sunnudagur, nóvember 01, 2009

Medical Issues: Smoking Icelandic Female Singers & Ear Protection

Even on vacation in Iceland, a doctor's mind keeps on working while having fun @ Airwaves '09 Festival.
Food for thought
Why do all the Icelandic female singers I know, smoke?
Not the best treatment for your voice if you Ask the throat doctor
Fortunately, it's forbidden to smoke inside the venues the last years.
Why do most listeners don't use ear protection?
In Belgium the discussion has come to a climax after the suicide of a guy who got tinnitus & hyperacusis after noise exposition. His suicide note was published in the Flemish newspapers to warn other people (audience @ festivals & artists in bands). He liked heavy rock music & played in a band years ago. One or two concerts damaged his ears 4ever & ever.
It's oh so quiet
But there was a Quiet Afternoon with Ghostigital (duo EÖB/Curver Thoroddsen) & friend Finnbogi Pétursson @ i-8 Gallery, Klapparstigur, R'vik

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