastljós TV Program

Atrum @ Kastljós

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Icelandic Music Awards 2011 - The Winners

Performer of the Year: Björk
Songwriter of the Year: Mugison
Lyricist of the Year: Mugison

Pop/Rock song of the Year: Mugison's "Stingum af" (Let's run away)
Iceland’s brightest hope: Of Monsters and Men