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Pétur Ben on an European Acoustic Tour in February-March 2010

Pétur Ben on an Acoustic Tour in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium & The Netherlands
The singer-songwriter & composer-arranger will be playing/trying out some new stuff. His Debut Album "Wine for my weakness" came out in 2007. He did a lot of music for other people (Mugison, The Telepathetics), wrote the movie score for the movie "Children" (Börn),
music for the Iceland Dance Company together with Sugarcube Sigtryggur Baldursson, & Frank Hall.
"Velkomin heim" (Welcome home) - Iceland Dance Company

Later this year he releases his Second Album. And what's more, he's also collaborating with Eberg. They're making an EP together.
Tour Schedule 2010:
17.02 Leipzig Nato
18.02 Darmstadt Hoffart Theater
19.02 Ahlen Schuhfabrik
20.02 Amsterdam (NL) Paradiso
21.02 Bruxelles (B) La Filature
22.02 Köln Werkstatt
23.02 Dresden Beatpol
24.02 Frankfurt Ponyhof
25.02 Winterthur (CH) Kraftfeld
26.02 Luzern (CH) Treibhaus
27.02 Aarau (CH) Kiff
28.02 Thun (CH) Cafe Bar Mokka
02.03 Duisburg Steinbruch
03.03 Ludwigshafen Das Haus
04.03 Tübingen Sudhaus
"Something radical"

Pétur Ben @ MySpace

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