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Forthcoming Icelandic Albums in 2009 & 2010

Ourlives "We lost the race". Albums contains a.o. songs “Núna”, “Out Of Place”, "Sandra", “Þúsund sinnum segðu já” (Toggi). Produced by Barði Jóhannsson & Styrmis Hauksson.
Release Concert on 12. November @ Hafnarfjarðaleikhúsinu.

Also on 12. November Stereo Hypnosis presents a new Album entitled "Hypnogogia". Release Gig @ Sódóma Reykjavík. Admission is 1000 IKR; or Admission + CD: 2000 IKR; 2500 IKR if you want to get the previous album.
Me, The Slumbering Napoleon Album "The Bloody Core of It" will be released on Friday the 13th of November. Pre-Sale Live 13. November 2009: @ Havari @ 17:00

Snorri Helgason's
, singer of Sprengjuhöllin, début I‘m Gonna Put My Name on Your Door" will be released on 19. November on the Borgin Label

New Album by Hjaltalín "Terminal" will be released on 23. November, release concert @ Loftkastalanum 25. November
Pascal Pinon releases debut Album this month.
Morðingjarnir will release their third Album this month.
And also band BB&Blake releases a new album in November.

Blindfold's new album "Faking Dreams" is released on 1. December 2009
Kimono releases album nr. IV "Easy music for difficult people" on 4. December 2009

Seabear just finished another album. To be released next year.

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