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kimono Live @ Hitt Húsið (January 2010)

kimono Live @ Hitt Húsið


Svavar Knútur "Baby will you marry me" - Með bestu kveðju frá Australiu/Tasmaniu

Svavar Knútur from down under: Tasmania, the island where Jörundur, the King of Iceland died in the 19the century & where they brew the Best Australian Beer Cascade in the oldest Australian brewery.
"Baby will you marry me"

Svavar Knútur @ MySpace

Ourlives "Out of Place" Live @ Icelandic TV Show Kastljós

Ourlives Live @ Kastljós
"Out of place"

Ourlives @ MySpace

Sólstafir "Pale Rider" Live @ Oslo (2009)

"Pale Rider"

Sólstafir @ MySpace

Lucifers Live @ Lost Horse Gallery (2009)

Lucifers (Sæmundur Þór Helgason & Arnljótur Sigurðsson)
Sound & Light Show
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Daníel Bjarnason in the Spotlight @ IMX

Daníel Bjarnason
A Tasteful Procession

Daníel Bjarnason studied piano, composition and conducting in Reykjavík before going on to study orchestral conducting at the Freiburg University of Music in Germany where he graduated cum laude in 2007.
Daniel works equally as conductor and composer and has worked with many different artists including the London Sinfonietta, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Nieuw Ensemble, the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester, Musica Viatae and the Caput Ensemble. In 2003 he was one of the founders of the Ísafold Chamber Orchestra and has since been its principal conductor and artistic director. He regularly conducts at the Icelandic Opera and with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.
Daniel's compositions have been received with acclaim and his works have been performed worldwide. Daniel has won numerous awards and grants for his music-making including the Icelandic Music Awards 2007. He participated in the Operagenesis project for young composers at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in 2007-2008. In 2008 Daniel was awarded 2nd prize and a special recommendation for his work for chamber orchestra: “All sounds to silence come” at the International Rostrum for Composers in Dublin.
Daniel’s versatilty as an arranger and conductor has also brought him into contact with a broad array of musicians outside the classical field including Sigur Rós, Amina, Ólöf Arnalds and Hjaltalín. He has also written music for film and theater.
Daniel recently signed a contract with the record label Bedroom Community and his debut album “Processions” will be released worldwide in February 2010. Two CDs with Isafold Chamber Orchestra, with a range of 20th century compositions, among them his own work “All sounds to silence come” were released in 2006 and 2007.
First of all, tell us about the new CD, Processions – what’s the genesis of the project?

The album is comprised of three different pieces that all have their own separate genesis. So there is not a singular theme running through the whole album but rather three different stories. What unites the pieces is the way they are recorded and produced - and of course the fact that I composed them.

Did the project enable you to reach into any “virgin territories” musically speaking?

I think that whenever I write something new it’s already “virgin territory” for me. Every time it’s almost like starting for the first time. This can be extremely frightening but I think it’s important, to explore new things and not just rely on older truths. So in that way all the pieces are different for me, purely compositionally and in terms of instrumentation. But having said that, the greatest novelty for me was working so closely with
Valgeir Sigurðsson in the studio, both with the recording of the music and also with the editing and mixing/mastering. That collaboration spilled into the way I composed and is probably mostly felt in “Bow to String”, which is in a way composed for the studio. If you were to play the version on the album live you would need 60 or 70 cellists for some bits. We decided from the offset that we didn’t necessarily want to do a “correct” rendition of the pieces the way they are written in the score but rather to use all the possibilities that the studio has to offer in making the music a listening experience that would not necessarily be the same as you would get in a concert and not the same you would get with most classical recordings.
Would you consider it a ‘narrative’ album in any sense?

If you mean narrative in the way that there is a program or a story behind the music I would have to say no. It’s all rather abstract. However I think I am probably a dramatic composer and people who hear my music often seem to get a strong visual impact from my music. Each piece has it’s own dramatic logic but I like it that if they want, people can fit their own story into it because there’s nothing getting in the way, only the titles which can evoke certain feelings and do so for me, but they are open enough to leave space for the listeners own imagination. The last piece Skelja does have one quite clear image connected to it in my mind though. It is the act of putting a sea-shell to your ear and listening to the ocean. When I was a kid I was always told that if you did that you could actually hear the ocean and so, if you kept a sea-shell in your pocket you could carry the sound of the ocean with you wherever you went. I liked that.

There’s a lot of intensity and discordance on the record, contrasted with more introspective material - what does that represent?

"Bow to String" is written for cellist Sæunn Þorsteinsdóttir who is a good friend of mine. She originally asked me to write a solo cello piece and I said OK. Then that piece turned into a piece for a lot of cellos and then even more. I think that the fact that I was writing for her had a big impact on how the piece turned out. I simply couldn’t write something for Sæunn that was not dramatic, that would have been out of the question. The form of that piece is a calming down, or like a long diminuendo. Actually the first movement ("Sorrow Conquers Happiness") was written last because I wanted to write something suitably crazy for Sæunn. And I was also into that kind of thing and that movement is written at the same time as Red-handed in Processions. In Processions I think the drama of the piece is more connected with the fact that it is a piano-concerto and I wanted to confront that historic aspect of the romantic or heroic concerto. And I also had a great pianist (Víkingur Ólafsson) who I knew would really embrace that. Having said that I don’t really make a deliberate decision to be dramatic or write music with contrast, it is just something natural and obvious for me. It’s how I think it should go.
Why did you choose to work with the other musicians featured on the record?

All the people on the album are people that I chose to work with and write for and each piece is written with specific performers in mind. They are also my friends and I am very lucky to know these people and to have them perform my music.

When and how did you get involved with Bedroom Community – and was this album recorded for them specifically?

I got involved with BC about one and a half year ago when myself and Valgeir decided to make this album. I already knew
Valgeir, Ben and Nico and there had been some talk about doing something but I think they were maybe waiting for me to become clear about what I wanted to do. So when I finally went to see Valgeir one day and said that I wanted to make an album he was just said: “OK, let’s do it”. And we both agreed on how we wanted to make the album and that we wanted to move away from the standard practice of recording classical music and feel free to play around with the recordings a bit more. So I would have to say yes, this album is very closely connected to BC and the Greenhouse Studios. We have actually already recorded two other quite big pieces that were supposed to be on the album but then there wasn’t room for them so they will be on the next release.
Which composers – classic or contemporary - would you say you have a close affinity with?

There are too many:
Ligeti, Lutoslawski, Britten, Varese, Shostakovitch, Debussy, Ravel, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Cage, Takemitsu, Webern…of the younger generation of composers I would say Thomas Adés has been a major inspiration for me.
What sort of music do you listen to outside of the classical realm?

Lately I have been listening to
Grizzlybear, the XX, Beirut, Vampire Weekend, Oren Ambarchi, Fennesz (Black Sea), Salif Keita, Ben Frost and Hjaltalín. Long time favorites are Radiohead and David Bowie. And also Chet Baker and Nat King Cole. And Michael Jackson. And thousands of others.
When did you found the Isafold Chamber Orchestra - and how did this come about?

The orchestra was founded in 2003. At that time we were most of us finishing music school in Reykjavik and going abroad to study more. We wanted to make an orchestra on our own terms, where we would be in charge of everything and could play what we wanted; which was music from the 20th century as well as new music. At the time there wasn’t anything like that for musicians of our age. The first thing we did was rent a bus and drive all around Iceland doing concerts in small towns around the country. That was so much fun that we did it again the next year. Most of the people in
Ísafold live abroad (and money is sparse) so we can only do projects once or twice a year. But it’s always so much fun when we come together, like a family reunion.
What have been the ICO’s biggest achievements since forming?

Those trips around the country were a pretty big achievement looking back. But apart from that I am really proud of the two albums that we released and also winning the
Icelandic Music Awards for best performer in 2008.
You’ve worked a lot with a lot of pop musicians, most notably Sigur Rós and the London Sinfonneta – how did that come about?

Kjartan asked me to conduct the orchestra and choir for their recording at Abbey Road and of course I was more than happy to do that. The whole thing was being filmed so it was decided that everyone would have their best suits on in the studio and the boys choir had their uniforms and it was all very grand and festive and kind of funny, even though it was just a studio recording. Of course recording at Abbey Road with all their old microphones and all that history was a great experience as well.
What have been your other most interesting experiences of composing or working in the non-classical idiom?

Apart from those Abbey Road recordings I have had a great time working with
Hjaltalín this year. Also making arrangements for Ólöf Arnalds and recently Olivia Pedroli has been very rewarding.
When did you start conducting, and is that something you’d like to do more?

I started conducting almost 10 years ago. It’s important for me to find the balance between conducting and composing because they are both very time consuming activities even though they do compliment each other in many ways.

Do you consider the Icelandic classical scene healthy at the moment?

I think it is great. People are so willing to do everything and try everything and there is really a sense of community. And not just within classical music but between musicians from all genres. It may sound like a cliché but it feels like walls are coming down little by little. Actually, I don’t like to think there are any walls any more, but maybe that is naive. In recent years Symphony Orchestras have often squeezed the new pieces in between older and more popular works because they are afraid that this is the only way people can be persuaded to listen to the new pieces. This is some kind of new-music smuggling. And although I don’t have anything against programming new and old music together I think that we are moving into the period where people come to the symphony orchestra concert not despite the new piece on the program, but because of it. And I think this is going to happen and I think it is already happening to some degree.

Daníel Bjarnason's Site

Source: IMX

Ghostigital News

Photograph by Spessi
Ghostigital will play @ The Donau Festival this year. They go to Ethiopia for a musical excursion. Einar Örn Benediktsson & Curver Thoroddsen are working on their 3rd Studio Album, to be finished in May?
Einar Örn's contribution on the new Gorillaz album will not see the daylight. C'est la vie, says EÖB.

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Endalaus/Endless - Iceland Dance Company @ Borgarleikhúsið/City Theater February/March 2010

Endalaus - Endless
Íslenski Dansflokkurinn - Iceland Dance Company
Thursday 4, 7, 14, 21, 28. February & 3. March 2010 @ 20:00
@ Borgarleikhúsið (Reykjavik City Theater)
A beautiful and emotional piece by award winning choreographer
Iceland Dance Company premieres a new full evening choreography by Norwegian Alan Lucien Oyen on 4. February.
Using text, video and dance in a style of documentary and story-telling, Endless relays fragments of remembering and lost love.
The music is by Ólafur Arnalds. Ólafur explores the crossover from classical to pop music by mixing piano and strings with electronic sounds and beats.
Ólafur Arnalds

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Hildur Guðnadóttir @ VOX, Maldegem, Belgium Saturday 13. February 2010

Hildur Guðnadóttir is coming to VOX venue, Maldegem, Flanders/Belgium on Saturday night 13. February 2010. Very cozy, small place to spot some Icelandic artists!
Hildur is a cello player who collaborated on albums of Jóhann Jóhannsson, múm, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Ben Frost & The Knife.
VOX (Previous Cultuurhuis Maison/Chez Dieter), Markstraat @ 9990 Maldegem
Start @ 21:30
There are previous concerts in Belgium @ Hasselt , Turnhout, Mechelen & Roeselare in February too.
2 gigs @ London 25 & 27. February.


Upcoming Gigs
09.feb.2010 20:00
Cultuur Centrum Hasselt
10.feb.2010 20:00
De Warande Turnhout
11.feb.2010 20:00
Cultuur Centrum Mechelen
12.feb.2010 20:00
De Spil Roeselare
13.feb.2010 20:00
Vox Maldegem
25.feb.2010 20:00
The Bubbly Blue and Green, Kings Place - with Hauschka London
27.feb.2010 20:00
The Bubbly Blue and Green, Kings Place London
Hildur Gudnadóttir @ MySpace

Young Retro Stefson (2006)

Professor Batty of Flippism is the key shot this nice video of a young Retro Stefson.

Retro Stefson @ MySpace

Úlpa & Hudson Wayne @ Grand Rokk, R'vik Friday 29. January 2010

Úlpa & Hudson Wayne
@ Grand Rokk, Smiðjustígur
Friday 29. January 2010 @ 23:00
Admission: 500 IKR
Watch a Video of the Song "Camel" of the 3rd Album

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We Made God "Gizmo" Video - Preview of New Album

We Made God

The band is working on a new album to be released this year. Here's a preview:

We Made God @ MySpace

Kimono, Morðingjarnir & Me, The Slumbering Napoleon @ 6 YC's

Kimono, Mordingjarnir and Me, The Slumbering Napoleon are giving some concerts @ YC's
Thursday 28. January @ Hitt húsið, Miðbæ
Friday 29. January @ Miðberg, Breiðholt
Monday 1. February@ Tónabær, Austurbæ
Thursday 2. February @ Engyn, Grafarvogur
Wednesday 3. February @ Tían, Árbæ

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Sometime in the Remix: "Optimal Ending"

The band Sometime has released a third single of the Album "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious": Optimal Ending.
With some Sometimes Remixes by Tomma White, Redd Lights, FM Belfast & Leopold Kristjansson & Steinunn.

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Concert to Support UNICEF @ Haiti @ Sódóma Reykjavík 28. January 2010

Tónleikar til styrktar starfi UNICEF á Haití
Bloodgroup, Ourlives, kimono, Morðingjarnir, XIII + Retro Stefson DJ's
Also Mugison was added to the line-up
Sódóma Reykjavík, Tryggvagata 22 @ 20:30
Admission: 1000 IKR

New BHH EP "Retaliate" released on Kimi Records in March/April 2010 - Benni on Tour in Iceland & rest of Europe

Benni Hemm Hemm's Third EP "Retaliate" (Kimi Records, 2010)

Benni Hemm Hemm aka Benedikt H. Hermansson moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. Benni made a 3rd EP @ home with his newly bought home recording gear. This 5-song EP is entitled "Retaliate". It will be released as a 10" and as CD in March/April. All songs are in English (Scottish?).
benni_squareTour Dates:
24. March Dublin (IR), Whelans
26. March London (UK), To be announced
27. March Oxford (UK), Jericho Tavern
28. March Cardiff (UK), Buffalo Bar
1. April Akureyri (IS), To be confirmed
3. April Reykjavík (IS), TBC
5. April Dordrecht (NL), Bibelot
6. April Brussel (BE), TBC
7. April Luxembourg (LU), D:qliq
8. April Paris (FR), Cafe de la Danse (TBC)
14. April Vienna (AT), Chelsea
16. April Erlangen (DE), E-Werk
17. April Berlin (DE), Glashaus
18. April Hamburg (DE), Hafenklang
BHH Live @ Music from the Moon Documentary Première

Music from the Moon teaser with Benni

BHH @ MySpace
Benni's Website

Icelandic Music Days @ Conservatorium van Amsterdam, The Netherlands 11-13. February 2010

Icelandic Music Days
11-13. February 2010
Conservatorium van Amsterdam
, Oosterdokskade 151
In close co-operation
with Conservatorium van Amsterdam & the Icelandic Music Information Center
Young Icelandic musicians will come together from all over Europe in order to perform a musical part of their cultural heritage, wether it is classical music, folk music or jazz.
Diversity is a must in a country with few inhabitants isolated from the world and Icelandic Music Days is diverse indeed. Icelandic Music Days is a festival where everybody should find something according to their taste.
Thursday 11. February @ 12:15 @ Sweelinkzaal Icelandic Chamber Music
Friday 12. February @ 12:15 Blue Note Icelandic Jazz Standards
@ 20:15 Galaconcert @ Bernard Haitinkzaal
Jón Leifs: Icelandic Dances Op 11 (1931)
Þráinn Hjálmarsson: Rythm Sculpture # 1-1 (2010)
Daníel Bjarnason: All sounds to silence come (2007)
- intermission -
Hróðmar I. Sigurbjörnsson: Stokkseyri (1995-1997)
IE-Chamber Orchestra
Jón Þorsteinsson, tenor
Ari Hróðmarsson, conductor
Saturday 13. February @ 15:00 @ Sweelinkzaal Icelandic Songs
Songs by Jórunn Viðar from a newly released cd.

Song of the 148. Week: "Los" by Foreign Monkeys

148. Song of the Week is Foreign Monkeys' song "Los".
The Foreign Monkeys was originally founded in December 2005. The line-up back then was very different from what it has become today. Soon, the band was reincarnated and a new line-up competed the Icelandic battle of the bands in the month of March the following year, and won. This gave The Foreign Monkeys a nation wide recognition. By this time TFM had taken on the closest to their current form. The bands powerful live performance created an immediate buzz, and their reputation spread fast, landing them larger crowds of rock thirsty audience. At the beginning of May 2006, only 2 months after winning BOTB competition, TFM performed in one of the largest venues in Iceland in front of 5.000 people. This performance was the opening act for highly acclaimed English artists, Badly Drawn Boy, Elbow and Echo and The Bunnymen. In August 2006, TFM would play their largest gig to this date, in front of 15.000 people in their hometown, at a festival with local artists. In 2006 TFM also started working on their first recording which is yet to see the light of day. In 2007, after a times of brewing frustration within the band, the singer left, leaving the project hanging by a thread. With the first album well in the making and a huge buzz created, the band was not sure if they would carry on. A few months later, the band decided that the album would be finished, and hired a rhythm guitarist, while the bass player and lead guitarist would fill the void the singer left within the band. Soon the vocal parts were recorded and the album finished. Debut Album "Pi" was released last year. The new line-up is finally ready to perform again and is bound to make an impact on the Icelandic scene.


Foreign Monkeys

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Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band Live @ Café Rosenberg @ Reykjavik Jazz Festival 24. August 2009

Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band Live @ Café Rosenberg @ Reykjavik Jazz Festival 2009
"Helvitis fokking funk"

Hoffman Live @ Sódóma Reykjavík (November 2009)

Hoffman Live @ Sódóma Reykjavík venue
Hoffman, a band from Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar/Vestman Islands. Their first EP was called "Bad Seeds". Last year they released "Your secrets are safe with us" (9. October 2009). The title of the album is related to the economic meltdown in Iceland. The band went searching for a good recording engineer and in the end Axel "Flex" Árnason was the one who got the job. The album was recorded in Vestman Islands @ Island Studios (Faxastígur 6, 900 Vestmannaeyjar), mixed & mastered in the Reflex Studios in Reykjavik.
"Ride & Right"

"Your secrets are safe with us"

"How we pick & how we bother"

Hoffman @ MySpace

Seabear "Arms" Live @ Berlin, 23. January 2010

Seabear @ Schlossplatz, Berlin, Germany yesterday night.
"Arms" a song of debut album "The Ghost That Carried Us Away " (2007)

Seabear @ MySpace

Rare (Icelandic) Records - Part 4: Smekkleysa Compilation Album "Smekkleysa í hálfa öld" featuring the first recording of Sigur Rós as Victory Rose

Smekkleysa í hálfa öld contained the
first Sigur Rós
recording "Fljúgðu"
In 1994, 50 years after the independency of the Republic of Iceland, the label Smekkleysa (known abroad as Bad Taste, or even as The Sugarcubes label) released a compilation CD to celebrate this "half century" (in Icelandic: í hálfa öld). A lot of great artists on this CD, like Texas Jesus, Unun, Curver, Bubbleflies, Yukatan, Maus, Olympia & Björk.
Among the artists featured on this SM 44 CD, is the band Victory Rose. The band was formed on 4. January 1994 (the day Jónsi's sister Sigurrós (in 1 word) was born!) by high school friends Georg Hólm, Jónsi Birgisson & Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson. They met each other in the Kaffitár of the school @ Christmas 1993.
In a small studio downtown Reykjavik (Fellahelli) they were able to record a tape, but only completed one song before their billed time ran out (6 hours). The trio send the demo (years later Georg Hólm told David Fricke, senior editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, it was "maybe too floaty") to Smekkleysa. Þór Eldon, guitarist of the Sugarcubes, poet & husband of Björk, heard the song & and het wanted the song for a compilation record of their label. So the song called "Fljúgðu" became track # 16 on the album.
Running time: 4:05
Lyrics by Jón Þór Birgisson, Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson
Music by Jón Þór Birgisson
Later the band changed their name into Sigur Rós.
17 Tracks (Allmusic)

Dr. Gunni's Book "Eru ekki allir í stuði?"

Jónsi's Soundcheck/Performance @ WNYC

You can get a preview of Jónsi's Solo Album "Go" if you go listening to the soundcheck/in-studio performance @ WNYC.
Jónsi's Website

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City of Music: múm & Sin Fang Bous @ Walker Art Center presented by MPLS.TV

"Erupting light", a song of cello player Hildur Guðnadóttir

City of Music: múm & Sin Fang Bous at the Walker Art Center presented by MPLS.TV

Bárujárn "Skuggasörf" Video

Surf band Bárujárn
"Skuggasörf" - A weird video by filmmaker Katrín Ólafsdóttir and visual artist Steinunn, inspired by Viennese activism. Video was recorded late summer 2009.
Featuring a lot of paint, nudity, fish, burning flag & the sea (but not used for surfing)

Bárujárn "Skuggasörf" Bárujárn Hrukkublikksdóttir

Bárujárn @ MySpace

The Sound of Iceland - The Importance of Icelandic Music

The Sound of Iceland - A Video by Maríanna Friðjónsdóttir

The sound of Iceland by Marianna Fridjonsdottir

Rare (Icelandic) Records - Part 3: KUKL @ Paris 14.9.1984

Through the noice & ugliness shines the beauty
KUKL @ Paris 14.9.84
A Cassette released on the French Independent V.I.S.A. Label Cat. Nr. Rebel Flux Recordings # 003, France (1985).
Live Concert @ Eldorado, Paris, France

Side A


Gibraltar (Copy Thy Neighbour)

France (A Mutual Thrill)

Greece (Just By The Book)

The Spire

Side B



Vials Of Wrath


Pökn For Beginners


You can download the cassette as 2 mp3 files @ Kill your pet puppy

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Stafrænn Hákon "Rjúpa" Acoustic

Stafrænn Hákon
Acoustic home version of "Rjúpa"

New Album "Sanitas" out 22. February on Darla Records & Happy Prince
Minning um deig
Second to none
Emmer Green
Ratio 8-3 (at least)
Unwind, tender dog!
Val Kilmer
You have to let me borrow this
Provisional Meat
The Jerker


European Tour has already started.
Stafrænn Hákon
Stafrænn Hákon @ MySpace

Rafskinna # 3: Reflections / Endurskoðun

Trailer for third issue of DVD Magazine "Endurskoðun" (Reflections)

- A DVD with150 minutes of works by Animal Collective, Antony and the Johnsons, assume vivid astro focus, Casper Electronics, Friðrik Sólnes, FM Belfast, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir aka Shoplifter, Jukka Kärkkäinen, Magnús Logi Kristinsson, Michael Madsen, Nico Muhly, Ólöf Arnalds, Psychic TV, Þóra Fjeldsted, Þórhallur Magnússon & Rúnar Magnússon.
- A pamflet with articles, interviews, a short story, comic strip and more by the following: Goddur, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir aka Shoplifter, Karlotta Blöndal, Kolbeinn Proppé, Markús Þór Andrésson, Simon Bukhave, Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason
- A multiple by the artist of the issue Shoplifter
- Rafsprengi CD where young Icelandic composers remix compositions of older composers

Langi Seli og Skuggarnir @ Iceland Airwaves 2006

Langi Seli og Skuggarnir
A video by Professor Batty of Flippism is the key Blog

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Lyrics of Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós - The lyrics!?

Emiliana Torrini "Jungle Drum" Live @ The Great Wide Open Festival, Vlieland, The Netherlands (2009)

Emiliana Torrini @ The Great Wide Open Festival on the island Vlieland, the Netherlands
"Jungle Drum" Live, video by 3 voor 12

Emiliana's Official Website

Ólafur Arnalds Video by Antoniusz

Ólafur Arnalds - Odnalezione dźwięki from Antoniusz

Ólafur Arnalds @ MySpace

Pétur Ben on an European Acoustic Tour in February-March 2010

Pétur Ben on an Acoustic Tour in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium & The Netherlands
The singer-songwriter & composer-arranger will be playing/trying out some new stuff. His Debut Album "Wine for my weakness" came out in 2007. He did a lot of music for other people (Mugison, The Telepathetics), wrote the movie score for the movie "Children" (Börn),
music for the Iceland Dance Company together with Sugarcube Sigtryggur Baldursson, & Frank Hall.
"Velkomin heim" (Welcome home) - Iceland Dance Company

Later this year he releases his Second Album. And what's more, he's also collaborating with Eberg. They're making an EP together.
Tour Schedule 2010:
17.02 Leipzig Nato
18.02 Darmstadt Hoffart Theater
19.02 Ahlen Schuhfabrik
20.02 Amsterdam (NL) Paradiso
21.02 Bruxelles (B) La Filature
22.02 Köln Werkstatt
23.02 Dresden Beatpol
24.02 Frankfurt Ponyhof
25.02 Winterthur (CH) Kraftfeld
26.02 Luzern (CH) Treibhaus
27.02 Aarau (CH) Kiff
28.02 Thun (CH) Cafe Bar Mokka
02.03 Duisburg Steinbruch
03.03 Ludwigshafen Das Haus
04.03 Tübingen Sudhaus
"Something radical"

Pétur Ben @ MySpace

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Icelandic Nordic Night @ Cultureel Centrum, Hasselt, Belgium 9. February 2010

Belgian Icelandic Nordic Night # 4
On the program the Cultural Centre Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium on 9. February 2010 are Icelandic (label) artists:
"Erupting light"

Cello-player Hildur Guðnadóttir, Jóhann Jóhannsson & Bedroom Community's Valgeir Sigurðsson & Ben Frost.
The cultural centre of Hasselt is well disposed towards music from Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden and in the past few years has presented concerts from Hanne Hukkelberg, Xploding Plastix, Jaga Jazzist, The Shining, Under Byen, Jóhann Jóhannsson and dance performances by Erna Ómarsdóttir.
Bedroom Community Whale Watching Tour 2009 Video

Find more information here.
Admission: 22 EUR.
Start @ 20:00

New Hudson Wayne Album "How Quick is Your Fish?" released by 12 Tónar

The band Hudson Wayne will release another album on the fabulous 12 Tónar Label, 5 years after the release of "Battle of the Banditos". The album is called "How Quick is Your Fish?" & will see daylight in February.
The band is playing with a new guitarist since autumn, Ólafur Jónsson, member of The Funerals & Kvartett Ó. Jónsson og Grjóni.
The band Hudson Wayne is going on a tour in Germany together with Seabear in February (Norðrið).
Listen to the new song “Cave In” @ Rjominn.
Hudson Wayne @ MySpace
12 Tónar