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Hafdís Huld "Synchronised Swimmers" Live @ Nordic House, Reykjavík, Off-Venue @ Iceland Airwaves '09, October 2009

Hafdís Huld released her 2nd Solo Album "Synchronised Swimmers" (Sena label, 2009) last month in Iceland. Worldwide released in a couple of months (2010). Shortly after her return to Iceland (just bought a house in Iceland, bringing her English boyfriend), she gave a concert @ Nordic House, Reykjavík on Thursday 15. October 2009.
"Synchronised Swimmers"

Hafdís Huld was very busy in Iceland. The next day she was on Icelandic RUV Radio, also broadcasted by KEXP Radio Station, Seattle. The same song, introduced by the one & only Mr. E, Einar Örn Benediktsson (EÖB), tired (or not) of his Ghostigital & Finnbogi Pétursson "Quiet Afternoon" performance @ i-8 Gallery the day before.

If you're wondering what Einar Örn was doing the day before, watch this video from Smoky Bay Reykjavík. Not as sweet as The Sugarcubes, and in big contrast with Hafdís H.

Hafdís Huld's Official Website

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