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New GusGus Album (expected to be) released on Kompakt Label in April 2011

GusGus & Co News
New Album on Kompakt again
in 2011
Iceland club music stalwarts GusGus have announced that they are in the midst of making another album for legendary German techno label Kompakt. The new record is expected to be released in April 2011.
GusGus frontman Daníel Agúst is also putting the finishing touches to his second solo album.
President Bongo is collaborating with dOP for a single called "Gossip Rats" (released on I'm Single Records soon).
And, not to be left out, Biggi Veira is to begin an economics course @ the University of Iceland.
Greatest Hits Album out on Bad Taste in December 2010
GusGus will also be releasing a 15-years Greatest Hits album with anniversary edits of 20 songs, old & new, out in December on Smekkleysa with a concert on the 1. January 2011 @ NASA, Reykjavík.
GusGus Tour Dates
4. December 2010
Grundton Festival
@ Zurich, Switzerland
DJ President Bongo on Tour
9. October 2010 @ Tresor, Berlin, Germany
16. October 2010 @ Dance Hall Magnit, Murmansk, Russia
23. October 2010 @ Synesthesia Audio Visual Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
26. November 2010 @ Sirkus, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
27. November 2010 @ Sirkus, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
3. December 2010 @ Ellidisco, Munich, Germany
4. December 2010 LIVE & DJ @ Grundton Festival (Hive), Zurich, Switzerland

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