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Svavar Knútur Picnic @ The Park

Svavar Knútur Live @ Bellwoods

Svavar Knútur @ MySpace

Upcoming gigs in Reykjavík in August

Where to enjoy some music in the 101 Area in August?
A selection:

Sunday 1. August 2010
Me, The Slumbering Napoleon
@ Havarí, Austurstr. 6 @ 15:00
Thursday 5. August
DJ Einar Sonic
@ Bakkus @ 22:00
Moses Hightower @ Café Rósenberg @ 22:00
Two Tickets To Japan & At Dodge City @ Faktorý @ 22:00
Friday 6. August
Plastic Gods & guests @ Faktorý @ 22:00 - Admission 1200 IKR
Metal Night / Angist & guests @ Venue Venue @ 22:00
Saturday 7. August
The Telepathics & guest @ Faktorý @ 22:00 + Retro Stefson DJ Set @ 24:00
Wednesday 11. August
Manslaughter Fundraising Concert @ Kaffistofan Art Gallery, Hverfisgata
Doors @ 19:00 - Start @ 20:00
Manslaughter is recording their debut Album "Man's Laughter" & need some money to release it
Supporting Acts: DLX ATX & Noctürnal Glacier
Thursday 12. August
Release Concert @ Faktorý @ 22:00
ra - Chili & The Whalekillers @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 21:00

Grapevine Magazine talked with "Aunt" Björk

Haukur S. Magnússon of Grapevine Magazine had a long chat with Björk.
You can read the whole interview here.
Drawnings were made by Lóa Hlín Hjálmtýsdóttir of FM Belfast.

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Dont Panic TV Episode #2: Agent Fresco

Dont Panic TV Episode #2
featuring the band Agent Fresco
Written & Directed by Bowen Staines
Assistant Camera: Gunnar B. Guðbjörnsson
Editor: Bowen Staines
Concept, Motion Graphics & Still Photography: Bowen Staines
Live Sound: Hlynur Guðbjörnsson & Bowen Staines

DontPanicTV Episode 2: Agent Fresco from Bowen Staines

This is the new bass player of the band

Vignir Rafn Hilmarsson.

Agent Fresco @ MySpace

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Rúnar Magnússon - Mixed Feeling #5: "Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom" & "Cutter Loop"

Rúnar Magnússon
"Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom"
Video by Nebulagirl
Mixed Feeling #5 -Your Imaginary Feeling Of Freedom' is a track of Rúnar Magnússon's album "Mixed Feelings".
Released on Whitelabel.
It has now been digitally re-released on Hljóðaklettar and is available as an add on to the USB release "Options" by Rúnar Magnússon.

A Hljóðaklettar event is coming up in August @ Reykjavik Art Museum and possibly another live venue as well.
Expect to see video screenings, installations, performances & concerts by artists such as Evil Madness, Reptilicus, Vindva Mei, DJ Musician, Rúnar Magnússon, Ryan Simpson, Nebulagirl, Thor Magnússon, Sabrina Joy, Melissa Roberts, Björk Viggósdóttir, Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir and others.
With free Sehr Gut Cocktails for guests.
More information later.
Rúnar Magnússon

Runar Magnusson- Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom from Hljóðaklettar

"Cutter Loop" Video by Ryan Simpson
Rúnar Magnússon's track was originally recorded for the theater piece "Butterfly Effects" which was performed @ Aarhus, Denmark & @ Tromso & @ Oslo, Norway (2009).

Runar Magnusson- Cutter Loop from Hljóðaklettar

For a Minor Reflection (FaMR) Release Concert @ Iðnó Video (24. July 2010)

FaMR "Höldum Í Átt Að Óreiðu" Release Concert @ Iðnó venue, near the Tjörnin lake downtown Reykjavik on 24. July 2010.

Album release concert 24 July 2010 in Iðnó Reykjavik from For a Minor Reflection
FaMR Website

Extreme Chill @ Hemmi & Valdi Tonight

Extreme Chill
@ Hemmi & Valdi, Laugavegur 21
Thursday 29. July @ 22:00
Reykjavík, Iceland
Moonlight Sonata (France)
Beatmakin Troopa

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Sudden Weather Change @ Faktorý 29. July 2010

Sudden Weather Change
& guests
@ Faktorý venue
Thursday 29. July
Doors @ 21:00
Start @ 22:00
Admission: 500 IKR
Sudden Weather Change will perform their debut "Sudden Weather Change" EP @ Faktorý (the old Grand Rokk) tomorrow. Two months ago a Facebook group was made which challenged the band to take fan favourite "Godspeed" again live. The guys haven't played Godspeed nor any other song from their EP live for a long time.
Sudden Weather Change said they would play the song if 116 people would join the group, but now there are 128 guys playing, so they'll play, not only Godspeed, but the whole EP.

"Prey mode" Live @ Ghent, Belgium (2010)

Sudden Weather Change @ MySpace

Thule Rock Festival @ Dillon Rock Bar 30. July 2010

Thule Rock Festival
@ Rock Bar Dillon
Friday 30. July 2010 @ 18:00
On the program:
Ad Dodge City
Dark Harvest
Two Tickets To Japan

Morning after youth
Pascal Pinon
Nevolution (Acoustic!)

Nögl Live @ Rock Bar Dillon (2010)

Vicky "Tender Demand" Acoustic @ Hemmi & Valdi (2009)

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Innipúkinn 2010 Schedule

Innipúkinn Music Festival
@ Reykjavik
9th Edition
Friday 30. July - Sunday 1. August 2010
21:00 Sóley
22:00 Markús & the Diversion Sessions
23:00 Of Monsters and Men
00:00 Me, the Slumbering Napoleon
01:00 Ojba rasta

21:30 Lára
22:30 Lay Low
23:30 Árstíðir
00:30 Útidúr
01:30 Orphic Oxtra

20:30 Snorri Helgason
21:30 My Summer as a Salvation Soldier
22:30 Stafrænn Hákon
23:30 Morðingjarnir
00:30 Quadroplus

20:00 Kristín
21:00 Nóra
22:00 Pascal Pinon
23:00 Mr. Silla
00:00 Evil Madness
01:00 Nóló

20:00 Formaður Dagsbrúnar
21:00 Sin Fang
22:00 Hudson Wayne
23:00 Moses Hightower
00:00 Æla

20:30 Heavy Experience
21:30 Diddi Fel
22:30 Berndsen
23:30 Raggi Bjarna & hljómsveit
01:00 Retro Stefson

Tickets are modestly priced 2.900 ISK for the whole 3 day program (wristband that grants access to full program). You can also buy day-pass for at the price of 2.000 ISK.
Age limit: 20 years is the minimum age
Get your ticket @ MIDI or
@ Havarí record shop (Austurstæti 16, 101 Reykjavik) or
@ Skífan record shop (Smáralind mall, 201 Kopavogur) or
@ the door of Sódóma (Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavik) from 20.00 every evening

Downtown 101 Locations:
- Sódóma, Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavik
- Venue/Bakkus, Tryggvagata 22/Hafnarstræti, 101 Reykjavik
- Naustið street between Tryggvagata & Hafnarstræti (in front of the venues) for more street fun

Jonsí Autumn Tour Trailer

Jonsí's Trailer


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"Þriggja daga vakt" Video - The Collaboration of GusGus, Nýdönsk & Hjaltalín

GusGus, Nýdönsk & Hjaltalín worked together for 1 song: "Þriggja daga vakt".
Gusgus, Hjaltalín og Nýdönsk - Þriggja daga vakt
Verzlunarmannahelgina (Bank Holiday)
@ Oddvitanum @ Akureyri
GusGus, Nýdönsk & Hjaltalín
DJ Sexy Lazer & President Bongo
Video made with a GSM
Directed by Valgeir Magnússon
Recorded by Ísak Winther
Cutting by Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson
With help of Tómas Ingi Ragnarsson

More here: Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson (singer of Nýdönsk & GusGus) @ Visir

Who Knew Tour Dates for August, September & October @ Germany & Switzerland

Who Knew on Tour
Germany & Switzerland
August, September & October 2010
7.08 Friedland – Jenseits Von Millionen Festival
7.08 Berlin – unclesally*s Party @ Magnet Club
8.08 Berlin – SRS…
20.09 Düsseldorf – Zakk
21.09 Stuttgart – Schocken
23.09 Rees-Haldern – Haldern Pop Bar (free show)
24.09 Hamburg – Reeperbahn Festival
25.09 Berlin – Sallys Festival
26.09 Dresden – Scheune
27.09 Leipzig – Conne Island
28.09 Jena – Café Wagner
29.09 Heidelberg – Karlstorbahnhof
30.09 Erlangen – E-Werk (free show)
1.10 Winterthur – Kraftfeld (Switzerland)
Who Knew @ MySpace
101 Berlin Label

More Icelandic Artists @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival

Icelandic artists @ Airwaves 2010
Agent Fresco
Bang Gang
Biggi Bix
Captain Fufanu
My Cipher by Captain Fufanu
Cliff Clavin
Diddi Fel
Emmsjé Gauti
Endless Dark
For A Minor Reflection
Haffi Haff
Lay Low
Light on the Highway
Me, the slumbering Napoleon
Of Monsters & Men
Pascal Pinon
Retro Stefson
S.H. Draumur
Sudden Weather Change
Who Knew

The fantastic website Slide of Ice made a Music Player featuring a lot of the Airwaves '10 artists.
My previous posts about Airwaves 2010:
Post 1
Post 2

Innipúkinn 2010 Program

30. July - 1. August 2010
Line-Up this year:
Drama King
Evil Madness
Hudson Wayne
Jan Mayen
Lay Low
Markús & the diversion sessions
Me, the slumbering Napoleon
Moses Hightower
Mr. Silla
My summer as a Salvation Soldier
Of Monsters and Men
Ojba Rasta
Orphic Oxtra
Pascal Pinon
Raggi Bjarna & hljómsveit
Retro Stefson
Snorri Helgason
Stafrænn Hákon

@ Sódóma & Venue, Tryggvagata
Admission: 2.900 IKR (3 nights) or 2.000 IKR (1 night)
Tickets @ MIDI

Jónsi The Making of "Go": The Home Videos Part 2

Jónsi The Making of "Go": The Home Videos
Part 2

jónsi and alex - random home videos - part 2/4 from Jónsi


FM Belfast Festival Videos

FM Belfast on European Tour
"Underwear" @ Vieilles Charrues, France

Live @ Affaire Festival, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

FM Belfast

Captain Fufanu @ Insomnia Festival, Tromsø 22-24. October 2010

Photograph by Yngve Olsen Sæbbe
No sleep for Captain Fufanu
Tromsø is renowned for breeding innovative artists within the electronic music field. Insomnia Festival seeks to evolve the creative energy this has given rise to by creating a plattform for new electronic music and techno culture.
Insomnia is a festival for innovative electronic music – which means music created with electronic contraptions. The creative process within the genre is as varied as the music itself, and the festival hopes to sample a variety of it. The Festival also combines new innovative music with new technology and design through public seminars during the festival. It all shapes through live concerts, dj/club events, seminar, exhibitions, performance, installations and debates. Our venues vary from Tromsøs beautiful old cinema, Verdensteatret and the student house Driv witch used to be the old youth house Brygga where artists like Bel Canto, Röyksopp and Rune Lindbæk started their career.
The festival has its base in Tromsø as the city was Norway’s capitol of house and techno when the genre emerged. Insomnia Festival runs as a non-profit event, with our main goal to create an artistic melting point and an important platform for innovative artists above the arctic circle.
Captain Fufanu consists of two youngsters from the Icelandic dance music scene and since their first gig in 2008, at the modest age of 16 (!), they have come a long way. Now also to the north of Norway for the first time! Kaktus and Gulli have now got a larger repertoire of music which continues to amaze and recruit new fans with their sincere and sophisticated approach to their unique take on electronic music with their mix of dub, techno, house and experimental electronica. The Icelandic underground techno label Reyk Veek has described the duo as “probably the youngest and brightest hope of the Icelandic electronic music scene”, so we are in for an exclusive treat!
Captain Fufanu @ MySpace

The History of Icelandic Rock - Part 20

The History of Icelandic Rock
Part 20
Dr. Gunni in Grapevine Magazine (Issue 10, July 2010)
Rokk í Reykjavík!
In 1981, filmmaker Friðrik Þór Friðriksson began filming Icelandic rock bands in action around Reykjavík for an upcoming documentary about the scene. Friðrik had at that point already made a short documentary about a recluse in the countryside, as well as an
adaptation of Njáls Saga (“The Story of the burning of Njáll”), which consisted of footage of the book being set on fire with a challenging soundtrack by Þeyr. But now he had his sights firmly set on Iceland’s rock scene.
Friðrik included almost every active Icelandic group in the documentary, so the film is very true to the times, a real and valuable documentation. It was premiered just before Easter in 1982 and is considered an absolute Icelandic classic. It is such a definite movie that this period in Icelandic music has since been known as the ‘Rokk í Reykjavík’-era.
Everybody and everything
In the movie we see everybody and everything going on at the time of filming. Slick rockers Start do their slick rock, the prog new wavers of Þursaflokkurinn do their thing, and girl group Grýlurnar rock out and talk about the isolation they feel being the only women on the scene. Purrkur Pillnikk go bananas and Fræbbblarnir, in a semi sulky mood, tell us that they feel left out, as nobody is considered cool unless “he has worked in a fish factory for ages.” This was a stab at Bubbi Morthens, his notorious work history and the importance it bore during his initial rise to supremacy.
We see Bubbi talk about drugs and an early version of Egó, the band he formed after Utangarðsmenn, plays some classic tunes.
In the opening scene, we witness Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson, the founder of the Ásatrúarfélag (“The Ásatrú association”), recite some rímur as he often did at rock concerts at the time. To show a swift transformation to the modern times, rock group Vonbrigði appear abruptly after Sveinbjörn with their classic song "Ó Reykjavík" - an anthem of sorts for the times.

Glue sniffing, hen-killing and Nazi costumes
The movie caused controversy for various reasons.
The young punk rockers in the band Sjálfsfróun
(“Masturbation”) are given plenty of room in the
film. We see them bash out their super-naïve punk
rock, which culminates as singer Bjarni “The Mohican” smashes up his bass with an axe.

The filmmakers then follow Bjarni and his bandmates to bus station Hlemmur, which was a punk rock hang out at the time. Bjarni gives a classic monologue about the glue-sniffing-and-arguing-with-busdrivers existence of an Icelandic teen punk anno 1981. His unabashed speech resulted in the film getting a rating of “banned for ages 14 and under” by the Icelandic Film Administration. A new version with Bjarni's monologue removed soon appeared so the kids could attend the movie.
Notorious performance art group Bruni BB also caused some controversy with their part in the film. Acting under influence from extreme Austrian artist Herman Nietsch, the band always gave very outrageous performances. For ‘Rokk í Reykjavík’, the group was filmed during a show at the Living Art Museum where they beheaded a hen with a paper cutter (perhaps on loan from their art school?). The police arrived on the scene and freed a pig from the museum's toilet stall. It is still unclear if the band had plans to kill the pig or were
just going to have it "perform".
The third cause for controversy was Þeyr's decision to perform in full Nazi regalia. Contrary to most of the other bands in the doc, Þeyr weren’t filmed during a concert. Instead, an ‘acted’ ‘music video’ was used to present the band. It shows the members goose step in Nazi gear towards the Icelandic president's house at Bessastaðir in-between shots of them rocking out in their rehearsal space (which was conveniently located at Álftanes, right next to Bessastaðir). Their Nazi get-up spurred the heated debate "Are Þeyr Nazis on top of being snobs?" The band of course denied all Nazi accusations. They did it ambivalently though, using the old "it was a joke" explanation.
Þeyr soldier on
After the release of their album 'Mjötviður mær', Þeyr tried to break into the English scene. The band hung out in a sinister part of London, met with John Peel (who played them on his BBC show) and were offered a six-month support slot with The Cure (that they turned down). However, they did score a record deal with a new label, Shout Records, which released their album "As
Above" in the spring of 1982. The album had reassembled bits of music from Þeyr's previous Icelandic
releases. It received good reviews, but not much more happened.
Jaz Coleman from the doom rock group Killing Joke had become a good acquaintance of the group and had hung out with them in Iceland in 1981, sometimes searching for "power spots" near Snæfellsjökull glacier. In February of 1982, he freaked out at a concert in London and ran away to Iceland, where he had big ideas for the Icelandic scene. One of them was to open a rock club. He was a heavy drinker though, so not much came
of his ideas. He formed a group with most of Þeyr, calling it Iceland (and later Niceland). The band
recorded three songs that would later turn up on bootlegs.
Parallel to their collaboration with Coleman, Þeyr soldiered on and toured Scandinavia. The band recorded some songs in Denmark, which would be released on the 12" EP "The Fourth Reich" which was dedicated to Wilhelm Reich. The music was now darker and less accessible, and did little for the band's popularity. The end soon came for Þeyr after bouts of existential crisis. The final nail in their coffin was when bassist Hilmar Örn left the band. He had been undergoing stringent music training during all his time with Þeyr, and now had to choose between rock and classical music.
Hollow hangover
In Iceland, after the premier of Rokk í Reykjavík, it was as if the scene lost its intensity and dynamism. After the great and creative 1981, 1982 felt like a hollow hangover. Þeyr's guitarist God Krist and drummer Sigtryggur would return in 1983 with the band Kukl, featuring other veterans of the ‘Rokk í Reykjavík’ era, including a young girl named Björk who had received some attention due to her lively appearance in Rokk í Reykjavík, singing and banging her toy drum with the band Tappi Tíkarrass.
Dr. Gunni, based on his 2000 book Eru ekki allir í stuði? (Rock in Iceland)

New Bloodgroup Video "Overload"

A new Bloodgroup Video for the song "Overload" of their 2nd Album "Dry Land" (Record Records, 2009)
Video made by Guðbjörn (Gussi) B. Guðbjörnsson (SIR) of Sleepless in Reykjavik fame.
Uses footage of Live gig @ Iðnó venue on 4. March 2010.

Bloodgroup @ MySpace
Record Records

Björk & Jónas Sen Live @ Nordic House, Reykjavik 19. July 2010

Björk & Co vs. Magma Energy Sweden Ab
Within two weeks time the Icelandic Government is due to sign the contract that gives Magma Energy Sweden Ab the exclusive rights to exploit the Icelandic energy resources for the next 65 years, renewable for other 65 years!
On Tuesday 13th July a Formal Proposal was submitted to the Public Representative of the Icelandic Parliament, signed by Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Jón Þórisson (the Icelandic assistant to Eva Joly) and the writer Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir. This Proposal, concerning the sale of Iceland's natural resources to the company Magma Energy, aims to initiate an open discussion and encourage reconsideration of this sale, ensuring that the interests of the public are being protected and that clarification is achieved on all aspects of this decisive case concerning the future of Iceland.
In addition to the Proposal, Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Jón Þórisson & Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir have also put forward several questions they feel must be asked by the government, by the parliament and by the public before this business exchange can continue.
- Is this in accordance with the laws that state only the Icelandic government should have the right to harness and govern the natural resources of Iceland?
- Shouldnʼt we ask for an investigation of this deal and get a report on the business exchange concerning our resources, as we got a report on the banks?
- Shouldnʼt the nation be able to decide for itself if it is willing to sell off itʼs natural resources, by means of a law change to enable a national referendum? One of the IMFʼs suggestions is that Iceland should open up access to itʼs natural resources to foreigners. According to the letter of intent signed by the government last April, it seems that those suggestions will be followed.
- Are we thus going to use our nature in this way to pay off the Icesave-debts of those few Icelandic venture capitalists?
- Wouldnʼt we be in a better position to pay off our debts and get out of the crisis if we retain the rights to our resources and get the profit ourselves from harnessing them?
We donʼt know exactly who the shareholders of Magma Energy are.
- Is it wise to legalize the deal without knowing that first? Allegedly the Magma deal is about the benefits of foreign investment. How does that compute with the fact that 70% of the purchase price is financed with a local bullet-loan with collateral in the shares?
- Could the selling of the rights to exploit Icelandic natural resources to Magma Energy be a continuation of the infamous Rei-case?
- Is there anything that guarantees Magma wonʼt take all the profit from harnessing our natural resources out of Iceland?
- Is there anything that guarantees jobs will be created in Iceland through this deal?
- Do we at all profit from this deal? Is it possible that the profit all goes to the middle-men that we the people and even the government do not know of?
- How are these two things compatible; to promote more heavy industry and to hold our promises against pollution?
- Is Iceland not going to participate in the fight against global warming? In the future, water will probably be the most valuable resource in the world.
- Will the deal with Magma Energy possibly set a legal precedent, and be used in the future to enforce the sale of more natural resources?
- What will our grandchildren think of the deals weʼre making now?

>>> If you want to sign a petition to ask for a national referendum about the Icelandic energy resources, go to Orkuaudlindir (kennitala: date of birth = dd mm yy followed by 2699)
For more information, read Alda' s (The Iceland Weather Report Blog) Post
Grapevine Posts about Magma vs. Björk
Björk hold a press conference with a performance on Monday 19. July @ Nordic House, Reykjavik.
Report of the conference by Manny Santiago @ Passport Magazine
Björk & Jónas Sen
played 3 songs after the Press Conference:
1. "Hjá Iygnri Móðu"
2. "Vertebrae By Vertebrae"
3. "Oceania" (Icelandic)
Listen here:
Björk & Jónas Sen @ Nordic House Press Conference by elskanminn
Björk's Official Site
"Pagan Poetry" cover by Further Seems Forever

Song of the 174. Week is by Reptilicus: "Okkar heili er innsiglaður"

174. Song of the Week is a song by Reptilicus: "Okkar heili er innsigladur" of the S.O.B.S. EP.


S.O.B.S. was released by Staalplaat in the summer of 1996. It contained two remixes by McKenzie of a track from O entitled "Song of the Beast" (S.O.B.)(based on an Icelandic folksong "Ókindarkvæði"), hence the title (which was originally a working title, s.o.b. with a plural s). It contained two new tracks, one of which was to become something of a radio hit during that summer: "Okkar heili er innsiglaður", which contained a raving sermon by well known Iceland Pentecostal preacher, Gunnar Þorsteinsson, edited on top of throbbing dance-ambient-noise music.

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Jonsí goes commercial

"Go do" some painting


Kúra "Einstein"

Kúra, a duo from Copenhagen/Reykjavik consisting of Fanney Ósk Þórrisdóttir & Brynjar Bjarnfoss
Kúra "Einstein"
Kúra @ FaceBook
Kúra @ Soundcloud

Rökkurró in the Spotlight @ IMX

Rökkurró Head To Another World
Rökkurró was founded in 2006. Having been playing for a couple of months, they released a DIY EP and tried selling it in a small record store in Reykjavík called 12 Tónar. To their astonishment the EP kept selling out, which led to 12 Tónar deciding to sign the band for a full-length release the following year.
After countless live performances in Iceland, Rökkurró decided it was time for an international gig after the release of "Það kólnar í kvöld". They played in Rotterdam with múm in 2007 and travelled to Germany and wider as support band for Ólafur Arnalds.
In 2009 the band headed to the studio to record their second full-length album. Dubbed "Í annan heim" (To Another World), the album is a surprising mixture of folk, rock, ambiance, classical music and everything in between - eight songs beautifully accompanied with Icelandic lyrics.
"Sólin mun skína", the first single of the new album

Iceland Music Export talked to lead vocalist and cellist Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir.
Can you tell us how and when Rökkurró was formed?
Rökkurró was formed in early 2006. It was actually kind of random: the guys were friends and wanted to start a band. They contacted myself and Ingibjörg, although they didn't really know us, just because they knew we played interesting instruments. Then we all met and it didn't take long to see that we all definitely shared the same ideas of music we wanted to make.
So what was the original musical vision of the group?
In the beginning, when we were talking about what kind of music we wanted to make, our conclusion was to try to make music similar to what Yann Tiersen makes. But I think that was what we played just for few of the first band practices. I guess you can hear some folky elements in our first songs but most of that's gone now, evolved into something completely else. We've often talked about this - the personalities, interests and music favourites of the members in the band are so completely different that we can't really understand how it ends with us making this kind of music. But it somehow does and we all feel that this music is what we truly want to make.
Your debut album, "Það kólnar í kvöld" was something of a success - what do you remember about its release and subsequent feedback/reviews?
What I remember the most is the immense joy of just having recorded and released and album. Other stuff like reviews, record sales and stuff like that kind of didn't matter. We were just ecstatic that we'd gotten to the place where a record label (12 Tónar) gave us the chance and believed in us enough to help us make a record. On the whole, we got pretty good reviews in the Icelandic press for a debut album. We played a lot of small shows around that time but we really weren't so noticeable in the music scene. It wasn't really until we noticed how much attention our music was getting from people abroad that we thought we should maybe work on sharing our music with more people, by touring and using the internet to better connect with the listeners.
For people that have not heard that album, how would you describe it?
As I feel about it now, that album was just how our debut should have sounded. We were just 18 when we made it and I feel it has a "younger vibe" than our new album. There was some sense of still being a teenager and just being happy that someone would actually want to listen to our own music. The music is a fragile mixture of bright indie pop and post rock. But one thing that makes us stick out is that we have Icelandic lyrics - which is way too rare in Icelandic music these days in my opinion!
You did a fair bit of touring after the album, supporting múm and Ólafur Arnalds - any highlights or lessons learned?
All the tours we've played have been great. To perform for a new crowd every day is so refreshing. When you're playing in Iceland, the crowd is basically always the same people that listen to indie music. Of course there are many highlights, many great shows that we'll never forget. One thing we've learned is that people abroad, especially in Germany, are crazy about Icelandic music. It was kind of weird how often people told us they had just showed up because they knew there was an Icelandic band playing, without knowing anything about the music at all. Supporting múm was our first show outside of Iceland and I think it's fair to say that it was one of our favourite shows ever! It went really, really well. The house was packed, we sold all of the CDs we'd brought with us and had to give lots of autographs, which was kind of weird when you're new in this scene and just used to being a nobody.
Tell us about the new album - it sounds like a very different experience from the debut!
We all agreed that we really wanted to work on the new album differently than the last one. The idea on our first album was to make it sound as raw and "live" as we could - we wanted to be able to play it live exactly the way it was on the album. But this time we really wanted to spend time on creating a new sound, our sound. Now we added lots of new instruments, strings, brass and then Bibbi (our drummer), who's a classically trained pianist finally got to work the piano with Rökkurró. It sounds bad to say that it's more ambitious than the first one but it definitively is. On our first record we basically recorded every song we'd written up to that point (apart from a couple horrible songs that I hope no one ever hears). On this record we spent a lot of time just thinking about what we wanted the record to be before we started writing and wrote a lot of songs that we ended up throwing away because they didn't fit into what we were trying to do. At one point the record was even shaping up to be much heavier and more "rock" but somewhere in the process we realized that wasn't the direction we wanted to go in and basically started again from scratch.
How did Alex Somers of Riceboy Sleeps get involved, and what did he bring to the table more specifically?
We wanted to work with an imaginative producer that would inspire us and help us create this "sound" we were looking for. Alex was our first choice, we knew him and knew of his talents. Alex was our producer, main recording engineer, mixed and had his fingers in the mastering also. He also helped us with arrangements and gave us lots of ideas. So it's safe to say that Alex was a big element in this album.
Who is in the band these days - and how has the line up changed since the beginning?
It's Árni on guitar, Axel on the other guitar, Bibbi on drums and guitar sometimes, I sing and play the cello and then it's Ingibjörg who plays the bass and sometimes accordion. We started with another guitar player, Arnór, but he quit in 2009 so Axel came and filled the gap.
Where was it recorded and how long did it take?
The album was recorded in Sundlaugin studio, Alex's kitchen and Bibbi's music school. We spent about four months recording, mixing and mastering the album.
The album cover/artwork sounds intriguing - what can you tell us about that?
The artwork on the new album is created from old Icelandic photographs. We spent many days browsing through the oldest photographs we could find in the National museum and in the end we picked a few that we thought fitted the concept. The cover has a man travelling between worlds - as we want to see it. Bibbi and his mom then painted some backgrounds for the photographs and a good friend of ours and graphic design guru, Gunnar Atli, helped us make everything come together. Without him none of this would look like it does. His touch was definitively crucial. And at last we got another friend of ours, Klara Arnalds, to do all the handwriting.
What kind of response are you anticipating or hoping for following the album release?
We couldn't be happier with the way this record came out and wouldn't want to change a thing. We really like it so hopefully other people will see what we see in this record. It is pretty heavy though, so I have no idea how people will respond to it.
Will it be released internationally?
Yes it will. We are now working on international distribution so news about that will be out later.
Any plans to tour?
Yes, as soon as the album will be out in Europe we're hoping to follow the release with a tour around Europe. We'd like to tour as much as we possibly can and get the record to as many people as possible.
What other music dreams have Rökkurró yet to fulfill?
I think every member has some kind of musical dream that they would like to fulfill with the band. I think all of us would be into doing more music for films or theater. We did music for a play in our school once and really liked it. Then of course we'd like to get a chance to tour, and more importantly work, with some of our favorite musicians. Hopefully we can make that happen sometime in the future.
Rökkurró @ MySpace
Source: IMX

Þeyr comes back 23. August 2010

Þeyr @ Nordic House (Norræna húsið)
23. August 2010
100 ára afmæli íslensku hljómplötunnar
100 Years of Icelandic Albums
The first album was "Dalvísa" by Pétur A. Jónsson (Grammophon Aktieselskap, Copenhagen, 1910).
Guitar player Guðlaugur Kristinn Óttarsson of Þeyr (1981-1983) talked with Fréttablaðið about a sort of comeback of the band without drummer Sigtryggur Baldursson, with or without Þorstein Magnússon.
Bass player Hilmar Örn Agnarsson & singer Magnús Guðmundsson will be @ Nordic House.
Other artists on the schedule:
Garðar Thor Cortes
Ragnar Bjarnason

Girl on FILM Hildur Stefánsdóttir

Hildur goes Greece
Athenian avant-garde four-piece FILM are currently recording a single with Hildur Stefánsdóttir, the soothing voice of Rökkurró, Iceland’s finest folk-pop outfit.
"Harmur Fuglsins" (Sorrow of the Bird) is the arresting outcome of a collaboration infused by the strikingly contrasting geographical and artistic backgrounds of its creators that will be released in September on the Icelandic Kimi Records Label. Subsequently the band will perform on 8-10 September in Berlin @ the international music trade fair Popkomm, followed by a common appearance with Hildur @ Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavík on 13-17. October.
FILM’s compelling cinematic soundscapes revolve around nihilistic urban settings and inspire celluloid fantasies. Their work, as it morphs into a nebulous dark-wave amalgamation of post-punk and electronic facets, resembles the mystique of a lost, enigmatic motion picture. Their flickering sequences, sombre sonic textures, distorted outbreaks and the angelic vocal touches draw inspiration directly from the iconic legacy of FILM’s universally-acclaimed compatriot Vangelis.

FILM enjoy a leading status amongst the Athenian indie scene and have enviable live credits with support slots for behemoths such as The Cure, New Order, Iggy & the Stooges, and The Flaming Lips.
FILM @ MySpace
FILM's Website

Magnús Guðmundsson "Drápa" Video

Magnús Guðmundsson, the singer of the band Þeyr, also known as Theyr for the people 'sans Þ'

Icelandic Music Summer News

It's been a while... So here's some recent music news.
R.I.P. Karamba
bar/venue @ Laugavegur 22 has closed its doors. What a pitty!
Æla Live @ Karamba @ Airwaves '09

Hellvar are hitting the States in August for a string of shows that kicks off with a free show @ Peint O Gwrw (@ 13 Railroad Avenue, Chatham, NY 12037) on 5. August. With an open rehearsal in front of Musica Musicstore (@ 17 N 4th St, Hudson, NY 12534) on 6. August, and a gig @ the Hudson Harbor Festival on 7. August, alongside Californian hardcore band Cosmopolitan.
The band is also scheduled to play @ Party Expo! (929 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11206) on 9. August.
Hellvar @ MySpace
Singer/Songwriter Snorri Helgason (of Sprengjuhöllin fame) is moving to London city in September. His Debut Album "I’m Gonna Put My Name On Your Door" will be released in Europe 29. October and in the US & Canada on 19. November 2010 by Kimi Records.
The album is also going to be pressed on vinyl for the vinyl lovers.
Snorri Helgason
Agent Fresco is recording their first full length album (concept album) "A long time listening" with 15 songs @ Orgelsmiðjan Studio. Album to be released on Record Records Label in October 2010.
Agent Fresco @ MySpace
Sing for me Sandra will release their debut album soon in collaboration with the Record Records Label. The album was recorded @ Orgelsmiðjan Studio.

Sing for me Sandra @ MySpace
The band Ókind is striking again.
In 2002 the band reached the 2nd place in the annual Músíktilraunir competition. In 2003 they independently recorded & released the LP "Heimsendi 18". In their own built studio, they recorded a cover of Ingibjörg Thorbergs' Christmas song "Jólakötturinn" (also covered by Björk some years ago) for the Christmas compilation "Stúfur" (2004).
Ókind @ MySpace
The new We Made God album "It's getting colder" will be in the stores in August/September.
New album preview

We Made God | MySpace Music Videos

We Made God @ MySpace

Animated "Army of me" Björk Video

Cartoon in Fréttablaðið Newspaper on 22. July 2010
Björk fighting against the Magma Monster
"Army of me", animated unofficial video

Stand up
You've got to manage
I won't sympathize

And if you complain once more
You'lll meet an army of me

You're alright
There's nothing wrong
Self sufficience please!
And get to work

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

You're on your own now
We won't save you
Your rescue squad
Is too eshausted

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 8: "Mávastellið" by Grylurnar

# 8
Mávastellið (1983)
Released by girl power band Grýlurnar (The Witches) on 21. April 1983 on the Icelandic Spor Label.
Grýlurnar were inspired by The Slits & Siouxsie, to name a few.
LP sold 5500 copies.
Recorded by Louis Austin (of Judas Priest) & Ragga Gísladóttir
Band Members:
Ragnhildur (Ragga) Gísladóttir (vocals/keyboards), Inga Rún Pálmadóttir (guitar), Herdís Hallvarðsdóttir (bass), Linda Björk Hreiðarsdóttir (drums)
"Sísí" was/is a floor filler @ every Icelandic party.
Side 1
1. Sigmundur Kroppur
2. Þú Ert Of Hvít
3. Djásnið Mitt (4:15)
4. Tröllaþvaður (2:49)
5. Lalli, Leifur Og Laumi á Vínberjauppskeruhátíð 1969

Side 2
1. Sísí
2. Í Trjánum
3. Valur Og Jarðarberjamaukið Hans
4. Betri Er Limur en Limlestir
5. Lilja Laufey Þórsdóttir
6. Grátkona