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Pascal Pinon "I wrote a song" 7 inch released on Morr Music Label 15. October 2010 / A Video by Vincent Moon

Pascal Pinon News
Pascal Pinon are the twins Jófríður and Ásthildur, two girls from Reykjavík, Iceland. When they were only fourteen they got together with two of their friends and decided to start a band. Using the instruments they found - like a guitar, a Glockenspiel and of course: their voice - Pascal Pinon worked in the twin's bedroom. At the same place they played their first gig: calling it ‘The Friendly Concert’. Only a few months later Pascal Pinon had already played various local venues and started recording their first album in a rented house using only one microphone. It sounds really cute. The main impact on the twin’s music may be a certain shyness when faced with the thin walls of their bedroom. You’ll find a very special record: A twee mixture out of acoustic neofolk and low-fi pop: an enjoyable journey through a teenager’s life with a remarkable sense for songwriting. It was nominated for The Icelandic Music Awards as Newcomer of the Year 2009. Now Morr Music, that always had a special link to Icelandic music scene will release it worldwide in early 2011. This 7inch contains three tracks from the forthcoming album.
1. I Wrote A Song
2. Baldursbrár
3. New Beginning
The sleeve was designed by Julia Guther.
In September the girls shot a Video with famous French film & music video director Vincent Moon (known for Blogothèque concept).
This Vincent Moon Iceland Special is called "Temporary Reykjavik". Besides Pascal Pinon project features videos with Sin Fang (previous Sin Fang Bous, the project of Sindri of Seabear) & Helgi Jónsson.
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