mánudagur, september 06, 2010

Weird Girls Project # 11 Première @ Bakkus Wednesday 8. September 2010

The latest video artpiece from The Weird Girls Project will be screened Wednesday 8. September @ Bakkus @ 21:00.
This is Episode # 11 of the series and has a video set to a track of Ólafur Arnalds, namely "Tunglið" (The Moon).
This piece was a very special one taking body confidence to the next level as it involved being naked which was not a first choice for any of the girls involved – including Kitty who decided to use this piece as a way to challenge her growing consciousness of post-baby-body.
She appealed to the girls to trust her (even more than usually) and the day’s performance instantly became a top favourite for the girls involved and Kitty herself. The aim of the project and the piece reached a climax with this piece and is something all of the women involved - both crew and cast – are incredibly proud of.
Ólafur Arnalds @ MySpace

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