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Ask The Slave "The Order of Things" Release Concert @ Faktorý 25. September 2010

Release Concert
"The Order of Things"
Ask The Slave
@ Faktorý
Saturday 25. September 2010
Doors @ 22:00
Concert @ 23:00
Admission: 500 IKR
"The Order of Things" is the band's second album.
Buy the album @ Gogoyoko
The band was formed back in 2004 by Ragnar Ólafsson (vocals) & Elvar Atli Ævarsson (guitar), blessed with the talents of Valur Guðmundsson (guitar), Engilbert Hauksson (bass) & Hinrik Þór Oliversson (drums).
Their biggest influence being the Theatre of the Absurd.
DJ Set of Logi Pedro (Retro Stefson) from midnight downstairs
"Bathtub", an old Video

Ask The Slave @ MySpace

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