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Song of the 182. Week: "The Temple of Deformation" by Svartidauði

182. Song of the Week is "The Temple of Deformation" by black metal band Svartidauði (Black Death).
The Temple of Deformation Lyrics
The Earth is the Key to Violence
The Sphere in Which the Godhead is Deformed
Where Splendid Lights are Inverted
Upon the Altar of Blood

In the Devils Eye Reflects
A World of Immense Decay

Crush the Temple
Let the Light Flow Beneath
Descent with Urine
Down the Godheads Throat
...in the Distant Dawn
A New Temple Shines like Gold

For the Flesh is His Throne
And Every Sin is a Step Towards Him
A Splendid Razor-Blade Salvation
Will Transcend Even Divine Revelations
Bandmembers are Sturla on vocals, Þórir on guitar, Næturfrost on guitar, Egill on bass & Hafþór on drums.


This is a song featured on their self produced cassette "The Temple of Deformation". This month the EP is re-released on the Aquil Cruoris Records Label (Chili).
The CDEP includes 3 songs (running time 14:01). All tracks were recorded in April 2006 @ Studio Helvíti & released on a hard to find cassette (300 pieces?):
1. Sepulchral Stones
2. Temple of Deformation
3. Seer of Perdition
Svartidauði @ MySpace
Thx to Birkir Fjalar Vidarsson

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