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Takk ... Merci .... Thank you for the Icelandic music, Veerle & Leo

Dankuwel Belgian Icelandic Music Lovers
Veerle's close encounter with EÖB of Ghostigital@ Airwaves '09
This afternoon I had a cozy & sweet meeting with Veerle & Leo, both Icelandic music lovers, @ a Chocolat Bar downtown 2000 Antwerp. We exchanged some albums & goodies: Veerle gave me some Flemish & Norwegian (Real Ones) music & Spilverk þjóðanna CD "Götuskór" (STC 011).
Leo came with some Mugison material, Trabant ("Moment of Truth", TMT Entertainment, 2001, TMT08CD), Ske ("Life, Death, Happiness & Stuff", Smekkleysa, SMBT02) & The Funerals (TMT Entertainment, 2002, TMT10CD).
We went to the bankrupt record store Bilbo to buy even more albums (50% discount @ the moment).
You gonna have a hard time to find some Icelandic albums after our visit (still there: latest of Bang Gang, first of Hafdis Huld, ...)
Bought some Icelandic stuff @ Bilbo:
-Emiliana Torrini "Rarities" (One Little Indian Ltd, 2009, TPLP1015CD)
-Evil Madness "Demoni Paradiso" (12Tónar, 2008, 12T047)
-Ben Frost " Theory of Machines" (Bedroom Community, 2006)
-Sigur Rós book/CD/DVD "með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust" Deluxe Edition (nr. 009734//film nr. FN83 5862 0752 (feet & legs)
Leo & Veerle thank you for the music, enjoy Jan Mayen & Æla:
"We Just Want to Get Everybody High", a song of the album "So much better than your normal life" (Smekkleysa Label, recorded by Eberg & the band)

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if you (can) pronounce Kaupþing, Björk, Sigur Rós with an Icelandic tongue (tongue twister/sjibbolet à la "Schild en Vriend/Scilt ende Vrient"),
even Englishman John Cleese can do it

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