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Björk as Actress in "The Juniper Tree" Movie back in 1986

Björk Guðmundsdóttir in Movie "The Juniper Tree" - A Dark Tale Of Witchcraft And Mysticism
Based on a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale.
Shot in the summer of 1986 in Iceland, but only released in 1990 due to financial problems, reissued on DVD in 2002.
Wikipedia Page of the Movie
Film was directed by Nietzchka Keene
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

JÓL JÓLSSON @ Hótel Ísland / Broadway 18. December 2009

Tuborg, Smirnoff & Gogoyoko
JÓL JÓLSSON Tónlistarhátið Party
18. December 2009
@ Hótel Ísland
@ 22:00

FM Belfast
Lúdó og Stefán
Ben Frost
Egill Sæbjörnsson
BB & Blake
Human Woman
Gluteus Maximus
Captain Fufanu

Party Zone DJs
President Bongo
Sexy Lazer
Dirt Machine
Terror Disco
Alfons X

Ticket Sale Start 1. December @ MIDI

Song of the 140. Week: Hjaltalín's "Hooked on Chili"

140. Song of the Week is a song featured on the second album "Terminal" of the band Hjaltalín: "Hooked on chili".
Hjaltalín @ MySpace

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Sólstafir "Köld" Live @ Club Zentral, Stuttgart Video

Sólstafir Live @ Club Zentral, Stuttgart, Germany on 30. September 2009

Sólstafir @ MySpace

Mugison & friend Björgvin Gíslason on Icelandic TV: "Sweetest melody"

Mugison together with guest Björgvin Gíslason (of Póker & Pelikan fame) on guitar

Mugison's Official Site

Chorus meets Rock: Fjallabræður on Icelandic TV

Fjallabræður on Icelandic television

Fjallabræður @ MySpace

Dikta on Icelandic TV

Dikta did a song of their new album "Get it together" (2009) on Icelandic television

Dikta @ MySpace
Dikta's Website

Sjón & Baldur "Harlekín"

Poet Sjón (member of surrealist group Medúsa, along with Thor Eldon, Einar Melax among others; a longtime Björk collaborator) & Baldur J. Baldursson did an album together entitled "Kanildúfur" (Smekkleysa, 1998, SM81CD)

Emiliana Torrini goes Belgian: Jacques Brel cover "If you go away" on Rarities Album

Yesterday I bought the Emiliana Torrini Album called "Rarities" @ R.I.P. Bilbo Antwerpen. An album with covers & B-sides.
Cover photograph proves this smoking issue.
Released by Virgin Records America, Inc. as a CD promo back in 2001.
Now also officially released by One Little Indian Ltd. in 2009 (catalogue number TPLP1015CD)
Number 2 is a Jacques Brel cover (the original is called "Ne me quitte pas"). Brel is probably best (known) Belgian singer-songwriter & actor ever, not French excusez-moi, died too soon of lung cancer (as notorious heavy smoker).
Judge for yourself here:

9 Tracks:
Weird Friendless Kid 4:14
If You Go Away 4:34
7-Up Days 3:48
Flirt 2:03
Tuna Fish (Acoustic Version) 2:55
Baby Blue (Rae & Christian Remix) 7:35
Easy (Remix) 3:04
Unemployed In Summertime (Remix) 5:57
To Be Free (Futureshock Mix) 8:09

In April Árni V. of FM Belfast & friends (Sesar A a.o.) did "No limit" of 2 Unlimited (Belgian/Dutch - B/NL group) @ Aldrei festival 2009 after-party on Sunday night.
I talked with Árni about Björk doing a 2 Unlimited song in France to do a FM Belfast version of this Belgian classic (although the singers doing the no lyrics were Dutch):
limit à la Björk
Here's the proof:

Other Icelandic covers of Belgian songs in the future!?:
2 Belgen
"Lena" by Ghostigital, Stereo Hypnosis, Hoffman?
2 Many DJs
by Captain Fufanu?
Absynthe Minded
"My heroics" by Klink, Sudden Weather Change or Ghostigital?
Admiral Freebee "Oh darkness" by Hudson Wayne?
Ann Christy "De Roos" by Sigur Rós or Pascal Pinon?
Arid "Too late tonight" by Agent Fresco?
Arno "Les yeux de ma mère" by Bryndís?
Axelle Red "Je t'attends" by Heiða Eiríks?
Axelle Red "Sensualité" by Emiliana Torrini?
Clouseau "Daar gaat ze" by Jeff Who??
Daan "Swedish Designer drugs" by Bárujárn or Krummi?
Das Pop "Electronica for lovers" by Jeff Who??
Dead Man Ray "Chemical" by Seabear or Sin Fang Bous?
dEUS "Hotel lounge" by Bubbi, Mugison, Esja, Lights on the Highway?
dEUS "Suds & Soda" by Reykjavík!, Mugison or Pétur Ben?
Eva De Roovere "De Jager" by Lay Low, Emiliana Torrini, Ragnheiður Gröndal?
Evil Superstars "Satan in my ass" by Aela?
Ferre Grignard "Ring, ring, I've got to sing" by Hjaltalín or múm?
Flip Kowlier "Min moaten" by Retro Stefson?
Front 242 "Headhunter" by Hellvar?
Famous Dutch Director (remember the Ian Curtis movie)/B&W Photographer Anton Corbijn shoot the Video @ Brussels of the Best Belgian Band ever/Electronic Body Music 4ever: Front 242

"Mia" by Amiina?
Gorki "Lieve kleine piranha" by Króna or Dr. Gunni?
"Mad about you" by Worm is green or Jeff Who??
Hooverphonic "Vinegar & Salt" by The Funerals or Leaves?
Jacques Brel "Le plat pays" by Mógil, múm or Hjaltalín?
Jaques Brel "Le port d'amsterdam" by Heiða Eiríks?
Jo Lemaire "Je suis venue te dire que je m'envais" (a Gainsbourg song) by Heiða Eiríks?
Kadril "Louise" by Hjaltalín, Mógil, Parachutes or Jónsi & Alexmúm?
K's Choice "Not an addict" by Klink, Dr. Spock, Ensími
Laïs "'t Smidje" by Mógil, Parachutes or Jónsi & Alex?
Lords of Acid
Luc van Acker & Anna Domino "Zanna" by Feldberg or duo Ólöf & Ólafur Arnalds?
Mauro "Skytiger" by Pétur Ben?
Millionaire "Champagne" by Paul Oscar or Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson/Esja?
Milow "Ayo Technology" by Sesar A?
Nacht und Nebel "Beats of love" by Singapore Sling, Bloodgroup, Sometime, Captain Fufanu or GusGus?
Noordkaap "Ik hou van u" by Stórsveit Nix Noltes, Sprengjuhöllin?
Novastar (B/NL) "Wrong" by Elíza or Jeff Who??
Plastic Bertrand "Ca plane pour moi"? by Blóð?
Praga Khan "Breakfast in Vegas"? by Sometime or Bloudgroup?
Raymond van het Groenewoud "Meisjes" by Lay Low, Slowblow, Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán or Dr. Spock/HAM/Rass?
Red Zebra "I can't live in a living room" by Agent Fresco, Sudden Weather Change, Who Knew or DYS?
Sandra Kim "J'aime la vie" by Morðingjarnir? (I know you like/know Sandra, Haukur)
Soeur Sourire "Dominique" by Lay Low?
Soulsister "The way to your heart" by Jeff Who??
Stash "Sadness" by Ampop, Blindfold or For a Minor Reflection?
Stef Bos (B/NL) "Papa" by Krummi or Esja?
TC Matic "Putain Putain" by FM Belfast? Or Dr. Spock? Or Dr. Spock in the FM Belfast Remix?
TC Matic "Oh La La La" by Æla or Rass?
Telex "Eurovision" by Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson, Merzedes Club or Dr. Spock?
The Kids "There will be no next time" by Bang Gang, Rass or HAM?
The Scabs "Hard times" by Sudden Weather Change, Who Knew, Skakkamanage or Dr. Spock?
Vaya Con Dios "What's a woman" by Pascal Pinon, Elíza or Rökkurró?
Vaya Con Dios "Just a friend of Mine" by Feldberg?
Wallace Collection "Daydream"
Willem Vermandere "Lat mie maar lopen" by Megas, Pétur Ben or Mugison?
Won Ton Ton "I lie and I cheat" by Vicky acoustic?
Zita Swoon "My bond with you and my planet: DISCO!" by Jan Mayen?
Suggestions by Veerle, Leo, Jen goes Digital and myself
All suggestions are welcome...

Two Christmas Concert of Gardar Cortes & Robert Sund @ Kjarvalstaðir 2 & 3. December 2009

Christmas Concert
Gardar Cortes & Robert Sund
2 and 3. December 2009
Kjarval Museum / Kjarvalstaðir @ 12:15
Icelandic tenor Gardar Cortes will sing twice some Icelandic as well as international Christmas Carols @ Kjarval Museum/Kjarvalstaðir (part of Reykjavik Art Museum).
A longtime Swedish friend, pianist Robert Sund, will join him on stage (like he did on three albums of Gardar)
Admission: 1.000 IKR but free for students & seniors
Tickets sold @ the door

Gardar Cortes @ MySpace

Rare Icelandic music stuff of Sigur Rós, Björk, Unun & HAM

Here's a selection of rare Icelandic music stuff I own.
Poster included with the Smekkleysa CD Box (1997)
In 1997 Smekkleysa label (aka Bad Taste) released a serie of 8 CDs with a few notable young underground bands. Each CD contained around 8 songs. Sort of EPs, mini Albums designed to get the bands some starting point, but not distributed or promoted widely until that day. A lot of these bands disbanded soon after those releases, like it goes in Iceland.
Number 5
was Soðin Fiðla, # 4 The Bag of Joys.
Most notable was the Number 2 of this box was the debut album of Sigur Rós: "Von".
In April 1998 I bought one of the few left boxes with the 8 CDs @ Record Store Japis (R.I.P.) @ Laugavegur shopping street, the workplace of a.o. Ghostigital's Curver.
Björk's "real" Debut (Falkinn, 1977)
Takk Elvar of Hellvar
HAM's "Buffalo Virgin", the first full release of this doom metal/hard rock/whatever band
(One Little Indian, 1989)
For Elvar
Signed Björk "Post" T-shirt & Album

Ceci n'est pas Þrír Frakkar
Three Icelandic T-Shirts
with Unun T-shirt
Takk Jóhannes of 12Tónar

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Klink @ Kerrang! Night @ Iceland Airwaves '09 Festival

Metal band Klink is back after a five year hiatus. @ two in the night they were headlining @ the Kerrang! Night @ Airwaves '09, Saturday 17. October 2009. Krummi of Esja & Minus fame brought them some beers & joined them on stage for a while.
Filmed after I sprained my ankle in the moshpit, lucky that I found some Smirnoff Ice(land).

Vicky Live @ Rock Bar Dillon, R'vik, Off-Venue @ Iceland Airwaves '09 Festival

Vicky @ Rock Bar Dillon

Vicky @ MySpace

Takk ... Merci .... Thank you for the Icelandic music, Veerle & Leo

Dankuwel Belgian Icelandic Music Lovers
Veerle's close encounter with EÖB of Ghostigital@ Airwaves '09
This afternoon I had a cozy & sweet meeting with Veerle & Leo, both Icelandic music lovers, @ a Chocolat Bar downtown 2000 Antwerp. We exchanged some albums & goodies: Veerle gave me some Flemish & Norwegian (Real Ones) music & Spilverk þjóðanna CD "Götuskór" (STC 011).
Leo came with some Mugison material, Trabant ("Moment of Truth", TMT Entertainment, 2001, TMT08CD), Ske ("Life, Death, Happiness & Stuff", Smekkleysa, SMBT02) & The Funerals (TMT Entertainment, 2002, TMT10CD).
We went to the bankrupt record store Bilbo to buy even more albums (50% discount @ the moment).
You gonna have a hard time to find some Icelandic albums after our visit (still there: latest of Bang Gang, first of Hafdis Huld, ...)
Bought some Icelandic stuff @ Bilbo:
-Emiliana Torrini "Rarities" (One Little Indian Ltd, 2009, TPLP1015CD)
-Evil Madness "Demoni Paradiso" (12Tónar, 2008, 12T047)
-Ben Frost " Theory of Machines" (Bedroom Community, 2006)
-Sigur Rós book/CD/DVD "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" Deluxe Edition (nr. 009734//film nr. FN83 5862 0752 (feet & legs)
Leo & Veerle thank you for the music, enjoy Jan Mayen & Æla:
"We Just Want to Get Everybody High", a song of the album "So much better than your normal life" (Smekkleysa Label, recorded by Eberg & the band)


All Belgians (and others) can join this Facebook Group Belgian Icelandic Music Lovers

if you (can) pronounce Kaupþing, Björk, Sigur Rós with an Icelandic tongue (tongue twister/sjibbolet à la "Schild en Vriend/Scilt ende Vrient"),
even Englishman John Cleese can do it

Jóladagatal Norræna hússins / Surprise Advent Calendar Concerts @ Nordic House 1-23. December 2009

Jóladagatal Norræna hússins
1-23. December 2009
Every day @ 12:34 a new cultural event @ lunch time
This year for the 3rd time.
Last year Björk performed .
Artist Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir designed this Calendar.

Duplex # 2: 9 bands @ Sódóma & Batteríið on Saturday 5. December 2009

Duplex # 2
Saturday 5. December 2009

2 venues Sódóma & Batteríið
Admission: only 1000 IKR
(You get a wristband)

Doors @ 21:00
Start @ 21:30
- Bloodgroup
- Agent Fresco
- Útidúr
- Lára
- Mikado
- Me, the Slumbering Napoleon
- Morðingjarnir
- Koi
- Pascal Pinon

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New Icelandic Website about Culture: Music & More

A new website in Icelandic about Icelandic culture. I had a sneak preview a month ago @ Karamba. Bryndís Ísfold Hlöðversdóttir, the sister of Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson aka Árni+1 (of FM Belfast fame / bartender that night) was @ the bar & showed me her new project: Miðjan.
Site designed by Andri Sigurðsson (Vefstofan).
Other people involved are journalist Þórhildur Ólafsdóttir & photographer Julia M. Staples, as wel as Bergur Ebbi Benediktsson (of Sprengjuhöllin fame), Diljá Ámundadóttir, Maríanna Friðjónsdóttir, Friðrik Ingimundarson, Þorbjörg Gunnlaugsdóttir, Lára Björg Björnsdóttir, Gyða Haraldsdóttir, Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir, Sæunn Huld Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir, Hreinn Hreinsson, Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson & Helga Vala Helgadóttir.
The bloggers are: Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir, Eva Einarsdóttir, Kolbrún Skaftadóttir, Björn Halldórsson, Steinar Júlíusson, Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson, Unnsteinn Stefánsson (of Retro Stefson fame), Katrín Björk Svavarsdóttir, Erna Kaaber, Sóley Kristjánsdóttir, Friðrik Ingimundarson, Vera Sölvadóttir, Erna Erlingsdóttir, Þórdís Gísladóttir, Maríanna Clara Lúthersdóttir, Helga Ferdinandsdóttir, Sigríður Gunnlaugsdóttir, Guðrún Lára Pétursdóttir & Þorgerður E. Sigurðardóttir.
Read about Movies & Music here. Mugison, Helgi Björns & more, but it's in Icelandic. Enjoy the pictures and/or learn Icelandic ;-).

Ólafur Arnalds Score "Dyad 1909" released on 7. December 2009

Ólafur Arnalds releases score for ballet "Dyad 1909" on 7. December 2009
Ólafur Arnalds will release his score for a contemporary ballet called "Dyad 1909" on 7. December 2009.
Seven songs on this soundtrack? Choreographer Wayne McGregor of "Dyad 1909" describes the soun track as "... an amazing piece of music –it's melancholic and spatial then cuts to extreme rhythmic violence -it's hauntingly inspiring".
Pre-order the soundtrack on CD or Vinyl from the Erased Tapes store here.
Ólafur is quite busy, collaborated with Bloodgroup on their 2nd Album too (2B released in a couple of days), and he's recording a new album by himself.

French Blog on Icelandic music by Française Aline Fontaine

Française Mademoiselle Aline Fontaine has started a blog in French on Icelandic music some months ago. If you're good in French, check it out/pour les francophones et ceux qui veulent pratiquer leur francais, venez ice:
La musique islandaise vous parle
Parce que les geysers mélodiques en Islande n'ont pas de limite

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GusGus "Thin Ice" Video

"Thin Ice"


Johnny and The Rest, Icelandic blues rock

Johnny & The Rest
Released a Debut Album called "Johnny And The Rest" on their own indie label Johnny Records, November 2008.

Johnny and The Rest @ MySpace

Morðingjarnir @ Havarí shop @ Austurstræti 27. November 2009

The new Album of Morðingjarnir, which is called "Flóttinn mikli", will be in the shops tomorrow. The band is performing @ the Havarí shop @ Austurstræti on 27. November 2009 @ 17:00.
Morðingjarnir @ MySpace

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Jóhann Jóhannsson "City Building" - An Unofficial Video

Jóhann Jóhannsson
"City Building", a song of the Album "And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees" (Mute Song, 2009).

Jóhann Jóhannsson's Website

Release Concert of Fjallabræður @ Háskólabíói 29. November 2009

Útgáfutónleikar/Release Concert of

@ Háskólabíói
Sunday 29. November @ 21:00
Admission: 2000 IKR
Fjallabræður is a choir with 40 members from the West Fjords, supported by a 6 piece rock band.
Get your ticket @ MIDI.
Fjallabræður @ Aldrei fór ég suður (Never Went South) Festival @ Ísafjörður, West Fjords on 11. April 2009. This festival is organised by Mugison & friends in the Far West of Iceland every Easter Weekend.

Fjallabræður @ MySpace

Emilíana Torrini in Concert @ Háskólabíói, Iceland 20. February 2010 - Ticket sale starts tomorrow

Emilíana Torrini in concert in Iceland again
Emilíana Torrini & band @ Háskólabíói
Saturday 20. February 2010
Ticket sale starts @ 26. November @ 10:00 @ MIDI
Admission: 4900 IKR
She will be performing in Australia & Japan in December & January.
Her Album "Me and Armini" sold about 10.000 copies in Iceland. "Fisherman's Woman": about 15.000.

Emilíana Torrini's Website

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Hafdis Huld: Her German Concerts in December 2009

Klive in the Spotlight @ IMX

Interview on the website of Iceland Music Export this week:
Klive - Bound By Form
Exploring the boundaries of the spectrum, Klive is a solo project of concrete sounds and synthesis. The man behind the project is one Úlfur Hansson, a 21-year old who is studying music theory and new media and who plays electric bass in the band Swords of Chaos. He has also played jazz and has created a number of sound installations with his sister Elín Hansdóttir.

When did you first start out making music?
I was twelve when i got my first bass, trying to rock out Marilyn Manson riffs while listening to Jaco Pastorius with awe.

What were or are your main musical inspirations?
I'd say I’m a sucker for very traditional things, bound by form, e.g death metal being a huge influence - as opposed to more experimental elements dealing with romanticism and the sublime. Lyrics seldom reach my attention but I enjoy soulful music. It definitely has to have soul!

Your work is described as “concrete sounds and synthesis”. Can you elaborate?
For Klive I like to use field recordings I've collected, in tune with heavy computational processes. Each recorded place and each patchwork or code can mix into infinite possible worlds of sounds and scapes. Sounds pretty dramatic, I know, but I love that idea as a frame of reference.

Are you influenced by those great musique concrete artists from France and Germany?
I was. Michel Chion, Pierre Schaeffer and all those dudes did some awesome stuff way back. Pierre Henry's Tibetan Book Of The Dead is a special favourite - this grotesque vocal narration of death without words mixed with a broken R2D2 unit, warping into an Eno-esque soundscape - awesome.

There seems to be a collision of digital and natural sounds in your music…
Yes, without a doubt. Geothermal burps and waterfall noises in harmony with warm, simple synthesizers.

The sound is quite esoteric - how did you arrive at such a style? And how do you describe it to people?
I have a compulsive tendency towards nerdy stuff. I think the sound comes from a certain work ethic you develop by mucking around for hours every night.

What kind of equipment do you use for your records?
I like to use the max/msp and puredata programming environments for sounds, portable field recorders for the concréte, and a steady workflow while sequencing. For sequencing and mixing I prefer Ableton live above anything else.

Can you describe a typical working process, maybe for one of your tunes?
Sometimes it's hard to imagine I actually did this track or that song. I can't always remember it's actually mine. A typical productive session is probably best described as a sleepless night, and some new music on my hard drive the next day.

Do you work alone or collaborate?
I love to work with singers. Vocals are my greatest fear to do myself, so collaborating with people on that is great to get some extra depth of perspective. That actually applies to any musician willing to participate. For live performances I have worked with great people. I have friends that are always up for playing gigs here, there and everywhere. Without them, concertgoers would be looking at awkward beer sips and screen tan sessions on stage.

Which other Icelandic artists do you see yourself closest to in spirit if not sound?
In spirit i don't know - and in sound I don't know either. I do have a few major inspirational musicians in mind though. Hildur Guðnadóttir being one of the biggest with her recent album “Without Sinking”. Kira Kira and her Kitchen Motors have a special place in my heart - and last but not least - Stilluppsteypa are the mystical champs of my early experimental musical interests.

When you imagine your audience, who do you see?
Naked people. Makes things a lot easier. In comparison to playing with my band Swords of Chaos, my solo music is much more stressful to perform. It's very personal to play your own music for people, even though you're not alone on stage.

How did the deal with Germany’s Mille Plateaux come about?
I sent promotional CD's to 20 record labels. I got one reply, namely from MillePlateaux!

They are a legendary label, were you a fan of them for a long time?
I first noticed the label on the back of Stilluppsteypa's “Stories Part Five” sleeve years back. Other artists of MP fame later became very important to me, notably Alva Noto, Pan Sonic, Rechenzentrum and Vladislav Delay.

Have you done any touring?
I had my first tour abroad this fall with Kira Kira in Germany. We had some high times, met some lowlifes, so I gained a lot of experience.

What can you tell us about your new record – how does it differ from the debut?
This album, “Wailing Corpuscles” is a 50/50 mix of the last year’s “Sweaty Psalms” and new stronger tracks. I am proud of my debut but I believe this album is much stronger. “Sweaty Psalms” perhaps lacked a little coherence. Still being far from grown up, I think this album forms a better whole, and possesses a more solid concept.

When will it be released and will you be doing some tour dates?
It was set to be released before the aforementioned tour in Germany, but was postponed until early 2010 because of artwork issues. It is now finally complete and will hit Europe early in the new year.
Klive @ MySpace
Source: IMX

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Rjóminn & Gogoyoko present @ Batterí on Thursday 26. November: Miri, For A Minor Reflection, Króna & Norwegian Øzz

Rjóminn & Gogoyoko
@ Batterí
Thursday 26. November
Miri, For A Minor Reflection, Króna
& Norwegian
Admission: 1000 IKR
Doors @ 21:00

múm @ Bazar Curieux, Rotterdam 5. December 2009

múm @ Bazar Curieux @ Rotterdam
5. December 2009
Motel Mozaique
Tickets: € 17,50
Other artists:
Julian Casablancas (frontman The Strokes)
Beak (Portishead's Geoff Barrow)
Neon Indian
Los Valentinos
Royal Bangs
Major Lazer Soundsystem

Snorri Helgason, Sigríður Thorlacius & Heiðurspiltar and Hjaltalín on Tour: Video Blog # 1 (November 2009)

Snorri Helgason, Sigríður Thorlacius & Heiðurspiltar and Hjaltalín
Blog Post # 1

Song of the 139. Week: Lára Rúnarsdóttir's "In between"

139. Song of the Week is "In between", a song of the third album "Surprise" (Record Records, 2009) by Lára Rúnarsdóttir aka Lára Rúnars. Every 3 years she makes an album (2003, 2006). Lára also on guitar & piano, Jakob on bass & Arnar on drums.
139. Week: Lára Rúnarsdóttir: "In between"


An Album Sampler by Record Records:

Lára Rúnarsdóttir @ MySpace
Record Records, Icelandic music label

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A new blog post by Ólafur Arnalds (Video Blog #12: Recording the strings @ Studio Sýrland)

Ólafur Arnalds & Quartet @ Work in the Studio
Video Blog #12, shows the recording of the strings @ Studio Sýrland (translates as Syria) for his new album, as well as Soundtrack for Dyad 1909 & string arrangements for the Icelandic band Bloodgroup. Previous videos blog posts showed the recordings of the piano & drums.

Ólafur Arnalds @ Myspace

Vote for your favorite Björk song @ MTV

Choose out of these 10 Björk songs here @ MTV.

L'Elysées & Sinny & Ooko present Le Cinéma de Sigur Rós @ Paris, France Saturday 28. November 2009

Séance de cinéma atypique proposée par Sigur Rós
Saturday 28. November 2009

@ l'Elysées Biarritz, 22-24 rue Quentin Bauchard, Paris 8, France

@ 19:00 Diaporama starts

Start @ 20:00

Admission: 10 EUR in presale, 12 EUR @ door

Orri Páll Dýrason (drummer of Sigur Rós), Dean De Blois (Heima director) & John Best (Sigur Rós Management) will be present

An Evening with on the Program: Projections of documentaries, band videos, public interviews.

Heima (86') - Dean Debois

The Last Farm (20') - Rúnar Rúnarsson / Music by Kjartan Sveinsson (Sigur Rós) / With Actor Jón Sigurbjörnsson

Hlemmur (97')

Band Videos

An Event supported by the band, John Best & Edna Pletchetero (SR management), Teresa Hugi (EMI UK), Eric Michon (Universal Music Publishing France), Becca Gatrell (Universal Music Publishing Ltd), Etienne Berthier (EMI France) & l'Elysées Biarritz
Icelandair, Ecran Noir, Cinézik, Les boutiques sonores, W-Fenec, Elegy, EMI, Universal

kimono & Bloodgroup + Prins Póló @ Sódóma Reykjavík 27. November 2009

kimono & Bloodgroup
Special Guest: Prins Póló
27. November 2009
@ 23:00
Sódóma Reykjavík, Tryggvagata 22, Reykjavík
Admission: 1000 IKR
23:45 Prins Póló (Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson of Skakkamanage)
00:30 kimono
01:30 Bloodgroup
Two New Albums
"Easy Music for Difficult People" on Kimi Records - kimono
release on 4. December
& "Dry land" on Record Records - Bloodgroup
release on 2. December
kimono @ gogoyoko http://www.gogoyoko.com/#/artist/kimono
Bloodgroup @ gogoyoko http://www.gogoyoko.com/#/artist/bloodgroup
Prins Póló @ gogoyoko http://www.gogoyoko.com/#/artist/prinspolo

More Ghostigital - Back in the USA after 3 years @ Monkey Town (11. November 2009)

Ghostigital went to the USA & performed @ Monkey Town, Willamsburg, Brooklyn, New York New York with Casper Electronics. Three years ago it was with The Melvins.


Ghostigital @ Batteri @ Airwaves '09, 17. October 2009

Mr. E & son Kaktus & Curver on stage @ Batteri venue, downtown 101 on Saturday night 17. October 2009.

For Jen goes Digital, Jennifer Leigh, Heiða & Veerle

laugardagur, nóvember 21, 2009

Icons of Pop Music: Björk by Nicola Dibben

Author: Dibben Nicola (a professor of musicology at the University of Sheffield in England)
Published: November 2008 / March 2009
Publisher: Indiana University Press / Equinox Press
27 B&W Illustrations
Pages: 224 / 232
Price: £10.99
ISBN: 0253220653 (ISBN-10: 1845531841 / ISBN-13: 9780253220653)

This book provides the first music-based account of Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk's solo work to date. She is internationally recognized for her unique and innovative musical style, as well as her collaborative working relationship with artists, musicians, and engineers. Her work blurs boundaries between club and dance culture and "high art." Björk has won many awards, including Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in the film Dancer in the Dark, for which she also wrote and scored the music. Nicola Dibben presents an analysis of audio and video tracks, live performances, and recorded sound, viewed through the critical reception, fanzines, and interviews that surround Björk's music. This analysis reveals recurrent cultural themes: landscape and identity, the relationship between humans and technology, song as a vehicle for emotional expression, and female autonomy. Additional chapters on Björk's compositional process--with newly gathered interview material--and on the critical-musicological approach adopted in the book round out this original study.
Review of the Book by Bookslut
(September 2009)
Content Chapters of the book
1. Biographical Overview of her life & career (with an interview with Derek Birkett of One Little Indian Label)
2. Nationalism
3. Nature
4. Technology
5. Sound
6. Emotion
7. Contribution
Discography & Filmography