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Elektra "Komdu aftur (það er svo gaman þegar þú ferð)" @ Miss Iceland (May 2009)

Elektra @ Ungfrú Ísland 2009 (Miss Iceland Election) @ Broadway, R'vik
"Komdu aftur (það er svo gaman þegar þú ferð)"

Emiliana Torrini "Jungle Drum" Live @ Glastonbury 26. June 2009 / "Fireheads" @ Libération Acoustic Showcase @ Paris 28. February 2008

Emiliana Torrini @ Glastonbury
"Jungle Drum"

"Fireheads" @ Libération Acoustic Showcase @ Paris

Song of the 118. Week: "Freeze-out" by Snorri Helgason

Song of the 118. Week is "Freeze-out", a folk song by Snorri Helgason, singer & guitar player of the band Sprengjuhöllin. A song to be put on his first Solo Album in the (near) future.
mp3 found here: Breidholt Blogspot
Photograph of Snorri @ Rock Bar Dillon 7. April 2009 by Soffia

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Dubstep Remix of Emiliana Torrini's "Ha Ha"

Emiliana's "Ha Ha" Remixed by Bassleak


Snorri Helgason: His First Solo Gig @ Karamba Tonight @ 21:00

Snorri Helgason @ Karamba
(previous "22")
Laugavegur 22/Klappastígur, Reykjavík
Sunday 28. June 2009 @ 21:00
Supported by DJ Árni Vil (of FM Belfast fame)
Snorri is the singer of the band Sprengjuhöllin.
He just made his first Solo Single "Freeze-out"
(Single of the 118. Week!)

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Icelandic Music is very popular on the internet ...

Fanmade Sigur Rós Video

Fanmade video featuring Sigur Rós song "Samskeyti"

New Blindfold Album "Faking Dreams" Out on 1. August 2009

"Faking Dreams", the New Album of the band Blindfold will be released on the first of August 2009. On the 23. July there is an Album Launch gig @ Shunt London Bridge, London.
4. September 2009 @ Electric Picnic Festival, Co. Laois @ 20:30
12. September 2009 @ Bestival, Isle of Wight @ 20:00
Blindfold are 4 Icelandic guys living in London, front man is Biggi.
"Faking Dreams" Live @ The Roundhouse (2008)

Blindfold @ MySpace

R.I.P. King of Pop: Björk & Michael Jackson (2003)

During some live versions of "I go Humble" Björk adds a Michael Jackson lyric at the end - "got to be starting something".
It is rumored that the song "Alarm Call" was inspired by Michael Jackson, which would make sense since the working title was "Jacko".
At the 2000 Golden Globe awards, Björk wore a dress with Michael Jackson's face - all in sequins! Why did she wear such a thing? "Because he's the king!"
She also has been seen wearing another skirt like this, but in different colors.
In 2003, Björk did an In Camera interview at showstudio. One of the questions came from the King of pop himself!
Michael Jackson, Santa Barbara, California: I have always loved and admired your creativity. Nature's struggle to survive alongside mankind has been an inspiration for me: given the natural beauty of your Icelandic homeland, how does nature inspire your work?
Björk: I hope this doesn't sound too naff, but being alone in nature, especially after walking for hours, just puts you in your place and you realise how small you are and how plenty of everything is all around you. Then you just let go and surrender, become part of it. I'm so chuffed you asked me a question! I have to say you're the best, keep fighting and it angers me how cruel everybody is to you. It's like in the US right now, it's illegal to be an eccentric. Maybe people would have been more understanding if you were a contemporary of Ludwig II of Bavaria, who comissioned Wagner and lived with the swans. I listen to Butterflies off your last album all the time. You are a true artist! Thanks for fighting and believing in magic even though the rest of the world have forgotten about it.
Source: Bjorkish.net FAQ
Thx to Beau Janssens

Tamarin (Gunslinger), Captain Fufanu & Bakkus @ Hljómalind 29. June

Tamarin (Gunslinger), Captain Fufanu & Bakkus
@ Kaffi Hljómalind, Laugarvegur, R'vik
29. June
Start @ 20:15-22:00

Tamarin/(Gunslinger) plays last concert
punk band Bakkus &
Captain Fufanu with a new set
Captain Fufanu @ Musiktiltraunir Final 4. April 2009

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Björk Voltaic @ NPR

Listen to Björk's Voltaic Project @ NPR:

múm in the Spotlight @ IMX

múm - Sing along no matter what
Pictured: múm's current incarnation

múm are back! Two years after the release of their last album "Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy", the band's fifth album proper, "Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know", is set for release in August on Morr Music.

Recorded in countless different places in four different countries, although most of it was done in Múm's native Iceland. In Estonia they borrowed a beautiful old house in Leigo, a place with hundreds of lakes, where they wrote new songs and recorded with the Estonian Suisapäisa Mixed choir.

It’s a more laid back album than their most recent outings - more relaxed and quietly sad. Sometimes the music sounds naively utopic, but always manages to stay effortless and pure. As usual, the songs are brimming with unusual sounds, this time much of the songs revolve around a lightly prepared piano, hammered dulcimer, a string quartet, marimbas, guitars, ukuleles and if you listen carefully, in the background you can hear Örvar's parent's parakeet singing with the piano...

It’s been two years since the last record: what have the band been doing during that time?
First of all, we toured the crap out of the last album and played in as many places as we could. Then we just started playing music again and the new album just sprang to life really quickly. Somewhere in the meantime, I (Örvar) personally had a baby. Maybe the band can collectively have a baby at some point, but not yet.
When did you start recording this album - and who was involved this time around?

I guess we started recording last summer, maybe before that. Actually one of the songs we wrote and started recording while doing Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy, we've been playing live for a couple of years. It's pretty much the same group of people as on the last albums. Róbert Reynisson, the son of beast who has been touring with us since Ólöf went on hiatus, plays a big part on this album with his guitar shreds. And who knows when Ólöf comes back? But the only real rookie on this record is Högni Egilsson from Hjaltalin. He toured with us for a bit and brought some fresh winds, arranged the choirs and got lost in an airport.
So you just started writing songs and let it take its course?
We very rarely have any pre-conceptions of what the albums should sound like and we never really have a clear aim. We did discuss that maybe we could make a simpler album than the one before and it looks like we achieved that. Go Go Smear was very complex and I think the thing that the simplicity is what separates the two.
What are the main similarities from the band’s perspective?
The positive feeling. From my perspective both the records have an intoxicatingly bright outlook, clear and dizzy at the same time. We really enjoyed playing the last album live and I have a feeling this will be the same.
Yet another beguiling title - where do they come?
The titles usually come from someplace that is beyond the borders of reason, so I don't really know. But I'm guessing the title means that people shouldn't be afraid to sing along in life, we will never know what could have been, if we don't sing along. Naive metaphors maybe, but who cares.
Some of the songs here have a slightly more acoustic and folky flavour than previous albums. Was this intentional?
Not thought out or planned. Our musical leanings zig-zag a lot, so we don't really know what will happen on each album. This seems to piss some people off, but this is the only way we can make music. If people are looking for re-productions of our first album, I can assure them that there are plenty around.
The album was recorded in a few different places. How do you manage the logistics of this, as in getting everyone together with equipment in Estonia or Finland etc?
Well, since we went to Galtarviti lighthouse with all our gear the first time around in 2001, any other logistical situation just seems easy.
Which were the most special places you recorded and why?
Recording at the house in Estonia was surely the high point of the recordings. The house is many hundreds of years old and carries a certain atmosphere, we had the fire going all the time (you can hear it in some of the songs) and the hundreds of lakes around were beautiful.
You’re known for playing unusual instruments – what are the most unusual on this record?
There is a bunch of prepared piano and a weird harmonica with accordion buttons. The strangest instrument we have used recently is on both this album an the last one and is called a Hohner Guitaret we wrote “Illuminated” on that.
What kinds of things influenced you while making the record?
It's no fun to dissect where influences come from, it usually ends up coming out the wrong way. Politics and personal experiences definitely played some part, food and sleep probably as well. Last winter was very strange for being in Iceland. There was an awakening here after a long sleep in materialist-land, we took part in protests in the street and there was a different spirit in the air. Songs like “The Smell of Today is Sweet like Breastmilk in the Wind” are directly influenced by this new mood.
The press release talks of a link between the political situation in Iceland and the record – can you elaborate on that?
The political situation in Iceland has had an effect on everyone here, you would have to live underground to not have been affected of what has been going on. The uprising and protests of last winter really inspired us in a positive way, it is so refreshing to see people in Iceland take direct political action, even though it is debatable where it has brought us. Anyway, there has been at least some change in the way of thinking here and we are very happy out that, we haven't been happy with the situation for many years and it is great to have more people aware of what has been going on. We wrote some of the songs while this all was going on and even though the songs aren't overtly political, the moods are there. We won't start making protest folk songs with political lyrics like someone suggested, but we will keep making our own utopic works and keep presenting an alternative view on the world. To us, that is one way to make protest music.
How did you write the songs these days – is it still Gunnar and Örvar taking the lead with input from others?
It really differs between songs and what is going on at each time, me and Gunni are still in the core and at the helm, but sometimes we go all in and all the kids in the group bring in their amazing talents, whether it's in a group situation or just working on some recordings with me and Gunni.
What was the biggest challenge with this record?
Deciding when it was finished. That's always the most difficult thing.
You’ll release it through Morr rather than Fat Cat: why the label change?
We left Fatcat for a number of reasons, but the bottom line was that we couldn’t really work together any more and they have headed in another direction. Thomas Morr has been a good friend of ours for ten years now, he runs his label perfectly so Morr was the obvious choice for the European release. But we do release it on other labels in other territories, such as North America, Australia, Japan and Iceland of course.
What are your touring plans for 2009 looking like?
2009 and 2010 will be filled with shows and tours and festivals and all kinds of shenanigans. We are putting the finishing touches on the first European, US tours and Japanese tours and then we will keep piling on there. We have a couple of UK shows this summer, the London one is already sold out and so we will try and get there again soon.
You can catch múm at the the following shows – many more are TBC, so be sure to check the band’s MySpace.
Tour Dates:
July Concerts
8. July 2009
múm DJ set at TEATRI DI VITA - Bologna
11. July 2009
múm DJ set - Loop festival afterparty at Digital - Brighton
12. July 2009
Loop festival Brighton
13. July 2009
Tabarnacle -SOLD OUT!-London
August Concerts
14. August 2009
SUMMER SUNDAE festival-Leicester
15. Augustus 2009
Studio 24 Edinburgh (with Benni Hemm Hemm)
16. Augustus 2009
Deaf Institute Manchester
17. August 2009
National museum of Wales - Cardiff
18. August 2009
Norwich art center - Norwhich

Ben Frost Live on Icelandic TV back in 2007

Icelandic Aussie Ben Frost, Sigtryggur Baldursson on drums & guitar players of the band Reykjavik!
"We Love You Michael Gira/Coda"

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Debut Album of Retrön "Swordplay & Guitarslay" Out on 7. July 2009

Debut Album of the trio Retrön, "Swordplay & Guitarslay", will be released on 7. July on the very active Kimi Records Label. You can go listen to the whole new album @ Karamba Café @ Laugavegur on Thursday 25. June @ 21:00.
Band members are Kolbein Hugi, Kári & Arnar Ingi. The band started in 2004.
First song of the Album is "Slow me".
Retrön on MySpace
Kimi Records Label

Elíza & Hafdís Huld @ Institute of Contemporary Art, London 26. June

Hafdís Huld & acoustic set of Elíza @ ICA - International Music Industry Week 09
Other artists are Colin, Gin Riots and Call me Laura
26. June 2009 @ 20:00-23:00
ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Pall Mall - SW1Y 5AH, London, UK
Tickets are £6 in Advance / £8 @ the Door
Elíza Newman "Hjartagull" @ Iceland Airwaves 2007, Smekkleysa Shop (off-venue)

Hafdís Huld Acoustic performance of "Kongulo", her new Single

Elíza @ MySpace
Hafdís Huld @ MySpace

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New Jóhann Jóhannsson Videos - Upcoming Concerts in the USA & Europe (Italy, Belgium, Poland & England)

Jóhann Jóhannsson
"Odi Et Amo - Carmen 85"

J.J. is touring the American East Coast for the first time. To celebrate this, the CD “And in the endless pause, there came the sound of bees” will be released of Jóhann Jóhannsson´s award-winning score for Marc Craste´s acclaimed animated film Varmints. This is a limited edition of 1000 copies and will only be available for sale on the tour.
USA Concerts with this Ensemble:
Keats Dieffenbach, Caleb Burhans: Violin
Nadia Sirota: Viola
Clarice Jensen: Cello
Matthías Hemstock: Percussion, electronics
Jóhann Jóhannsson: Piano, organ, electronics

25. June, Le Poisson Rouge, Wordless Music, New York, USA
26. June, Cambridge YMCA Theatre, Boston, USA
27. June, St. Mary's Hamilton Village, Philadelphia, USA
28. June, Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, USA
29. June, Lakeshore Theatre, Chicago USA
30. June, Southern Theatre, Minneapolis, USA

European Concerts:
5. July, Cortile del Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy
11. July, outdoor concert @ dawn @ Festival Congé, with Kortrijk Symphony Orchestra @ Kortrijk, Belgium
14. July, Durham's Gala Theatre @ Durham Brass Festival - with brass band, England
Jóhann Jóhannsson’s special new arrangements of his works performed by his ensemble of strings, piano, percussion and electronics, and some of the region’s finest brass players, conducted by Icelandic conductor and clarinetist Gudni Franzson.
20. October, Unsound Festival, Krakow, Poland
31. October, Music in Mind, Brugge, Belgium
Jóhann´s Ensemble for the European dates:
Ivo Stankov, James Underwood: Violins
Emma Owens: Viola
Charlotte Maguirita Rook: Cello
Matthias Hemstock: Percussion and electronics
Jóhann Jóhannsson: Piano, organ and electronics
Visuals: Magnús Helgason

Source: IMX

New GusGus Song "Add this song"

GusGus is back:
Kompakt.fm: Add this song
Since its foundation in the year 1995, Reykjavik's Gus Gus are working hard to make this world a less boring place. Initially tagged by the press as the next big Icelandic music export after Björk, the band swept away all cliché thinking with their highly infectuous metrosexual multimedia pop and secured themselves a deal with the prestiguous 4AD label. 
Since then a lot of hot water has been ejected by Icelands geysers but Gus Gus miraculously always managed to combine avantgarde with pop, soul and of most prominently - with electronic music. Especially with their furious live shows they've earned themselves a devoted following worldwide. 

This year's September will bring us the release of their sixth studio album that goes by the name "24/7". At this point, we don't want to let too much of the cat out of the bag but it's certainly right to say that they've once more reinvented themselves and the result is truely breathtaking. As we're convinced that the world-embracing harmonies and impeccable catchiness of "Add this song" should be heard during this summer season, so we've decided to already share this with you now.

The remixes all sound as excellent as their producers:
Patrick Chardronnet, Lopazz & Zarook, Gluteus Maximus & Klovn.
Here is the 12" Edit:

Another one by Patrick Chardronnet:


Interview with Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir of Iceland Music Export (IMX)

Interview by Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir of Iceland Review with Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir, tbe managing director of Iceland Music Export (IMX). Talking about Icelandic music travelling around the world, e.g. Los Angeles & Germany.

Source: Iceland Review Online

Song of the 117. Week: "Átján og hundrað" by Prins Póló

117. Song of the Week is Prins Póló's "Átján og hundrað".
A song from the EP "Einn heima", released on 8. May 2009 on the Iceland Brak Record Label.

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Björk Voltaic DVD Preview @ Rolling Stone

See "Sonnets/Unrealities XI" @ www.rollingstone.com/videos/player/28785487
More Video here:
"Hyperballad" @ Paris, 2009

Benny Crespo's Gang "Next Weekend" Live @ NXNE Festival @ Toronto

Benny Crespo's Gang Live in Canada
"Next Weekend"


Hafdis Huld Live @ Purr at the Porter @ Bath, 12 June 2009

Hafdis Huld Live @ Bath
Videos on Gigger


"Man with a very big fish"

"Happily ever after"

Blogspot of Hafdis

Hjaltalín @ NASA 27. June 2009

Hjaltalín @ NASA venue (organised by Rás 2) Saturday 27. June
The band will play new songs, to be found on their 2. Album released this autumn.
Supported by Sin Fang Bous & Gísli Galdur
Doors @ 21:00
Entrance Fee: 1500 IKR
Tickets @ MIDI or Hjaltalín @ NASA

Mugison & Ragnheiður Gröndal sang a Tómas R. EInarsson Tune

Mugison & Ragnheiður Gröndal performed a Tómas R. Einarsson song
"Stolin stef"

Björk Voltaic Promo Clip

Björk Voltaic Promotional Clip


Upcoming gigs in Reykjavik in June

25. June
Brain Police
@ Grand Rokk @ 22:00
25. June
Weirdcore Night @ Jacobsen @ 20:00
25. June
Nögl - Gordon Riots - At Dodge City - Endless Dark - Apart From Lies @ Rock Bar Dillon, Laugavegur 30 @ 21:00
26. June
Thule Records & Beatport.com & Techno.is
Thule Records útgáfuparty/release Party

Mega Deep House & Minimal Techno Party @ Jacobsen
Plugg'd - DJ SET
DJ Thor
DJ Ozy
DJ Hunk of a Man aka. Maggi Lego
26. June
Þungarokk with Deep Jimi and the Zep Creams & (Metal)-Morðingjarnir @ Sódóma Reykjavík, Tryggvagata

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The History of Icelandic Rock - Part 5

The History of Icelandic Rock music
Part 5
Dátar – Iceland’s most tragic band
Dr. Gunni in Grapevine Magazine (June 2009) www.grapevine.is

The Beatles had completely changed the landscape of the pop scene and therefore, by 1965, every Icelandic garage was full of young boys (and way too few girls) belting out Beatle covers and other hits du jour. The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Searchers and Brian Poole and the Tremeloes – all second division beat groups from Britain – had already visited Iceland when The Kinks came in September 1965. By now The Kinks were highly popular thanks to their megahit, "You Really Got Me". The band wasted no time and started their set with that song, making the crowd of 800 in Austurbæjarbíó cinema break out in a frenzy. Kinks played four nights in a row, eight shows total, and Ray Davies allegedly wrote his semi-hit “I’m on an Island” while holed up somewhere in Reykjavík. Footage made by a Swedish TV crew from one of the shows can currently be found on YouTube.
The Beatle-craze took Iceland by storm. After Kinks came Hollies and Herman’s Hermits, and The Beatles film A Hard Days Nights was a smash hit. Minor league beat-groups Tempo and Bravo from Akureyri had supported The Kinks. They never crossed to the major division by releasing a record. Other minor league beat-groups of the sixties had names like Tónar, Fánar, Ómar and Sómar, all echoing the main band’s name, Hljómar.
While Hljómar were busy getting their wild fuzz beat rock heard abroad (as Thor’s Hammer), other Icelandic acts grasped at the beat pop crown. Óðmenn, Toxic, Sóló and Tónar blossomed in Hljómar’s absence, but Dátar (The Soldiers) soon became the ruling beat band. Decades later, the tragic fate of all the members but one has wrapped the band in cryptic aura.
Immediately after forming, Dátar began playing a lot and soon gained popularity with their trustworthy covers of the newest hits by groups such as The Who and The Kinks. Their first EP was released in February of 1966. It had three songs by the band’s mentor and organist Þórir Baldursson, plus one cover song. During the summer of 1966, Dátar ruled the ball scene. Their singer Rúnar Gunnarsson, then only 18 years old, started to write songs and on the second EP that came out in 1967, all the songs were written by him. Of those, "Gvendur á eyrinni" – a song about a lonely old sailor – was a huge hit. It has lived on to this day as an Icelandic pop classic. The original guitarist and the band’s founder Hilmar Karlsson left in 1966, and was replaced by a guitarist called Magnús Magnússon. Dátar were very popular during the summer of 1967. The band toured fiercely and by all accounts there was a lot of drinking and partying involved. Karl Sighvatsson – a legendary musician that later played with bands such as Trúbrot and Þursaflokkurinn –had joined, and the band was the island’s tightest beat combo.
In the autumn of 1967 Hljómar returned. They wanted their throne back and news spread that the band was working on an album. Dátar had no other option but to make an album too. That was not to happen, unfortunately. “The guitarist Magnús had never been a part of the band,” says Þorsteinn Eggertsson, the bands lyricist and friend. “He never came to parties and always vanished quickly after gigs. He seemed almost like an aliento me. He was the first of those guys to commit suicide. There never was another guitarist in Dátar.”
Magnús’ suicide in 1967 was a blow to the band, and when Karl left to form Flowers, Dátar were over. Rúnar joined Sextett Ólafs Gauks, a very popular but not very hip “oldies style” pop combo. He wrote few songs with the band but left in 1969 to form Tilvera, a band he stayed with for a short time. Rúnar’s trip to the top of Icelandic pop scene had been quick, but his way down was slow and drawn out. He grappled with mental and drinking problems and lost the battle late in 1972, when he committed suicide. This was only few months after he had released two new original songs on a solo single. Rúnar Gunnarsson was only 24 years old. The original guitarist Hilmar clocked off in 1978, Karl Sighvatsson died in a car accident in 1991 and Stefán the drummer died of cancer one year later. This left bassist Jón Pétur the only surviving member of Dátar, Iceland’s most tragic band.

Dr. Gunni's book "Eru ekki allir í stuði?" (Rock in Iceland) will get a revisited update in 2010.

Fête de la Musique @ Reykjavik 21. June 2009

First Editon of Fête de la Musique @ Reykjavik on Sunday 21. June 2009
la Fête de la Musique
On the program: concerts by amateurs & professionals downtown Reykjavik in the afternoon @ Ingolfstorg & Austurvöllur @ 13:00.
There will be a concert @ Café Rosenberg @ Klapparstígur 25-27 @ 21:00: "Gainsbourg à l’islandaise" ! The follwoing bands will perform songs by Serge Gainsbourg: Retro Stefson, Hraun, Sprengjuhöllin, Ólöf Arnalds, Rökkuró ...
Organised by: l’Ambassade de France, l’Alliance française de Reykjavik, la Ville de Reykjavik, Rás 2 & Reykjavik Grapevine Magazine.

"Reykjavik to" goes Down Under in 2010

For April 2010 the Reykjavik to Foundation plans to do a one month festival tour around Australia & New Zealand with 6 festivals for the Aussies & 4 for the Kiwis. Confirmed venues are the Brisbane Powerhouse, the Melbourne Arts Centre & even the Sydney Opera House.
For more information go to Reykjavik to.

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Sigur Rós @ Icelandic Folk Music Festival @ Siglufjörður 4. July

On 4. July Sigur Rós will take part in the Icelandic Folk Music Festival @ Siglufjörður (1-5. July). This event will be in honour of the Icelandic Rímur chanter Steindór Andersen. Steindór Andersen, Páll Guðmundsson, various Icelandic kvæðamenn (Rímur chanters) & Sigur Rós will perform Odin's Ravens Magic.
The festival is held for the 10. time this year.

Amiina & Shugo Tokumaru @ 101 Tokyo @ Nordic House 1. July 2009

Shugo Tokumaru with Amiina as guests
Wednesday 1. July @ 20:00-22:00
The young and multi-talented Shugo Tokumaru and his band visit Reykjavik before performing @ the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Icelandic Amiina will join as guest-performers on selected songs.

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Björk Live @ Most Wanted: "Come to me"

Björk @ Most Wanted
"Come to me"


Mógil Live @ Belgium, February 2008 - The Videos

Mógil Live @ Vox (Cultuurhuis Maison), Maldegem & Le Molière, Brussels



The Best Icelandic Albums ever - Edition 2009: Numbers 1-30

1 Sigur Rós Ágætis byrjun
1 Sigur Rós

2 Trúbrot - Lifun

3 Megas & Spilverk þjóðanna - Á bleikum náttkjólum
Megas & Spilverk þjóð...
4 Þursaflokkurinn - Hinn íslenzki Þursaflokkur
5 Stuðmenn - Sumar á Sýrlandi
6 Björk - Debut
7 Björk Guðmundsdóttir & Tríó Guðmundar Ingólfssonar - Gling-Gló
Björk Guðmundsdóttir ...
8 Bubbi Morthens - Ísbjarnarblús
Bubbi Morthens
9 Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
Sigur Rós
10 Spilverk þjóðanna - Sturla
Spilverk þjóðanna
11 Emilíana Torrini - Me And Armini
Emilíana Torrini
12 Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson - Hana nú
Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmss...
13 Emilíana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman
Emilíana Torrini
14 Sykurmolarnir - Life's Too Good
15 Stuðmenn - Með allt á hreinu
16 Björgvin Halldórsson og Gunnar Þórðarson - Einu sinni var - Vísur úr vísnabókinni
Björgvin Halldórsson ...
17 Hrekkjusvín - Lög unga fólksins
18 Bubbi Morthens - Kona
Bubbi Morthens
19 Mugison - Mugimama is this monkeymusic
20 Sigur Rós - Takk...
Sigur Rós
21 Utangarðsmenn - Geislavirkir
22 Mannakorn - Í gegnum tíðina
23 Jet Black Joe - Jet Black Joe
Jet Black Joe
24 Hljómar - Hljómar
25 Megas - Loftmynd
26 Mugison - Mugiboogie
27 KK Band - Bein leið
KK Band
28 Þursaflokkurinn - Þursabit
29 Megas - Megas
30 Egó - Breyttir tímar