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S.H. Draumur rehearsing for Airwaves

S.H. Draumur rehearsing for the first time in 17 years
Rockband S.H. Draumur came together @ a music school @ Egilsstaðir to rehearse for their Airwaves gig.
Kimi Records is re-releasing the album" Goð" next month on 7. October.
S.H. Draumur members are bass player/singer Dr. Gunni, drummer Birgir Baldursson & guitarist Steingrímur Birgisson.
In 1993 S.H. Draumur released their compilation album "Allt heila klabbið"(Erðanúmúsik Label).
Airwaves gig: 14. October Concert @ NASA @ 23:00
Source: Fréttablaðið

Benny Crespo's Gang "Night time"

Benny Crespo's Gang
"Night Time"
Benny Crespo's Gang - Night Time by RecordRecords
Benny Crespo's Gang @ MySpace

Lára Rúnars' New Video "In Between"

Lára Rúnarsdóttir
"In Between", the new video for her new single of her "Surprise" Album (on Record Records Label)
Video Director : Arnar Helgi Hlynsson
Art Director : Þorgeir Óðinsson
DOP : Unnar Helgi Danielsson
Light design : G. Orri Rósenkranz
1st AC : Davíð Páll Svavarsson
Make-up: Hafdís Inga Hinriksdóttir
Costumes and Wardrobe : Esther Ýr
Assistance with costumes and wardrobe : Anna Aspasinn, Linda Björk, Berglind Gunnarsdóttir
Dance and stage : Salóme Sóley, Arnór Guðmundsson
Stage operators/Art department : Oddur Snær, Helga Birna, Ágúst Rafnson,Bára Kristín, Berglind Gunnarsdóttir, Hermann Ragnarsson, Arnór Guðmundsson, Thelma Björk Hlynsdóttir, Birkir Ísak Einarsson, Rafn Helgason, Elvar Laxdal, Haraldur Ragnarsson
Filmed @ Lazy Town Studios
Still Photography: Hörður Ellert Ólafsson
Management : Nick Knowles & Osk Gunnarsdottir @ NÓ management
Produced by Localice
Wardrobe: Andrea, Mundi, Forynja, Nikita

Lára Rúnarsdóttir @ MySpace
Record Records

Gogoyoko Off-Venue Extravaganza Program @ Airwaves 2010

offers a free
Off-Venue Extravaganza Program

15 Outstanding Icelandic & International Artists
@ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival
14 October - 16 October
@ Bar 11, Hverfisgata 18, Reykjavík

Thursday 14. October
18:00 To be announced
20:00 FILM (GR)
21:00 MURDER (DK)
Friday 15. October
18:00 MÍRI (IS)
19:00 WHO KNEW (IS)
Saturday 16. October
18:00 JAN MAYEN (IS)
19:00 SAYTAN (IS)

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A Complete Mess with Ghostigital @ Airwaves 2010

í tómu tjóni
Ghostigital is playing @ Tjarnarbíó (the Cinema near the Tjörnin pond) on Saturday 16. October @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival
The event is entitled “í tómu tjóni” (in complete mess). On the program:
Ghostigital, Sudden Weather Change goes Ghostigital, Biogen, Captain Fufanu, Sigurður Guðjónsson, DJ Flugvél & Geimskip & AMFJ.
Sudden Weather Change have taken up our challenge to cover Ghostigital so they will go digital.
Opening @ last year's Airwaves Festival
With son Kaktus Einarsson (also member of the duo Captain Fufanu) on trumpet


Young Blood @ Rock Bar Dillon Tonight

Young Blood
Nögl (acoustic)
R.K. Cheshire (acoustic)
@ Rock Bar Dillon, Laugavegur, Reykjavik
Wednesday 29. September 2010 @ 22:00
Special Offer: Red Square Vodka plus Burn
Free Admission
Age: 20+

FILM "Harmur Fuglsins" feat. Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir of Rökkurró - RMX by FM Belfast

Athenian indie band FILM recorded the song "Harmur Fuglsins" (Sorrow of the Bird) featuring Icelandic female vocalist Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir of the band Rökkurró.
With a Remix by reputable Icelandic lunatics FM Belfast!
FILM will meet Hildur Kristín @ Iceland Airwaves for the first time and they will perform "Harmur Fuglsins" together on stage on Thursday 14. October @ 00:00 @ Faktorý venue.
Harmur fuglsins On Kimi Records
FILM @ MySpace
Released by: Kimi Records & Inner Ear Records
Release/catalogue number: kr032s
Release date: 3. October 2010
FILM (feat. Hildur Kristín) - Harmur Fuglsins by vas_bxl.
Thx to Vas

Svavar Knútur "Draumalandið" Homevideo

Svavar Knútur made this homevideo
"Draumalandið" (The Land of Dreams)
Ó, leyf mér þig að leiða
til landsins fjalla heiða
með sælu sumrin löng,
með sælu sumrin löng,
þar angar blóma breiða,
við blíðan fuglasöng.
Þar angar blóma breiða
þar angar blóma breiða
við blíðan fuglasöng.

Þar aðeins yndi fann ég,
þar aðeins við mig kann ég,
þar batt mig tryggðaband,
þar batt mig tryggðaband;
því þar er allt sem ann ég,
það er mitt draumaland.
Því þar er allt sem ann ég,
því þar er allt sem ann ég,
það er mitt draumaland.

Svavar Knútur

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Rökkurró "Í annan heim" Release Concert Video

Rökkurró "Í annan heim" Release Concert Live Video
"Hugurinn flögrar
", a Video by Donald Gislason


New Rúnar Þórisson Album "Fall" released on 5. October 2010

Rúnar releases "Fall" next month
Rúnar Þórisson, guitarist of the legendary band Grafík, will release a Solo Album on 5. October.
Previous Solo Album by Rúnar, "Ósögð orð og ekkert meir" (Unspoken Words and Nothing More), was released 5 years ago.
Rúnar performs on Airwaves @ Sódóma on 14. October.
Útgáfutónleikar/Album Release Concert somewhere in November.
I shot some videos of Rúnar & his band (with his 2 daughters & Jakob Smári Magnússon, the bass player of Tappi Tíkarass) Live @ Aldrei Festival this year.
Part 1

Part 2

Rúnar Þórisson @ MySpace

New GusGus Album (expected to be) released on Kompakt Label in April 2011

GusGus & Co News
New Album on Kompakt again
in 2011
Iceland club music stalwarts GusGus have announced that they are in the midst of making another album for legendary German techno label Kompakt. The new record is expected to be released in April 2011.
GusGus frontman Daníel Agúst is also putting the finishing touches to his second solo album.
President Bongo is collaborating with dOP for a single called "Gossip Rats" (released on I'm Single Records soon).
And, not to be left out, Biggi Veira is to begin an economics course @ the University of Iceland.
Greatest Hits Album out on Bad Taste in December 2010
GusGus will also be releasing a 15-years Greatest Hits album with anniversary edits of 20 songs, old & new, out in December on Smekkleysa with a concert on the 1. January 2011 @ NASA, Reykjavík.
GusGus Tour Dates
4. December 2010
Grundton Festival
@ Zurich, Switzerland
DJ President Bongo on Tour
9. October 2010 @ Tresor, Berlin, Germany
16. October 2010 @ Dance Hall Magnit, Murmansk, Russia
23. October 2010 @ Synesthesia Audio Visual Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
26. November 2010 @ Sirkus, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
27. November 2010 @ Sirkus, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
3. December 2010 @ Ellidisco, Munich, Germany
4. December 2010 LIVE & DJ @ Grundton Festival (Hive), Zurich, Switzerland

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Pascal Pinon "I wrote a song" 7 inch released on Morr Music Label 15. October 2010 / A Video by Vincent Moon

Pascal Pinon News
Pascal Pinon are the twins Jófríður and Ásthildur, two girls from Reykjavík, Iceland. When they were only fourteen they got together with two of their friends and decided to start a band. Using the instruments they found - like a guitar, a Glockenspiel and of course: their voice - Pascal Pinon worked in the twin's bedroom. At the same place they played their first gig: calling it ‘The Friendly Concert’. Only a few months later Pascal Pinon had already played various local venues and started recording their first album in a rented house using only one microphone. It sounds really cute. The main impact on the twin’s music may be a certain shyness when faced with the thin walls of their bedroom. You’ll find a very special record: A twee mixture out of acoustic neofolk and low-fi pop: an enjoyable journey through a teenager’s life with a remarkable sense for songwriting. It was nominated for The Icelandic Music Awards as Newcomer of the Year 2009. Now Morr Music, that always had a special link to Icelandic music scene will release it worldwide in early 2011. This 7inch contains three tracks from the forthcoming album.
1. I Wrote A Song
2. Baldursbrár
3. New Beginning
The sleeve was designed by Julia Guther.
In September the girls shot a Video with famous French film & music video director Vincent Moon (known for Blogothèque concept).
This Vincent Moon Iceland Special is called "Temporary Reykjavik". Besides Pascal Pinon project features videos with Sin Fang (previous Sin Fang Bous, the project of Sindri of Seabear) & Helgi Jónsson.
Pascal Pinon @ MySpace
Pascal Pinon's Blog
Pascal Pinon @ Morr Music

Off-Venue Gigs @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 @ Norræna húsið/Nordic House

For the 4th time in a row, there will be an off-venue Airwaves 2010 program @ Norræna húsið/The Nordic House.
Start on Thursday 14. October @ 13:00
More concerts on Friday 15. October & Saturday 16. October.
On Sunday 17. October a screening of Music Movies
Norræna húsið

New Album of Bang Gang released next month

New Bang Gang Album
The Album of the band Bang Gang (of Barði Jóhannsson) will be in the shops next month. Including an extra CD with cover songs by Páll Óskar, Dikta, Daníel Ágúst (GusGus, Esja, Nydönsk), Mammút, Eberg, Arnar (Leaves), Singapore Sling, Bjarni (Cliff Clavin), Bloodgroup & Ourlives.
Barði has worked with Páll Óskar for the Album "Deep Inside", released back in 1999.
2 Songs are 2 times on the album:
- "One More Trip" by Singapore Sling & by Dikta.
- "Sacred Things" by Páll Óskar & by Bloodgroup.
Bang Gang
Source: Fréttablaðið

Styrktartónleikar HSS with Noise, Coral, Æla, Vicky, Hellvar, Kallakór Kaffibarsins, Bróðir Svartúlfs on Friday 8. October 2010 @ Sódóma Reykjavík

Styrktartónleikar HSS
Support Gig for Þorbjörg
Music Program with
21.15 Hellvar
21.45 Bartónar (Karlakór Kaffibarsins)
22.15 Bróðir Svartúlfs
22.45 Valdimar
23.15 Vicky
23.45 Æla
00.15 Coral
00.45 Noise
01.15 Jan Mayen
Friday 8. October 2010
Doors @ 20:30
@ Sódóma Reykjavík, Tryggvagata
Þorbjörg Elín Fríðhólm Friðriksdóttir is a patient with a chronic lung disease
Donate here:
Bank Account of Þorbjörg 542-14-401515
& Kennitala: 061051-4579.

More information: Halli Valli Tel. 6928042

Song of the 183. Week: "Flóð" by For a Minor Reflection

183. Song of the Week is For a Minor Reflection's song "Flóð".


One of the songs ontheir 2nd Album "Höldum í átt að óreiðu" (Heading towards chaos) that was released on 6. September 2010 in Europe.

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Off-Venue Gigs @ Reykjavík Downtown Hostel @ Iceland Airwaves 2010

Reykjavík Downtown Hostel
@ Vesturgata 17
Official Off-Venue
for Airwaves 2010 Festival
Thursday 14. October
16:00 Bastardgeist (US)
16:30 Pagan Wanderer Lu (UK)
17:00 Snailhouse (CA)
17:30 Reptile & Retard (DK)
18:00 Orphic Oxtra (IS)
19:00 We Aeronauts (UK)

Friday 15. October
16:00 The Esoteric Gender (IS)
16:45 Manny – DJ Set (US)
17:00 Hundreds (DE)
17:30 Ólafur Arnalds (IS)
18:00 Hafdis Huld (IS)
18:30 Joanne Kearney (IS)
19:00 Ljósvaki (IS)

Saturday 16. October
16:00 Svavar Knútur (IS)
17:00 Útidúr (IS)
18:00 Rökkurró (IS)
19:00 Vuk (FI)

Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 17: "Hana-nú" by Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson

# 17
Hana-nú (1977)
Album "Hana-nú" was released on 23. June 1977 on Hljómplötuútgáfan Label.
Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson was born on 11. April 1945. His father, Vilhjálmur Hinrik Ívarsson, was a well known musician. During his childhood Vilhjálmur showed his musical talent. He studied both law & medicine, but didn't finish this studies. In 1970 Vilhjálmur became a pilot and moved to Luxemburg. Living far away didn’t stop him in recording two LPs in Iceland, "Glugginn hennar Kötu" (1972) and "Fundnar hljóðritanir" (1973).
In 1974 Vilhjálmur got married and moved back to Iceland and in 1975 he opened Iceland’s first complete recording studio. In 1978 Vilhjálmur was planning a new album when he passed away on 28. March in a tragic car accident in Luxemburg while working as a pilot. He was just 33 years old.

Album was recorded with help of Tony Cook & Magnús Kjartansson (Júdas) @ Hljóðriti Studio @ Hafnarfjörður in December 1976.
All lyrics were written by Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson.
Two songs written by American Harry Chapin ("Einhverntímann" & "Einshljóðfærissinfóníuhljómsveitin"). Harry died in a car accident, just like V.V., in 1981.
The lyrics of the song "Söknuður" (Longing or Missed dearly) were written after the death of a friend Jón Heiðberg. Jóhann Helgason wrote the music. The song is played very often @ Icelandic funerals nowadays.
Photograph on the cover was taken by photographer Arni Páll.
About 21.000 copies of the LP were sold in Iceland.
In 2008 the album was re-released on CD with 2 extra songs.
Songs on the Album:
Side 1
1. Og Co
2. Ég Labbaði í Bæinn
3. Lítill Drengur
4. Einhverntímann
5. Söknuður


Side 2
1. Þú átt Mig Ein
2. Það Er Svo Skrítið
3. Jamaica
4. Martröð
5. Einshljóðfærissinfóníuhljómsveitin

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Icelandic Artists @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival - U got the Look & Listen

I've put a lot of music & videos in this post.
But a few days ago a lot of other artists were confirmed to play @ Airwaves. So let's have a look & listen.
The Icelandic Artists @
Airwaves 2010

The New Names
  • 200.000 Naglbítar
    "Láttu mig vera" Video

  • 59's
  • Amiina
  • Andvari
  • Bárujárn
    Live @ Airwaves 2009

  • Benni Hemm Hemm
    "Retaliate" Video

  • Berndsen
    "Supertime" of the Album "Lover in the dark"

  • Biogen

    Synchronised Swimmers on the music of Biogen @ The Pool of Thingeyri, West Fjords, April 2010

  • Bróðir Svartúlfs
  • Buxnaskjónar
  • Cynic Guru
    "Drugs", a song featured on the Album "Iceland". Video was directed by Bang Gang's Barði Jóhannsson.

  • DJ Margeir
  • Evil Madness
    "Female Alien Fantasy"

  • Fist Fokkers
  • FM Belfast
    "Back & Spine" Live @ Icelandair Opening Party @ Airwaves 2007

  • Fönksveinar
  • Fu Kaisha
  • Futuregrapher

  • Ghostigital
    "A Quiet Afternoon", EÖB & Curver Thoroddsen together with Finnbogi Pétursson off-venue @ Art Gallery @ Airwaves 2009

  • Go Go Darkness
    "It's just that song" Video
  • Gone Postal
  • GP!
  • Hellvar
    "Nowhere", a song of their Debut "Bat out of Hellvar" (first release on Kimi Records Label, 2007) Live @ Airwaves 2008

    "Falsetto", a song for the 2nd Album to be released early 2011
  • Hoffman
  • Hraun
    "Thunderball" Live @ Icelandic TV

  • Hunk of a man
  • Hypno
  • Inferno 5
  • Jan Mayen
    "We just want to get everybody high" of their Album "So much better than your normal life"

  • Jón Tryggvi
  • Jungle Fiction
  • Just Another Snake Cult
  • Kalli
  • Kippi Kaninus
  • Klassart
    "January Sun" Live @ Icelandic TV

  • Kristín Bergsdóttir
  • Lazyblood
    Live @ Café Video, Ghent, Belgium (2010)

  • Ljósvaki
    Live @ b5 Bar, off-venue @ Airwaves 2009

  • Locerbie
  • Markús & The Diversion Sessions
  • Miri
  • Momentum
  • Morning after Youth
  • Morðingjarnir
    "Til hvers" Video

  • Moses Hightower
  • Múgsefjun
  • Muted
  • My Summer as a Salvation Soldier
  • Náttfari
  • Nögl
    Live @ Rock Bar Dillon (2010) &fmt=18

  • Noise
  • Nóra
  • Ojba Rasta
  • Original Melody
  • Orphic Oxtra
  • Pétur Ben
    "Billie Jean" Live @ La Filature, Brussels (February 2010)

  • Poetrix
  • Prins Póló
  • Quadruplos
  • Rabbi Bananas
  • Rafgashaus
  • Raychem
  • Reason to Believe
    Live @ Rock Bar Dillon (2010)

  • Reptilicus
  • Ruxpin
  • Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band
  • Save Public
    Started in the summer of 2010 as a solo “Formaður Dagsbrúnar" project of the drummer Þormóður Dagsson (Skakkamanage, Jeff Who?, Hudson Wayne)
  • Sin Fang
  • Sindri Eldon
  • Sing for Me Sandra
  • Sjálfsprottin Spévísi
  • Snorri Helgason
  • Soffía Björg
  • Sólstafir
    "She Destroys Again" Video

  • Stafrænn Hákon
  • Stereo Hypnosis
  • Steve Sampling
  • Subminimal
  • Svavar Knútur
  • Swords of Chaos
  • Ten Steps Away
  • The Esoteric Gender
  • The Vintage Caravan
  • Thizone
  • Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán
    Live @ Prikið Bar, off-venue @ Airwaves 2009

  • Uni
  • Varsjárbandalagið
  • Vicky
    "Lazerbeam" @ Skifan Record Store, off-venue @ Airwaves 2008

  • Vindva Mei
  • Worm is Green
    My personal favorite: "Love will tear us apart", a Joy Division cover of the Album "Automagic"

  • XIII
  • Yoda Remote
  • Æla
    Live @ Karamba, off-venue @ Airwaves 2009
  • Airwaves Festival on Twitter

    Fellow Icelandic music enthusiast Mark of Iceblah Blog made a Twitter list for the upcoming Airwaves Festival

    Gigs in Reykjavík the Next Weeks/Pre-Airwaves

    I'm counting the days to the kick-off of Airwaves. Until then you can enjoy these performances downtown 101:
    Saturday 25. September 2010

    Ask The Slave Album Release @ Faktorý @ 23:00 + DJ Logi Pedro @ First Floor
    Klassart - Markús & The Diversion Sessions @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 23:00
    Sveitaball @ University of Iceland with DJ Atli & Skitamórall
    Wednesday 29. September 2010
    S.L.Á.T.U.R. Festival
    More information @ S.L.Á.T.U.R.
    @ 17:00 Opening of the festival @ S.L.Á.T.U.R. Headquarters @ Njálsgata 14
    with sound installations on display
    @ 20:00 Concert @ Útgerðin
    Fengjastrútur, which focuses on performing "open" scores.

    Sunday 3rd of October

    Thursday 30. September 2010
    Svavar Knútur
    @ Hemmi & Valdi @ 15:00
    Jóhann Kristinn & Bowen Staines
    @ Hemmi & Valdi @ 21:00
    Rokktóberfest X-ins 977
    @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 22:00
    S.L.Á.T.U.R. Festival
    @ 20:00 Concert @ Útgerðin with Skmendanikka specialized in performing on new/specially designed/homemade instruments. Consists of members of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, múm, The conductor of The Workers MarchingBand & a professional brewmaster.
    30. September / 1. October / 2. October with
    Cliff Clavin

    Endless Dark
    Ten Steps Away
    Sing For me Sandra
    Agent Fresco
    Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán
    Admission: For 3 nights 2500 IKR / 1500 IKR for 1 night
    Friday 1. October 2010
    Rokktóberfest X-ins 977 @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 22:00
    Swords of Chaos Album Release @ Faktorý @ 22:00 - DJ Dans Hans @ First Floor
    Hvannadalsbræður @ Café Rosenberg @ 22:00
    S.L.Á.T.U.R. Festival
    @ 21:00 Concert @ Kjarvalstaðir with Finnish ensemble Defun. The ensemble specializes in performing works that combine traditional instruments and computers. On this concert they will play music from Finland and other place.
    Saturday 2. October 2010
    Momentum Release Concert @ Faktorý @ 23:00 + DJ Maggi Legó @ First Floor
    Rokktóberfest X-ins 977 @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 22:00
    Hvannadalsbræður @ Café Rosenberg @ 22:00

    Grapevine Grassroots # 20 with DJ Flugvél og geimskip, ThizOne, Corvus & Crackers & more @ Hemmi & Valdi @ 20:30
    S.L.Á.T.U.R. Festival
    @ 20:00 Concert @ Sölvhóll with Finnish ensemble Defun. The ensemble specializes in performing works that combine traditional instruments and computers. On this concert it will premiere works by members of the
    S.L.Á.T.U.R. collective
    Sunday 3. October 2010
    S.L.Á.T.U.R. Festival
    @ 14:00 Panel discussion in co-operation with Reykjavík Media Lab @ Útgerðin
    Tuesday 5. October 2010
    Myrra Rós & Gabriel Lynch (AUS) @ Hemmi & Valdi @ 21:00
    Wednesday 6. October 2010
    Birthday Memorium for Árstíðir with Mammút, Bárujárn, Manslaughter, Poetry and more @ Venue @ 21:00
    Thursday 7. October 2010
    Two Step Horror
    Live DJ @ Bakkus @ 22:00
    Red Square Rokk
    @ Rock Bar Dillon @ 22:00
    Kimi Records Airwaves Warm-Up
    with Just Another Snake Cult & guests @ Venue @ 21:00 - Free Admission

    föstudagur, september 24, 2010

    The History of Icelandic Rock - Part 22

    The History of Icelandic Rock Music
    Part 22
    Life Outside The Mainstream (1982–1985)
    Dr. Gunni in Grapevine Magazine (Issue 15, September 2010)
    Bubbi Morthens and Utangarðsmenn hit the dull sugarcoated Icelandic pop scene in 1980, spreading raw excitement in their wake. Almost overnight all the seventies pop stars seemed passé.
    In 1981, the new rock scene exploded with bands such as Þeyr, Purrkur Pillnikk, Tappi Tíkarrass, Fræbbblarnir and Jonee Jonee doing their best stuff. The wave was perfectly captured in the documentary film "Rokk í Reykjavík", which was premiered in April of 1982. After that, things started to fade out. The rise and demise of Kukl has already been documented in these pages, and next time I plan to tell the story of my own band, S. H. Draumur, which struggled on in 1982–1986 to little fanfare.
    The ‘mainstream ’ returns - Disappointment
    Things were getting seriously "mainstream" all over again. Rás 2, a “pop" branch of Icelandic State Radio, commenced broadcasting in December 1983. Up to that point, "pop music" had not been a priority on the only radio station in Iceland, ‘The Steam’, as it was nicknamed. Some people thought the new station would tend to fresh sounds, but soon it was obvious that it mainly took care of what was already popular.
    The seventies fun rockers Stuðmenn - who had been dormant since 1976 - had a massive comeback with their musical comedy "Með allt á hreinu" (aka ‘On Top’). It premiered before Christmas in 1982 and more than half the island’s population would eventually go see it at the cinemas. Stuðmenn would go on to be the nation’s darlings during the eighties and nineties - often referred to as "The band of the people". Stuðmenn lay the foundation for the "Icelandic pop sound," a well that many bands have drunk from ever since. Vonbrigði (“Disappointment”) were four young guys that came from the Breiðholt suburbs. Brothers Tóti and Árni on drums and guitar, bassist Gunni and cocky singer Jói. They had gained some fame belting out the opening tune of Rokk í Reykjavík - the anthem "Ó Reykjavík" with lyrics by poet Didda, who wrote many of the band's lyrics.

    Vonbrigði leaned towards the Gang of Four/Killing Joke-school of hard post punk and were furiously excellent. The band released two records during their eighties life span, a 4 track 7" EP in 1982 and the seven track "Kakófónía" EP in 1983. Neither managed to capture the true essence of the band as they recorded the newest songs in their repertoire and were too in awe of the studio effect possibilities to just keep it real. Vonbrigði split up in 1985 but reformed in the ‘00s.
    The band has released two CDs of new music and new, almost heavy metal versions of their old songs.
    The rise of "Killembilly"
    Oxsmá was about the most exciting thing in Iceland from 1982-1985. The group had formed in the Reykjavík Art School in 1980, but didn't start to play live until 1982. Hrafnkell "Keli" Sigurðsson sang, Axel "Seli" Jóhannesson played guitar, and Óskar "Skari" Jónasson occasionally blew a sax and behaved like an idiot. When drummer Kormákur "Kommi" Geirharðsson was added to the equation the band finally clicked. Kommi had played with a cool new wave group, Taugadeildin (“The Neurotic Ward” – one fine EP released in 1981), and punk group turned new romantic band Q4U. Lead by singer Ellý this fine group released a 12" EP in 1983 and is in the midst of a comeback right now.
    Oxsmá took their cue from The Cramps and the other punk rockabilly acts of the early eighties and at first tended more to their looks than to their music. After doing ultra slow versions of "Fire" and other rockabilly classics, original material started to pop up in Oxsmá's program. They called their music "Killembilly," and tellingly their lyrics (written by Keli) were tongue in cheek funny, often about horrible stuff and sex with titles (in Icelandic) like "Bibi's Tits" and "Bits of Elsa". More members joined, Danny Pollock fresh from his Utangarðsmenn stint played guitar for a while, and bassist Jón Skuggi and Hörður "Popcorn" Bragason on Hammond organ became steady members.
    “Clever Kitty, drunk in a bathtub”
    The Oxsmá guys were multi talents. They made two films, first the sci-fi horror short "The Oxsmá Planet" followed by the ambitious feature "Suck Me Nina" a drama comedy that was set in the Icelandic hippie years. The "feel" of this film would some years later be repeated in Óskar Jónasson's much loved "Sódóma Reykjavík" comedy. Besides "normal" concerts Oxsmá would stage arty theatre shows and make environmental sculptures.
    Oxsmá released a cassette in 1983 entitled "Bible For The Blind". It had sixty minutes of exciting lo-fi killembilly, including a song sung by an uncredited Bubbi Morthens, who just happened to come by the rehearsal space. A cassette of the "Suck Me Nina" soundtrack was also released (Oxsmá doing their own take on Icelandic hippie rock). 1985 saw the band's only record, a 3 track EP called "Rip Rap Rup".

    On the A side Keli sang once more about a girl, this time she was called Kittý (in Icelandic, of course): "Thirteen years old / kinky costume / what a perfume / clever Kitty / drunk in a bath tub / chocolate."
    Oxsmá's final concert was at Hótel Borg in July 1985. Soon afterwards, Keli and Skari went to London to attend art and film schools. The coolest looking Icelandic band ever hasn't returned since, and unfortunately none of their
    music or films are available to the general public. You can hear some of it on YouTube, though.

    Dr. Gunni