laugardagur, september 13, 2008

Reykjavík! Invites Fans to Free Party & Free Beer

Awesome Insanity by Reykjavík! @ Kaffibarinn
Icelandic rock band Reykjavík! has invited its fans to a party called “Afthvíbara” (“Justbecause”) @ Kaffibarinn in the city center on Saturday night at 9 pm Reykjavík! prides itself of being the most indebted band in Iceland and in the spirit of that, admission and beer are free.
The night is dedicated to Hungry and the Burger who are about to release their first album "Lettuce and Tomato", which will be played in its entirety before Reykjavík! goes on stage. The album will be sold at a special discount price during the party.
Some of the guest performers who are going to participate in Reykjavík!’s next album will also perform during the party and in between concerts DJ Terrordisco will entertain the crowd. At the occasion, Reykjavík! will reveal the title of their new album.
Source: Iceland Review
Reykjavik! @
Hungry and the Burger
DJ Terrordisco @
Second Album by Reykjavik! will be released on Kimi Records Label
Photograph of Reykjavik! on stage @ Golden Circle Party @ Organ (R.I.P.)(January 2008) by Wim Van Hooste

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