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Rare (Icelandic) Records - Part 1: Mugison's Escape to London "útbrot"

Go South
After a difficult time @ school @ the West Fjords,
Örn Elías Guðmundsson aka Mugison decided to get a job somewhere, an acoustic guiter kept him company @ the age of 14. Mugi did everything to make a living: he was sailor man off the coast of Russia, a cliniclown & messenger boy for a stockbroker.
He went to Reykjavik and bought 100 CD-Rs, a stereo, an electric guitar & a big amplifier. He recorded in his spare time on a 8 track tape machine.
In 2000 he wanted to go abroad so he put some of this recordings onto a CD-R and called it "útbrot".
For (me as) a doctor it means rash or eczema, but it also means escape, breaking out or eruption. He sold about seventy copies to his colleagues @ work, his friends & relatives (grandmother) for 1000 IKR and bought a ticket to London
with the 70.000 IKR & started to learn the art of recording. The story goes that he sold not one but multiple copies to his grandmother... And straight to the UK.
Now the 70 CD-Rs are hard to get.
If you have a spare one, let me know ;-)
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