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Interview with Ólöf Arnalds in The Guardian

Interview with Ólöf Arnalds in The Guardian.
Her new album is out on One Little Indian (OLI) Label.
Read the whole interview here @ Guardian
Ólöf about Icelandic music:
"It can make you creatively lazy if you think of yourself as an Icelandic musician," she says. "Björk and Sigur Rós have gone through years of hard work to find their style, and then the first thing they get asked is: 'Is this typical Icelandic music?' There is no such thing as typical Icelandic music, because we have no folk tradition due to our history being so short. But it's easy to use an Icelandic aesthetic to your advantage, which a lot of people do. My songs are about the kind of human connections we all have, not culture and geography. I don't want geysers in my videos."
"Crazy Car" Video

Website of Ólöf Arnalds

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