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Rúnar Magnússon - Mixed Feeling #5: "Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom" & "Cutter Loop"

Rúnar Magnússon
"Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom"
Video by Nebulagirl
Mixed Feeling #5 -Your Imaginary Feeling Of Freedom' is a track of Rúnar Magnússon's album "Mixed Feelings".
Released on Whitelabel.
It has now been digitally re-released on Hljóðaklettar and is available as an add on to the USB release "Options" by Rúnar Magnússon.

A Hljóðaklettar event is coming up in August @ Reykjavik Art Museum and possibly another live venue as well.
Expect to see video screenings, installations, performances & concerts by artists such as Evil Madness, Reptilicus, Vindva Mei, DJ Musician, Rúnar Magnússon, Ryan Simpson, Nebulagirl, Thor Magnússon, Sabrina Joy, Melissa Roberts, Björk Viggósdóttir, Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir and others.
With free Sehr Gut Cocktails for guests.
More information later.
Rúnar Magnússon

Runar Magnusson- Your Imaginary Feeling of Freedom from Hljóðaklettar

"Cutter Loop" Video by Ryan Simpson
Rúnar Magnússon's track was originally recorded for the theater piece "Butterfly Effects" which was performed @ Aarhus, Denmark & @ Tromso & @ Oslo, Norway (2009).

Runar Magnusson- Cutter Loop from Hljóðaklettar

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