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Albums (expected to be) released in 2010

Upcoming Releases
Retro Stefson
finished the recording of their 2. Album "Kimbabwe". To be released in October.
Útidúr is releasing their debut album in October too (mastering @ the moment).
Ensími is mixing their 4. Album @ Sundlaugin Studio. Finally a fourth album...
Mínus is coming with a new release soon.
Pascal Pinon is recording a 2. Album.
Sing for me Sandra is releasing the album "Apollo's Parade" on 28. September.
Bang Gang is working on a "Best of" album (Eberg is collaborating a.o.)
Amiina will release a new album "Puzzle" soon.
Releases on 13. September

Today XIII released their "Black Box". See yesterday's post.
Also an album by the band Noise came out. Most of their 3. Album "Divided" was recorded @ Tankinum Studio (West Fjords) in the summer of 2008.
Buy the album @ Gogoyoko
Noise @ MySpace

Already Released in 2010
Anna Halldórsdóttir "Here" January 2010
Seabear "We built a fire" March 2010
Biggibix "Set me on fire" March 2010
Ólöf Arnalds "...And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness" April 2010
Quadruplos "Quadruplos" April 2010

Jónsi "Go" April 2010
Who Knew "Bits and Pieces of a Major Spectacle" May 2010
Pollapönk "Meira Pollapönk" May 2010
Hitaveitan Compilation Album June 2010
For a Minor Reflection "Höldum í átt að óreiðu" June 2010 (European Release September)
Miri "Okkar" June 2010
Nóra "Er einhver að hlusta" June 2010
Moses Hightower "Búum til börn" July 2010
Swords of Chaos
"The end is as near as your teeth" July 2010
Bjartmar & Bergrisarnir
"Skrýtin veröld" August 2010
ó "Í annan heim" August 2010
Deep Jimi & Zep Dreams
"Better when we're dead" September 2010
"Wish you were hair" September 2010
Orri Har
ðar "Albúm" September 2010
Ólöf Arnalds "Innundir skinni" September 2010
kimono "Easy music for difficult people" European Release September 2010

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Sebastian sagði...

A list of albums that have already been released by Icelandic bands & artists would be appreciated too. It's kind of hard to keep track of them all sometimes.

Thanks for keeping this blog alive! :)

Wim Van Hooste sagði...

Hi Sebastian,
I posted a list of recent releases.
Kind regards,