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Kimi Records Evening @ Iceland Airwaves '08

Kimi Records Evening on Wednesday 15. October @ Tunglið Venue with performances by:
Benni Hemm Hemm
Retro Stefson


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I love Icelandic Music @ Blog Fresh Radio

My blog & an Interview with me is featured in the latest radio show of Blog Fresh Radio @ www.blogfreshradio.com.
Focus on Icelandic band FM Belfast.
We're back to a more standard format on the show this week, following our recent Fall Preview bonanza and Yacht Rock escapades. Standard, but by no means ordinary!
We'll speak with a guy who blogs exclusively about music from Iceland, and hear about an artist made famous by a gang of South African taxi drivers!
We also have new solo music from the second-best drummer in Aloha, as well as the sockless wonders known as Vampire Weekend. Plus, Abbey's 2-minute recap from the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, and a rundown of the most-talked-about bands of the week on our Official Blog Fresh Chart. It's what the world's best music blogs listen to!
FUCK BUTTONS vs MOGWAI - 'Mogwai Fears Satan'
FM BELFAST - 'Lotus'/'Pump'
FM BELFAST - 'Underwear'

CALE PARKS - 'Some Sew, Some Find'
CHAD VAN GAALEN - 'Poisononous Heads'
DJ MUJAVA - 'Township Funk'

79. Song of the Week: "Cosmonauts" by Hungry & The Burger

Song of the Week is Hungry and The Burger's "Cosmonauts". A song of the Album "Lettuce and Tomato", the first release on the new World Champion Records Label, founded by members of FM Belfast.


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Eliza Artwork

Artwork # 5: Eliza Newman Geirsdottir (12x12 cm) by Wim Van Hooste (WIHO)

"Goth bádum megin": New 7" Single of Skátar - Release 2. October

Icelandic band Skátar will release their new single "Goth bádum megin" (“Goth on Both Sides”) on 7” vinyl and in a downloadable form on 2. October and will celebrate the release with a concert in Kaffibarinn in downtown Reykjavík @ 21:00 2. October.
Two other bands, Sudden Weather Change& Sykur, will also perform.
Following the release, Skátar will tour the country with Bloodgroup, Dlx Atx & Sykur, which ends with their performance at the Iceland Airwaves music festival in Reykjavík on October 18.
In November Skátar will perform at the Swn Festival in Wales.
You can download the song "Party Liners (I Make Blade, You Crusade)" of the Single "Goth báðu megin" for free until the 2. October @ the Grandmothers Records Label site @ www.grandmothersrecords.grapewire.net

Skátar @ www.myspace.com/skatar
Source: Iceland Review

Blindfold "Sleepless Nights" Live

"Sleepless Nights" Live


"Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" Artwork Exhibition @ Whitechapel Gallery, London

On 2-3. October there will be an Exhibition of 12 prints from the "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" Album deluxe edition by Belgian photographer Eva Vermandel (born in Sint-Niklaas as me, London based since 1996) and a taster of the Film made by Nick Abrahams.
Exhibition @ The Whitechapel Gallery, London, as part of the "Concrete and Glass Event".
There will be an exhibition in New York & Reykjavík (according to Eva Vermandel in the Belgian TV Program "De Zevende Dag").
Eva Vermandel @ www.evavermandel.btinternet.co.uk
Concrete and Glass Event 2-3. October 2008 @ www.concreteandglass.co.uk
Deluxe Edition
This exquisitely presented deluxe edition is a unique document of the creation of Sigur Rós' fifth album in film, photography and music. Given unprecedented access to the final stages of the making and release of the group's new album, photographer Eva Vermandel and film-maker Nicholas Abrahams create an intimate and revealing portrait of the Icelandic quartet at work on their most immediate record to date. Housed in a large-format, fine weave cloth-bound hardback book, the deluxe edition comprises nearly 200 pages of fine art photographic images, as well as a impressionistic film portrait of Sigur Rós, as they record, mix and master "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust". Locations include New York, London, Mexico, Reykjavík and beyond, and take in the filming of the "Gobbledigook" video, tour rehearsals, the early shows on the tour, as well as exclusive band interviews relating to the record. Each edition is individually numbered and includes a unique strip of 16mm film taken from the video "gobbledigook" as well as the dvd and album.
192-pages. 300 mm x 240 mm. Includes cd of "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" and exclusive dvd
Order @ www.sigurros.com

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Vera "Liquid Skin" Video

"Liquid Skin"

Vera @ www.myspace.com/veraband

Andrúm "Andvakar" Album

The Andrúm Band members from left to right: Magnús Freyr, Birkir, Jóna Palla, Arnar & Ragnar @ 3th floor of Bar 11, Reykjavík.
Their Album is called "Andvakar". You can order a copy of this Album @ their MySpace page (Price 12 USD)
Video shot by Monitor Magazine.


Mammút "Karkari" Release Concert

Mammút Released their Second Album "Karkari" on the Record Records Label. Release Concert was in Idno venue, near Tjörnin pond of Reykjavik. A Video shot by Monitor Magazine.


Airwaves Line-up Update

Icelandic artists added: Cocktail Vomit & Sykur, electro-jazz outfit Audio Improvement, <3 Svanhvít & also Ske.
Dr. Gunni made a one hour mix of artists playing @ Airwaves '08:

New Grapevine is Out: Interview with Lay Low

A new issue of Grapevine Magazine is out. It contains a long interview with Lay Low, about her roots and her new album. Shorter item about the band For A Minor Reflection. Album reviews of Wanker of the first degree's "Retrograde" (www.myspace.com/josefkarl), The Brian Jonestown Massacre's "Just Like Kicking Jesus" (www.myspace.com/brianjonestownmassacre), Sökudolgarnir's "Lif & Fjör". An article about the movie "From Oakland to Iceland: A Hip-Hop Homecoming" about DJ Platurn, directed by Ragnhildur Magnusdottir.
Get it @ www.grapevine.is
Animation Video for "Please don't hate me" of Lay Low's Debut Album

www.myspace.com/baralovisa & http://www.laylow.is/

New Blog Project: I love Icelandic Music joins Music Alliance Pact

There are a lot of music blogs. Recently I got an e-mail of Jason of the Scottish The Pop Cop blog about joining an international blogging project with my blog.
Under the name Music Alliance Pact (MAP), there will by a monthly post of songs on the 15th of every month. Each blog posts the Song of the Month of all the other blogs too.

The participating blogs/countries so far (more countries to come?):
America - I Guess I'm Floating
Argentina - Zonaindie
Australia - Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
China - Chinese Music Blog
Denmark - Pastries, Peppers And Canals...
England - The Daily Growl
Iceland - I Love Icelandic Music
Ireland - Nialler9
Italy - Polaroid
Peru - SoTB
Scotland - The Pop Cop
Spain - El Blog De La Nadadora
Sweden - Swedesplease
Launch Date 15. October 2008.

Mugison @ Austin City Limits Festival

Mugison ACL Introduction & doing a jam with CASIO Lady

Thank you Jennifer Leigh

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Borko "Hondo & Borko" Video

"Hondo & Borko"

Borko @www.myspace.com/borkoborko
Kimi @ www.kimirecords.net

"Fordlândia": the New Jóhann Jóhannsson Album

The new epic work of Jóhann Jóhannsson
Press release: "In short, Fordlândia is Jóhann Jóhannsson's most complete and beautiful piece of music to date; a fascinating, immersive and deeply rewarding web of ideas and melodies, which is sure to win him a legion of new listeners". Album Release 3. November 2008.
1. Fordlândia - 13.43
2. Melodia (i) - 1.56
3. The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!) - 6.25
4. Melodia (ii) - 1.49
5. Fordlândia - Aerial View - 4.33
6. Melodia (iii) - 3.12
7. Chimaerica - 3.23
8. Melodia (iv) - 2.45
9. The Great God Pan Is Dead - 4.56
10. Melodia (Guidelines For A Propulsion Device Based On Heim's Quantum Theory) - 9.04
11. How We Left Fordlândia - 15.25

Dark Harvest "One Last Mile" Live

Dark Harvest
"One Last Mile"


Emiliana Torrini "Me and Armini"

Emiliana Torrini
"Me and Armini" - The Making Of Special
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3


BHH @ Iceland Airwaves '08

Benni Hemm Hemm (BHH) that has recently released the album "Murta St. Calunga" (Kimi Records), has been added to the Airwaves Line-up. Over 50 Icelandic bands and around 30 international bands and artists are already confirmed. Over the next days the program will be completed. About 40 Icelandic artists and 10 international bands still need to be added.
BBH @ www.myspace.com/bennihemmhemm
Kimi @ www.kimirecords.net
Iceland Airwaves Festival Information @ www.icelandairwaves.com

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Lay Low "By And By" @ Poppland Radio Program Today

The first Song "By And By "of Lay Low's Second Album "Farwell Good Night's Sleep" in Poppland Radio Show (Release on Cod Music Label 16. October). Release Concert @ Fríkirkja @ Reykjavík 16. October.
Ticket @ http://midi.is
Poppland www.ruv.is/poppland
Lay Low @ www.myspace.com/baralovisa
Drawning by Jóhanna Lind

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Check out the latest music from Iceland

Iceland Music Export presents Made in Iceland CD release and YAIC Music Conference coinciding with 10th anniversary of Iceland Airwaves Festival, October 15th-18th in Reykjavik, featuring the most eclectic up-and-coming talent of the Iceland music spectrum!
Iceland delivers a plethora of the coolest musical landmarks for the biggest, bangin’ end to the year 2008!
"It's hard to believe anything with a beat could grow in a landscape as otherworldly and physically inhospitable as that of Iceland. Mother Nature, in all her harshest majesty, is the headline act here. She is not easily upstaged. Nevertheless, in a small rehearsal space on a snowy, windblown side street in central Reykjavik, a local band called the Sugarcubes is busy proving that rock & roll is not only alive and well here but mutating into shapes as odd and wondrous as the geologist's paradise outside." David Fricke, Rolling Stone, July 1988.
The above is how David Fricke summed up the experience of his first visit to Iceland in Rolling Stone magazine, exactly 20 years ago. The Sugarcubes were the initial band to plant the seeds for an ever-changing environment of growth and creativity in the Icelandic music scene; cultivating and inspiring the brightest of artists since their debut.
The Icelandic music scene has flourished ever since and has repeatedly hit the headlines of Rolling Stone and other world-class media. The success and profile of Icelandic music has continued to amplify with the likes of Björk, Sigur Rós and a growing number of fresh-faced Icelandic artists touring the world and contributing to the international scene. Music enthusiasts, encircling all parts of the globe, flock to events such as the Iceland Airwaves Festival to discover the latest exports in the sonic melting pot that is the Icelandic music scene.
The creative forces that characterize the Icelandic music are ceaselessly vibrant, yet ever-evolving. The Made in Iceland project showcases 15 of the key Icelandic artists who have captivated audiences in their native homeland and also audiences all of over the world. Iceland Music Export is not only an all-inclusive plethora of information on Icelandic Music, but it is a marketing and business office as well. We are grateful and proud to present some of the brightest new talent and greatest ambassadors of Icelandic music. For more information visit www.icelandmusic.is

Bang Gang
The tall Icelandic man that plays under the alias Bang Gang is just as diverse as the northern country itself. Bardi Johannsson’s cohesion between his soft acoustic melodies and his daring electronica explorations directly reflect the contrasting landscapes of his native land; where lustrous geysers and incautious volcanoes live enharmonic with one another. Bang Gang’s 2000 début, "You", was met with great fanfare and critical revelry, while the follow-up, 2003’s "Something Wrong", cemented his artistic and commercial success. Bang Gang’s third full-length, "Ghosts from the Past", is currently being released in various markets worldwide and is, according to early reviews, already a strong contender for album of the year.
The diverse yet precise arrangements on the record certainly wet the mouths of industry professionals and common music fans alike; and his talent most certainly does not go unappreciated in his beautiful homeland, as he closed the Arts Festival of Reykjavik that occurred in June, with the help of the Icelandic symphony orchestra and singer Keren Ann. His new album hit the French Itunes top 10 upon release.

Ólafur Arnalds
Ólafur Arnalds may only be 21 years old, but that doesn’t make him any less of a revolutionary than his fellow Icelandic musicians. His chilling piano sounds, supplemented by panning white noise effects, expedite the ability to send his audiences on a journey into their nostalgic subconscious; immersing them in a ghostly symphonic cloud. His debut "Eulogy for Evolution" takes the listener on a journey, representing different periods in life, from birth to death. The follow-up EP "Variations of Static" keeps the classical foundations of his debut album while incorporating crackling electronics and the dead voice of a machine; like vague memories of tradition lost within the digital age we all live in.
Fellow Icelanders Sigur Rós asked Ólafur to open some of their European shows in mid August, before he will embark on a full UK tour in October and return to Iceland in November to record his second full-length album. Olafur has currently started his US campaign and his debut album entered the CMJ Top 200 radio charts at #111. Over 100 US and Canada radio stations are already playing songs from “Eulogy for Evolution”.
“Iceland’s Best New Export”- Clash Magazine
"Marching bands of Manchattan" @ 't Smiskes venue @ Asse, Belgium (2007)


Seabear’s enchanting melodies and soft-spoken aesthetic has brought the band great levels of success since its inception as a solo project for founder Sindri Már Sigfússon. Just one listen of any track off of their first debut album, The Ghost that Carried Us Away (2008 Morr Music), will have you hooked on their sentimentally nostalgic, and almost vaudeville-like acoustic masterpieces for months to come. The seven-piece Icelandic act has created international buzz everywhere with their candied guitar licks and soaring violins; as the Tripwire even calls them, “some of the best folk-pop you'll ever hear.” The Ghost that Carried Us Away is Seabear’s brilliant follow-up to their 2004 EP, "Singing Arc", which was recorded solely by Sindri in his basement and is available for full download on their website.
Still touring on the strength of Ghosts, Seabear is already rehearsing material for their follow up full-length, while Sindri Már keeps the creative juices flowing by scoring documentaries and his new solo project, Sin Fang Bous (LP forthcoming via Morr Music in early 2009).

Already widely accepted as a legendary Icelandic sensation, Borko’s musical creations are traditional and innovative, yet primitive at the same time. His mixture of electronic loops and primordial bongo beats is dashingly refreshing in an era of repetitive, generic musical identities. Borko, who is signed to German label Morr Music, has also written and performed music for theatre and modern dance. He brings together melancholy and rhythm-machines in a unique way, playing on his passion for the repetitive and altogether explosive enthusiasm. It is a scintillating blend.
His second full-length album, "Celebrating Life", has already received international critical acclaim and is being sold in record stores all over the world. Borko will be embarking on a full European tour with Icelandic folk-pop band, Seabear, this October.

Think Dragonforce meets Iron Maiden meets old-school Avenged Sevenfold, and you might be halfway there to describing the masterful straight-up rock ‘n roll quintet, Sign. The band plays direct, unpretentious rock songs, under laid with driving and emotive riffs and the distinctive powerful voice of Zolberg. Produced by the band itself, Sign’s full-length “The Hope” sees them take their ambitions to the next level. Songs such as "Moveless" and "Immobilized By Fear" show Sign can not only write a killer hook and riffs which shred like the best, but they are fully cable of writing catchy fist in -the -air choruses that will have you begging for more.
Sign was invited to open the main stage at Download Festival this year, joining fellow rock zealots such as Metallica and Machine Head. The band has also paid homage to Iron Maiden’s best known song, “Run to the Hills.” The cover was released on a Kerrang! Cover mount, Maiden Heaven, and sold over 100,000 copies; resulting in a gold award for Sign and the other participating artists at the recent Kerrang! Awards. “a hungry…power quarter with a powder-keg of damn good original pop-rock hooks to play with and a stunning frontman” – Kerrang

Steed Lord
Not only do the foursome collectively known as Steed Lord create 80’s influenced synth-pop at it’s best; they also seem to conjure up their own refreshing brand of club music themselves. M.E.G.A., Kali, Demo and AC Bananas grind out their own genre with finesse. Sporting shamelessly filthy beats, mad melodies, crunk synths and killer hooks, the band’s patented brand of club bangers coupled with their clear creative vision (they recently designed prints for H&M retail which sold out last fall in over 52 countries) make up a unique experience.
Even without a full album out in stores yet, the band has already played shows all around Europe and the US, and has been remixed by legends like DJ Mehdi, Crookers, Mano & DJ Klever. The band has been asked to tour with Brit MC sensation, M.I.A, and have played alongside bands such as Chromeo and Does It Offend You, Yeah? And with more live shows, the long-awaited debut album and even a clothing line on the way, you can bet your ass that Steed Lord are unstoppable.

The fun-loving hedonists in Reykjavik! are without a doubt one of Iceland’s most eclectic and powerful additions to music. This collective six member act of philosophy majors, shopmongers and social workers stands out in a rock scene dominated by testosterone and various hipsterati. Singer Bóas provides a friendly atmosphere, drummer Kristján supplies a steady, rocking beat, bassist Valdi gets with the dementia and the twin-guitar assault of cousins Haukur and Gummi smears icing on an already overloaded cacophonous cake.
The band’s 2006 debut album, "Glacial Landscapes, Religion, Oppression and Alcohol" was nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards as ‘Rock album of 2006’ and was actually selected ‘Album of 2006’ in two separate critic-polls. Their latest EP, “Dirty weekend with Reykjavik!” is Blood Brothers meets The Clash, and has gained them international success. Riding on the success of both musical efforts, Reykjavik! has played shows and festivals all over the world, including SXSW, MiDEM, Eurosonic, and Spot.
Reykjavík! is currently working on a follow-up LP with renowned noise master, Ben Frost, while continuing to dazzle audiences with their live performances and top every critic’s poll in sight.
“Reykjavík! were an immense fireball, a sickeningly brilliant reconstruction of modern rock so majestic and pure that it was difficult to watch and even harder to describe.’ - Sindri Eldon, Reykjavík Grapevine

Ólöf Arnalds
Icelandic folk singer Ólöf Arnalds has been a prominent figure within her native music scene spending the past few years as an active member of múm. However it was her solo debut, "Vid og Vid" that garnered "Best Album of 2007" accolades from her country's top newspaper Morgunbladid - beating out Björk and múm among others, while also earning "Best Alternative Album" at the Icelandic Music Awards. In June 2008 Ólöf played with Björk and Sigur Rós at Iceland's Náttúra concert. In July she opened for Björk in Athens, Greece. In October, Ólöf will become the first Icelandic musician to play a prestigious showcase slot at WOMEX, the world music expo. Her haunting guitar accompaniment and folksy, yet almost opera reminiscent voice, are sure to please the ears and calm even the rowdiest of souls. She is currently working on songs for her second album.

FM Belfast
Iceland's FM Belfast started out as a duo at Christmas 2005 when Árni R. Hlödversson and Loa H. Hjalmtysdottir made a song as a present for their friends. Upon realization that their beautifully synthetic vocal arrangements and their catchy-as-all-hell beats prevented their mates from leaving the dance floor, they completed the line-up with Arni Vilhjalmsson and Örvar Th. Smarason and officially commenced as a band in early 2006. That October, they played their first full concert at the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik.
This year, the group hit the road playing festivals all over Europe and the U.S, garnering universal praise. The Austin Chronicle listed them as one of the bands to watch at SxSW and the Denver Post named them one of the top 10 new finds at SxSW. Spin Magazine caught on and made them Artist Of The Day on the first day of Spring. The band has just completed their debut album, how to make friends, to be released this fall.

Benny Crespo’s Gang
The less than modest Reykjavik band, Benny Crespo’s Gang, is without a doubt one of the most interesting bands based out of Iceland; as their dynamic mixture of over the top hard rock and eerie synth powered lullabies is truly unique and haunting. Their self-titled 2007 debut has boggled the minds of Icelanders and foreigners alike with its stunning hardcore trip-hop brilliance, and has received critical acclaim all over the world. Their legendary live shows have consistently made new fans out of anyone who happens to be in the vicinity, and their much-hyped performances at the Iceland Airwaves and Aldrei fór ég suður festivals have earned them fans from all over the world.
The band, which has been compared to alt-legends such as Blonde Redhead and At the Drive In, is currently plotting further steps towards world domination and plan to tour the world extensively.
"As far as I'm concerned, the race for the Icelandic Album of the Year was over the day Benny Crespo's Gang ended a three-year recording process and released their self-titled debut."- Grapevine (Reykjavík's English Language Magazine) - Sveinn Birkir Björnsson

Hjaltalín are Iceland's newest about-to-be export. With eight members, it's difficult to determine whether they should be called a small orchestra, a mutated, overgrown rock band or something else entirely. Nominated for five Icelandic Music Awards last March, they went on to win the ‘Best Songwriter’ and ‘Brightest Hope’ categories. In their homeland, they have played with artists such as Akron/Family, Annuals, and Bloc Party; and their uniqueness has solidified a dedicated fanbase not just in Iceland but all over the world.
Hjaltalín is as promising as any of the other beautiful and eclectic artists the geyser-filled island land has presented to the world. Their debut album "Sleepdrunk Seasons", released to great acclaim in Iceland last December, was produced by Benni Hemm Hemm and Gunni Tynes of múm. The album is due for imminent Scandinavian-wide release and will hit the UK and the rest of Europe on October 6th.

Emiliana Torrini
Emiliana Torrini is anything but the typical power-chord playing female singer/songwriter. Her inventive style of songwriting shines through in her latest EP release, "Me and Armini", as each song differs so much from the previous, it is amazing to think it is the same young girl with the same voice that is sometimes haunting and sometimes cheerful and bubbly. Following on from her critically acclaimed sets "Love In The Time Of Science" and "Fisherman's Woman", long time producer / collaborator Dan Carey’s work can be seen on the tracklisting. The resulting album is a hugely ambitious and aspirational pop record with Emilíana’s soaring voice centre stage, bolstered by a rich gamut of musical styles.
The pedigree paring of Emiliana's song writing and Carey's sonic alchemy previously combined to world-beating effect when they co-wrote / produced "Slow" for Kylie Minogue, and individually when Emilíana sang "Gollum’s Song" on the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack. Suffice to say their latest offspring already looks destined to top 2008 year-end lists.

Three years ago, Mugison traded his laptop in for a bass player and a drummer of flesh and blood, cranked the amp and went on a mission. His third album, "Mugiboogie" is driven by the lust for life, love, and sex - a classic rock n´roll album in that sense but yet he manages to surprise and entertain in each song. He spent the good part of 3 years howling in his garage until the songs felt right, felt real and beyond all, felt good. Call him a schizophrenic, call him possessed, a monkey with attention-deficit disorder but make no mistakes - he's on a mission. He promised to give it all he got, to turn his inside out and this is what that sounds like. That thrill ride called “Mugiboogie” has been let loose in Iceland and will debut in the U.S. very soon. Are you ready?
"Icelandic singer-songwriter Mugison already has a reputation abroad for bleak magic, on record and in solo appearances with acoustic guitar and laptop. But in his headlining set at the Art Museum, he came out swinging like a country-blues Led Zeppelin, armed with a muscular backing band of electric bass, pedal steel guitar and cannon-fire drums." - David Fricke - Rolling Stone

Valgeir Sigurðsson
Best known for his work as a collaborator and producer Valgeir has for the past decade provided a breeding ground for numerous local and international artists in his Greenhouse Recording Studios in Reykjavik. He stepped forward in 2006 with the launch of boutique label Bedroom Community, in collaboration with composers Nico Muhly and Ben Frost, and released his long due solo album "Ekvílibríum" in September 2007 to great critical acclaim. Valgeir has since toured the world twice over, promoting the record, and is now in the process of writing its follow up. An avid composer, Valgeir has also been confirmed to score the much-anticipated Icelandic film Dreamland.
“Valgeir Sigurðsson is the most welcoming and thoughtful of hosts and, as he leads his companions through various narratives, he orchestrates one of the most exhilarating and perfect records you’ll hear this year.” - The Milk Factory

Sigur Rós
Sigur Rós, with their immeasurable and unbelievable creativity, have been pushing the boundaries of the already broad Icelandic music spectrum ever since they formed back in 1994. Immense musical masterpieces created by the men in this band, including songs in their own thought-up language, have been accepted and obsessed over by the masses and critics alike. The band quickly became a cult favorite in Iceland with the release of their atmospheric début, "Von", before winning over the whole of the country with follow-up "Ágætis Byrjun" in 1998.
"Ágætis Byrjun" was an instant critical and commercial success in Iceland, and through word of mouth, glowing reviews and perfectly executed shows the band amassed fans all over the world, setting the tone for what was to come. A unique and inventive band in the best sense, Sigur Rós are both Icelandic music’s finest ambassadors and its greatest offspring.

Iceland Airwaves Festival Trailer 1007

You want an impression of Iceland's annually Airwaves Festival? Here's a trailer of 10 minutes of last years' edition.

Iceland Airwaves @ www.icelandairwaves.com

78. Song of the Week: "Return of the pigs" by Inside Bilderberg

Inside Bilderberg's "Return of the pigs" is the 78. Song of the Week.
Georg Pétur the man behind Inside Bilderberg is the son of Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson (late Allsherjargoði of Ásatrú (Pagan Viking religion)).
More about Georg Pétur's Inside Bilderberg (inspired by Killling Joke) @ www.myspace.com/insidebilderberg

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Reykjavík Video

Sightseeing in Reykjavík (2003) - Music by múm


Kalli in the Spotlight @ IMX

Kalli – a.k.a. Icelandic singer-songwriter Karl Henry – used to be the frontman of Without Gravity , the band behind the critically received Tenderfoot album. When WG disbanded, Kalli picked up his guitar and recorded ten new songs for his debut solo album: While the City Sleeps.
Recorded at home at Studio 12B in downtown Reykjavik, While the City Sleeps draws blood immediately. Deep, doomed and dreamlike, the record is scattered with illusions of darkness, stormy weather, and uncertainty. It’s a deeply personal record, as Kalli writes about personal transitions, the movement from excess to stability and the pain that comes with the change.
Aided by producer and multi-instrumentalist Arnar Guðjónsson (from Leaves), Kalli recorded, performed and produced everything himself on the album. Guided by Kalli’s worn, sombre vocals, the album offers soothing harmonies and swirling guitar/piano based melodies amidst the brooding atmopsheres, drawing inevitable comparisons to dark pop maestros like Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Neil Young.
What was the spark that kicked off your interest in songwriting?
I really started showing interest in music at an early age. Both my mother and my father are big music lovers. Though they do not play any instruments they owned a big record collection and we listened to music a lot at home. Then I got my first guitar at age 12. A couple of friends of mine from school owned guitars and were taking guitar lessons and I picked up the basics from the two of them.
Your first band, Without Gravity, split after one record – was it a classic case of creative differences?
Yes, among other things.
What lessons did you learn from your time with them?
Together we released our music and toured outside Iceland for the first time so maybe I learned a little bit about the music business during my time with the band. I also learned a lot musically from the guys. I think all of us grew as musicians during our time together and we learned a lot from each other.
Was going solo something you had already considered or did you find yourself suddenly in the position to go for it?
I had already considered going solo. I think that if you are a songwriter you are at least bound to think about it.
WTCS is a pretty somber and personal record – what can you tell us about your mindstate when you made it?
I was a mess, in a very dark place. I was doing hard drugs, on my way nowhere fast. I had a lot of negative emotions I had to get off my back. Writing the songs for the record was a kind of a healing process, at least a few of them.
Are you generally more drawn to writing introspective songs, or do you think this was just a phase?
I guess that I wrote more about what’s happening within me than around me. At least that's how it is on WTCS. I guess this has something to do with what i was going through when I wrote the songs.
When did you start working with Arnar Guðjónsson from Leaves?
I got to know Arnar when we asked him to produce the WG record Tenderfoot with us. I love working with Arnar, he's a brilliant musician.
What role did he play in WTCS?
Arnar played a large role on the record. He played bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, guitars, so he was like having a full band and a producer.
It was recorded at Studio 12B in Reykjavik – who owns and runs the studio and how come you recorded there?
Árni Ben my manager owns and runs studio 12B. It was of course the best solution to record at Árni´s studio. Both myself and Arnar were familiar to the studio and like working there.

Even though WTCS is only just coming out internationally through One Little Indian, you finished it some time ago. What other projects have you had on the go, what are your upcoming plans?
I have scored the music for a couple of movies. "The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela" and "Stóra Planið" (“Higher Force”. I am recording a new record at the moment and am hoping to be able to release in sometime in mid-2009.
Kalli @ www.myspace.com/kallimusic
Source: Iceland Music Export

laugardagur, september 20, 2008

Two Icelandic Videos in Top 10 Best Videos of MTV

1. Duran Duran: "Rio"
2. Björk: "All Is Full of Love"
3. A-ha: "Take on Me"
4. Michael Jackson: "Thriller"
5. Sigur Rós: "Svefn-g-englar"
6. Nirvana: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
7. Radiohead: "Just"
8. Jamiroquai: "Virtual Insanity"
9. Madonna: "Like a Prayer"
10. OK Go: "Here It Goes Again"

föstudagur, september 19, 2008

BBC goes Icelandic Music in November 2008

Icelandic Radio Presenter Invades the BBC
Icelandic radio presenter Ólafur Páll Gunnarsson, aka Óli Palli, who is known for his music programs Poppland & Rokkland on national broadcasting service RÚV’s Rás 2, will moderate programs on Icelandic music on a Liverpool radio station operated by the BBC in November.
I am supposed to serve as an Icelandic ambassador”, Gunnarsson told Fréttabladid.
The project is part of a culture festival in relation to Liverpool being the European Capital of Culture in 2008.
Icelandic artists and musicians will be a prominent feature in Liverpool this fall. Three visual artists will open exhibitions there, the Langholtskirkja Church Choir will perform and shortly before Christmas, an Icelandic/Faroese Christmas concert will be held.
Poppland @ www.ruv.is/poppland
Rokkland @ www.ruv.is/rokkland
Source: Iceland Review
Source of O.P.G. Photograph www.prime.is/mambo/content/view/201/51

Slugs Video for "MTHRFCKR" - The New Heiða?

The band Slugs put a Video for their song "MTHRFCKR" on YouTube. In the future their Debut will be released on the Smekkleysa Label.

Gig @ Belly's
(the Bar with the cheapest beer downtown Reykjavik (according to the latest Reykjavik Grapevine Magazine))
Program @ Friday 19. September
Swords of chaos
Númer Núll
Aston Cut

Slugs @ www.myspace.com/slugsogslabb
This Video reminds me of this: the Release of Hellvar's Album "Bat out of Hellvar" (Kimi Records Label, 2007) - concert in a Straeto bus downtown Reykjavik

Years ago, singer Heiða of Hellvar (previous Heiða í Unun) was called the "new Björk", now Björk's son Sindri Eldon (the singer of Slugs) can be called the "new Heiða". Spot the differences. It's a mad world.

Sign, Mammút & Endless Dark @ Amsterdam 20. September

Sign, Mammút & Endless Dark @ Amsterdam venue, Reykjavik
Saturday 20. September
Price: 1000 IKR
Doors open @ 22:00
Mammút @ Gaukurinn (2007)

fimmtudagur, september 18, 2008

Review by Pitchfork's Stuart Berman of Mugison's Mugiboogie

Do the Icelandic Boogie with Mugison
's Album Mugiboogie, out on Ipecac Label in USA (2008) as Reviewed by Stuart Berman (Pitchfork)
12. September 2008
Rating: 6.2
Icelandic musicians are at inherent disadvantage among Western pop performers, what with the isolation, high cost of living, and a small population that need only generate 5,000 sales for a gold record. But as native son Örn Elías Guðmundsson- aka Mugison- illustrates, the country does yield one benefit for aspiring artists: really awesome locations for press-photo shoots. In his promo pics, we see Mugison variously riding horses in mountainous terrain, casually laying down on ice caps, and canoeing through rocky waterways dressed as a fish trapper-- no boring brick-wall backgrounds for this guy.
Based on these images alone, it's tempting to-- as we do with most Icelandic artists- interpret Mugison's music as a product of his home country's mysterious landscape (try Googling "Sigur Rós + glaciers") or rich folkloric tradition (ditto for "Björk + elf"). But on his madcap third album, Mugiboogie, the former laptop-tronic artist makes a case for an Icelandic pop music defined not by topography or mythology, but rather basic geography - in that his country's location puts him a in a fortuitous position to absorb the influence of American blues, British psych-folk and, when the mood strikes, Scandinavian black metal.
"Every performer is a preacher" Mugison sings on the solo acoustic blues of Mugiboogie's "The Pathetic Anthem", but his performance style is more informed by the notion that every preacher is a performer. Like the Veils' Finn Andrews - another artist whose recent output has betrayed a fascination with American Southern Baptist tradition - Mugison is not so much interested in the religiosity of the pulpit as the theatrics, because, as one song puts it, "Jesus is such a good name to moan". But Mugison's vigorous showmanship - effectively conjuring the writhing, sweaty-browed anguish of a man of the cloth who's been caught in a by-the-hour motel with his pants down - isn't always enough to elevate his songs beyond genre exercises; strip away his lusty growls and squeals, and the glammed-up stomp of the title track and the shuffling folk-funk of "To the Bone" aren't that far removed from standard-issue bar-rock.
Perhaps sensing a potential drift toward the middle of the road, Mugison spends the rest of Mugiboogie alternating between sharp rights and lefts, even going so far as to adopt a Cookie Monster growl on twin tribal-metal freak-outs "I'm Alright" and "Two Thumb Sucking Son of a Boyo" - both of which can be read as either the external manifestation of his preacher persona's inner demons, or just an easy way to endear himself to Ipecac boss Mike Patton. But he also reveals himself to be a Harry Nilsson-like pop maverick that, for all of Mugison's eager-to-please affectations, is ultimately his most naturally pleasing mode, as evinced by the falsettoed broom-swept barfly blues of "The Animal" or the glockenspieled lullaby "George Harrison", a heartfelt appeal to live by the late Beatle's example, complete with gently weeping guitar slides. However, it's the centerpiece orchestro-folk ballad "Deep Breathing" that truly rewards your humoring Mugison's various whims: it's a plea for patience that feels like an interior address to the singer's own scatterbrained psyche, his pulse calmed by a wondrous string arrangement that sends the song heavenward without overwhelming it - proof that Mugison need not act like a preacher to make you a believer.
Mugison @ http://www.mugison.com/ & www.myspace.com/mugison
Source: Pitchfork Media

Dýrðin Gig Tonight @ Hafnarfjörður

Maybe a little bit late but Dýrðin is playing 18. September @ The Old Library in Hafnarfjörður
Free concert!
Dýrðin is busy with new songs, and last but not least You can see & hear them @ Airwaves '08.
One of the best performances @ Airwaves last year (although few people witnessed it).
Recently these boys & girls were interviewed by the French Magazine Anorak City.

Atlantica's Icelandic Music Picks for the 10th Airwaves Festival

In Atlantica No. 5 (2008) there's an item about the 10th Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, 18-19. October.
A festival Rolling Stone calls “the hippest long weekend on the annual music-festival calendar” This festival spotlights the best of Iceland’s burgeoning scene alongside the most remarkable music makers from around the world.

Here are Atlantica music fan Jonas Moody Icelandic music picks:
FM Belfast
With its lo-fi, melodious electronica, the ever-changing but always colorful line-up of FM Belfast expresses in sound the singular experience of stumbling up and down Laugavegur semi-conscious on late nights out. In fact, their cover of Rage Against the Machine’s "Lotus" has become the de facto soundtrack for any raucous Reykjavík weekend. At live shows the band actually manages to get Icelanders up and moving their asses, which is no small feat. Local color never sounded so good.


Part bar-mitzvah band, part afterschool glee club, Hjaltalín fills the stage with a ten-piece platoon of musicians, including some unexpected performances from bassoon, banjo, French horn, clarinet and harmonium. With performances filled with heart and a plaintive, theatrical sound, they manage to be an Icelandic band all their own. Their much-played "Goodbye July" has quickly become a favorite, taking audiences through spiraling melodies underpinned by meticulous instrumentation and front man Högni Egilsson’s distinctive voice. For something different, give Hjaltalín a try.

The boys in the band (only one is actually from Reykjavík) manage to tear up any crowd that’s put in front of them with anxious guitars, driving rhythms and a shrieking monkey of a front man. If their explosive stage antics don’t set you on fire, a moment basking in the rambunctious glow of Reykjavík!’s supernova performance will set your ears ablaze. Thrust yourself headlong into what is likely to be the loudest and lewdest show on the line-up. www.myspace.com/reykjaviktheband

Mellifluous and slightly melancholy, front man and founding member Sindri Már gives voice to wispy melodies over the folky, downtempo sounds he achieves with the help of his musical cohorts Örn and Guggy, who bring violin, harmonica and lap steel guitar to the mix. Now up to seven members, Sindri keeps finding new friends, transforming Seabear’s live show into a veritable commune of warm, acoustic pop. There will undoubtedly be a sing-a-long during this set. Mark my words. Feel the love with Seabear.

Ultra Mega Technobandid Stefán
Not since Einar Örn and The Sugarcubes have Icelanders stood up on stage with as much sputter and spunk as the boys in Ultra Mega Technobandid Stefán. After garnering attention at the 2006 Icelandic Battle of the Bands and riotous performances at the last two Airwaves, these unrelenting hellions have been flooring festival-goers all over northern Europe. Once frontman Siggi’s shirt comes off prepare to be drenched in teenage sweat and frenzied beats. UMTBS taps into every last ounce of primal teen-energy to put on a dazzling show. Check your sensitive indie attitude at the door; these boys are out for blood. www.myspace.com/umtbs

Source: Iceland Review www.icelandreview.com

All Photographs by Wim Van Hooste

Old News

Thank you Dr. Gunni for sending my the hard copy of Fréttabladid Paper of 13. September 2008.

Skátar's New Song "Party Liners" on MySpace

My Boy Scout Friends of Skátar put a New Song on their MySpace, called "Party Liners (I Make Blade, You Crusade)"
Skátar Song @ www.myspace.com/skatar
There is going to be a Release Party for the 7" @ Kaffibarinn 2. October.
The band is going on a Tour around Iceland, together with the band Bloodgroup (arise from East-Iceland & Faroe Islands)

Old Skátar song "Taco N' Surf Prayer" @ Organ (R.I.P.) venue

Video & slideshows of Photographs Skátar & Bloodgroup @ Iceland Airwaves '07 by Wim Van Hooste

Burglary in Björk's Father's House Last Week

On the blog of Björk's father Guðmundur Gunnarsson, he's informing us over the break-in in his house last week. The Burglars took computers and also the family photoalbum, containing photographs and videos of the last 20 years. Featuring Björk and her sister.
"Bachelorette" Video featuring another book featuring Björk

miðvikudagur, september 17, 2008

A Purrkur Pillnikk Tribute Concert @ Bar 11 Reykjavik 20. September

P.P. Tribute Concert
Purrkur Pillnikk is a legendary rock band from late punk era in Iceland. The band existed for 18 months (1981-1982) and were very active as they released at least two LPs' worth of songs, along with one live-album and two EPs. The distinguishable character of the band were Einar Örn's howling and off-key singing and his lyrics that most often described very day-to-day things but with a lot of interwoven angst. Members of the band later found themselves in KUKL, or in 1986 in The Sugarcubes. The members were: Ásgeir R. Bragason, Bragi Ólafsson, Einar Örn Benediktsson and Friðrik Erlingsson. The three latter ones formed Smekkleysa/Bad Taste publishing house in Reykjavík with friends and were also members of The Sugarcubes.
Their records were: "Tilf", a 7" EP containing 10 songs and lasting about 12 minutes in total; "Ehgji En", an LP containing 17 songs; "Googooplex", a double 45RPM album containing 13 songs;" No Time to Think", a 7" EP containing 4 songs; and the posthumous live LP "Maskínan", containing 17 songs including several not on the other records, most notably a 5-song suite entitled "Orð fyrir dauða" (Words before death) specifically written for their swansong concert at the Melarokk festival in August 1982.
The Band toured Britain with The Fall in 1982.
Recently, popular Icelandic dance outfit Gus Gus released a song entitled "If you don't jump" which samples Purrkur Pillnikk's signature song, "Augun úti".
Source: English Wikipedia
Einar Örn Benediktsson & President Bongo of GusGus on Stage performing the song "If you don't jump (you're English)" @ NASA venue @ Iceland Airwaves '07. EÖB was there as Ghostigital (a Duo with Curver Thoroddsen). That's the fun of the Airwaves festival. Different Icelandic artists together on stage, doing unexpected things.
Photographs of EÖB & President Bongo @ Airwaves '07 by Wim Van Hooste.
Thanks for the suggestion Jen.

North American Tour of Sigur Rós in September-October 08

Supporting act on this Sigur Rós tour is the band Parachutes. Alex Somers, member of this band is Jónsi's boyfriend. So no Amiina or Brasstards this time.
USA & Canada Tour Dates
17. September New York City
18. September New York City
19. September Boston
20. September Montreal
22. September Massey Hall, Toronto
23. September Fillmore, Detroit
24. September Chicago theatre
25. September Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis
27. September Red Rocks, Denver
28. September Saltair, Salt Lake City
30. September The Marquee, Tempe
1. October Copley, San Diego
2. October Los Angeles, Greek Theatre
3. October Berkeley, Greek Theatre
5. October Benaroya Hall Seattle
6. October Arlene Schnitzer Theatre, Portland
7. October The Chan Centre, Vancouver
"Heima" Trailer in High Quality (Documentary is out on DVD)

Sigur Rós @ www.sigurros.com
Parachutes @ www.myspace.com/parachutesmakesongs

Final Day of Popplandsmeistarinn í Popppunkti 2008

Today Popplandsmeistarinn í Popppunkti 2008 had its Final. After weeks of pop quizzes on Wednesdays @ Icelandic Radio Station Rás 2 Program Poppland
1. Poppblaðamenn (Atli Fannar & Birgir Örn Steinarsson) -Tónleikahaldarar (Grímur Atlason & Guðbjartur Finnbjörnsson) 29 - 23
2. Óttarar (Felix & Proppé) - Frændsemi (Ólöf Arnalds & Sigurður Finnsson) 16 - 14
3. Hemmar (Benni Hemm Hemm & Hemmi Gunn) - VKÓP Allstars (Blazroca & Sesar A) 19 - 13
4. Jesúfeðgar (Pétur Örn & Guðmundur Benediktsson) - Jesús & Bó (Krummi & Björgvin Halldórsson) 14 - 10
5. Friffi (Friðrik Ómar & Eyjólfur Kristjánsson) + Eurostelpur (Regína Ósk & Sigga Beinteins) 19 - 15
6. Töframenn (Ingó Geirdal & Bjarni töframaður) - Systkini (Erna Hrönn í Bermúda & Jenni í Brain Police) 19 - 13
7. Kef-lingar (Heiða og Elíza) - Félag Sumarsmellaeiganda (Ingó frá Bahama og Bjössi í Múgsefjun) 17 - 14
8. Lið rótara (Hrói rót og Golli rót) - Lið slasaðra (Guðmundur Baggalútur og Bóas Rvk!
Quart Final
9.Rótarar - Poppblaðamenn 16 - 14
10. Jesúfeðgar - Friffar 19 - 16 (bráðabani)
11. Óttarar - Hemmar 21 - 17
12. Töframenn - Kef-lingar 20 - 18
13. Rótarar - Töframenn 15 - 11
14. Jesúfeðgar - Óttarar 21 - 14
Rótarar beat Jesúfeðgar with 16 -10

Ólafur Arnalds UK Tour October-November 2008

Ólafur Arnalds is going to tour in the UK again. @ some unique locations. But first of all he's performing @ Iceland Airwaves festival 16. October.
Óli Arnalds @ www.myspace.com/olafurarnalds

Lay Low's Second Album Release Concert @ Fríkirkja 16. Oktober

Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, aka Lay Low, is having a release concert for her Second Album. This concert is @ Fríkirkja ("Free Church") in the centre of Reykjavík, next to the pond Tjörnin. Record is released on the Cod Music in Iceland. The record of Lovísa was recorded @ Toerag Studio in London. Producer of the Album was Liam Watson (who worked with White Stripes, Supergrass & James Hunter) & musicians Carwyn Ellis, Ed Turner, Rupert Brown, Matt Radford, Jason Wilson & BJ Cole.
More details about this concert 16. October @ http://midi.is/tonleikar/1/5295
Ticket Sale starts tomorrow 18. September @ 10:00.
Concert 16. October @ Fríkirkja @ 20:30
Price Concert: 3500 IKR
Lay Low @ www.laylow.is & www.myspace.com/baralovisa
Lay Low "Please don't hate me" Live @ Edgy Evening of Bad Taste (Belgian Iceland Airwaves/Iceland on the Edge) @ Bozar, Brussels 30. April 2008

Video of Lay Low & Slideshow of Photographs of Fríkirkja by Wim Van Hooste

Seabear "Cat Piano" Live

Seabear are doing an European Tour right now.
"Cat Piano" Live

It's not cold in Seabearia! @

Cooking with FM Belfast

Like Björk told Grapevine Magazine, you have to do your homework when you're reporting about the music business. Tonight I'm having an interview about my blog and also about the band FM Belfast with New York based Blog Fresh Radio www.blogfreshradio.com.
So today I am preparing myself by watching some videos, reading articles and interviews.
Here's a video of Árni Vilhjálmsson, singer of the band, cooking rice & penang curry chicken (the Icelandic way?)

Get tuned to radio FM Belfast @ www.fmbelfast.com & www.myspace.com/fmbelfast

Icelandic Session on FBi FM in Great Southern Land

Two of my favourite countries united here:
Australia meets Icelandic music
Stuart Rogers, an Aussie based in New York City, was featured on Australian Stuart Buchanan’s nationally syndicated Fat Planet Radio Show on FBi FM. Stuart Rogers is the man behind the Iceland Airwaves Video Podcasts aka Iceairpodcast. He's making a lot of great videos of Icelandic artists, performing live in Iceland or abroad. Sometimes acoustic and/or even @ the homes of the artists! Original it is.
They made a 36-minute session in which the 2 Stuarts discussed new Icelandic music and played new tracks by 6 up and coming Icelandic artists:
1. Olöf Arnalds - "Klara" - Album "Vid og Vid "
2. Benni Hemm Hemm (feat. Jens Lekman) - "Friðþjófur Og Ingibjörg" - Album Ein Í Leyni
3. Mr. Silla & Mongoose - "Organ Deviltry" - Album "Foxbite "
4. Borko - "Ding Dong Kingdom" - Album "Celebrating Life"
5. Hellvar - "Kjaftaedi" - Album "Bat Out Of Hellvar"
6. FM Belfast - "Synthia" (Demo) - "How to make friends"
Stuart’s radio show is a companion to his international music blog, Fat Planet, which was recently featured in The Guardian as “Best Blog For World Music.”
Listen to the show @ http://lofi.tv/2008/01/30/icelandic-session-on-fbi-fm-in-australia
Stuart Rogers @ www.youtube.com/iceairpodcast

Ólöf Arnalds plays new song of her Second Album

Ólöf Arnalds plays the opening song of her new Album. Her First Album "Við og við" (Now and Then) was a huge hit and Icelandic Album of the Year 2007. Debut released on 12 Tonar Label. A video by Iceairpodcast.

Ólöf Arnalds @ www.myspace.com/olofarnalds

Rokk og Ról - Icelandic Stamp (2006)

Although opinions vary on when rock’n’roll arrived in Iceland, most agree that it was no later than 1956. The event is generally dated to the inception of a weekly program on National Radio dedicated to rock music. In early 1957 movie theatres featured three American rock films which had been produced the year before. These movies gave rise to the first nationwide wave of rock’n’roll. The 45 RPM vinyl records were immensely popular during these years. Such a record is depicted on the stamp in an jacket decorated with several well-known symbols of the fifties: the Gibson guitar used by Elvis Presley, a Cadillac preferred by rock stars and young people dancing to the rock’n’roll beat. The Icelandic Historians’ Association holds its annual Countryside Conference in Keflavík in 2006 where 50 years of rock’n’roll and Icelandic pop-culture will be the main topics.
468 - Rock 'n' Roll
Day of issue : 2-2-2006
Printing process : Offset
Number in Sheet : 10
Printer : Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
Size : 35 x 35 mm
Designer : Hany Hadaya
Value : 60 ISK
Source: Top of the World of Stamps

þriðjudagur, september 16, 2008

Lay Low Added to Line-up Iceland Airwaves '08

Icelandic singer-songwriter/country-blues balladeer Lay Low is added to the Airwaves Program. Her Second Album will be released during the Airwaves Festival. As far as I know she'll perform @ Frikirkjan, the Church near the pond Tjörnin, in the centre of Reykjavik Thursday 16. October.
Her Debut Album was called "Please don't hate me" (2006).
Official Video of the Song "Please don't hate me":

Lovisa wrote the music for a Theatre Play of Leikfélag Akureyrar. Music was released by Cod Music on the Album "Ökutímar" this year.
Lovisa aka Lay Low is also a member (keyboard player) of Benny Crespo's Gang, this band released their debut album last year.
Lay Low @ www.laylow.is & www.myspace.com/baralovisa
Benny Crespo's Gang @ www.myspace.com/bennycresposgang
Photograph of Lay Low @ Nordic House @ Airwaves '07 by Wim Van Hooste.

Vicky Pollard's Debut Album is called "Pull Hard"

Vicky Pollard, named after the British TV character of the serie Little Britain, are coming with their Debut Album "Pull Hard" soon (before the kick-off of Iceland Airwaves '08).
4 Girls & male drummer Orri are On Tour in the USA @ the moment.
The British paper The Sun called them the biggest sensation since Björk.

Vicky Pollard and Hellvar rock China (2008)

More about Vicky @ www.myspace.com/vickypollardmusic