sunnudagur, nóvember 15, 2009

New I love Icelandic music Logo / Lego?

Today I reworked my blog logo: the combination of headphones, a stuffed puffin & the flag.
Here's the result, 13.6 Megapixels on my computer, in collaboration with my father Robert, somebody with photoshop skills.

And a new Avatar:
The boys of Sykur, the band with the 138. Song of the Week have this on their blog:
The guys in Apparat Organ Quartet preferred Playmobil above Lego:
Two younger brothers of Úlfur Eldjárn, member of Apparat Organ Quartet, are in Sykur. Another Icelandic music family.
By the way their grandfather was the 3rd president of Iceland (1968-1980), Dr. Kristján Eldjárn (1916-1982), and their father is a famous writer. Not into music as far as I know.
Thanks to hannes of 12Tónar Label/Shop to mention the familiy ties.

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