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Lazyblood "Saved by the rules", "Stelpulag" & "Tickling Death Machine" @ Brussels / "Once upon a time" @ Brest

"Saved by the rules"


"Tickling Death Machine"

"Once upon a time" @ Brest, France

DIP "Come Out" Video

DIP, the trio Sigtryggur Baldursson & Johann Johannsson.
Vocals by Emiliana Torrini.
Directed by Jeff Renfroe & Marteinn Thorsson in 2000.

Gavin Portland "Breathing is hard work" Video

Gavin Portland
"Breathing is hard work", a song featured on the album "III: Views from distant towns" (2006) with a piece of the fantastic movie Nói Albínói

Æla "Jólalöggan"

"Jólalöggan"(Christmas Song)

Lay Low "Helganga" Video

Lay Low
A musicvideo for the song "Helganga" from the album "Brostinn Strengur" (2011).
The video is made with frame by frame animation, pensil drawn backgrounds and some 3D in After Effects.
Director: Una Lorenzen
Character animation: Philip Lockerby
Music: Lay Low (Lovísa)
Lyrics: All the lyrics on this album are from old poems by Icelandic women. "Helganga" is by Þórhildur Sveinsdóttir 

Helganga from Lovisa / Lay Low

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Oskar Kristinn Vignisson "Sunnudagur" Album

Oskar K. Vignisson
Sunnudagur by Oskar Kristinn Vignisson

FM Belfast "Vertigo" Video

FM Belfast

FM Belfast - Vertigo from Iceland Music Export

Icelandic Music Mob Extras from November 2011

Check my monthly selection of good Icelandic tracks here @ Icelandic Music Mob.
I made a selection for November (# 1) and today I made the selection for December (# 2)
The Extra things for November here:

EXTRA #1: 8 tracks mix by Kristinn Palsson

EXTRA #2: "Marry me" by Berglind Augustsdottir
Marry me by berglind agustsdottir
EXTRA # 3: Vicky "Feel good" Video

 EXTRA # 4: "Cast a light" by Vicky @ Airwaves 2011 - Video made by JJ Sandal

EXTRA # 5: Ellis Audio “Warsaw Warsaw” (Dotplus Records, 2011)
 EXTRA # 6: Andskotinn MIX

EXTRA # 7: Biogen

EXTRA # 8: Björk Viggosdottir "Moment" (before Sundown)
Bjork Viggosdottir- Moment (Before Sundown) by Hljodaklettar
EXTRA # 9 : DIMMA "Þungur Kross"
Þungur Kross by DIMMAmusic
EXTRA # 10 : Gang RelatedDump” video

EXTRA # 11: Daisy Hill Puppy Farm "Heart of Glass"

Extra Skálmöld Song "Baldur"

"Baldur", an extra song for the European Release

Fræbbblarnir "Trúlaus jól" New Christmas Single

Fræbbblarnir goes Christmas
"Trúlaus jól" for the album "Litli putttinn"

Icelandic Shortlist for the 2nd Nordic Music Prize (2011)

 The second Nordic Music Prize 
The top 10 candidates from each of the Nordic countries have been announced.
There are artists from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & Iceland.
Just 12 of the 50 artists selected will be nominated for the prize for the best Nordic album of the year. Here are the ten Icelandic candidates:
1. Sóley – We Sink
2. Lay Low – Brostinn strengur
3. Ham – Svik, harmur og dauði
4. Sin Fang – Summer Echoes
6. FM Belfast – Don’t Want To Sleep
7. GusGus – Arabian Horse
8. Mugison – Haglél
9. Björk – Biophilia
10. Apparat Organ Quartet – Pólýfónía
Last year Jónsi was the winner!

The Icelandic Music Day on Thursday 1. December 2011

The Icelandic Music Day will be celebrated on Thursday 1. December 2011. All the country’s radio stations will play three Icelandic songs simultaneously @ 11:15 & the entire nation is urged to sing along. 
1. "Kvæðið um fuglana” by Atli Heimir Sveinsson to the poem of Davíð Stefánsson
2. “Mannstu ekki eftir mér” by Ragnhildur Gísladóttir/lyrics by Þórður Árnason
3. “Stingum af” by Mugison.

GusGus "Deep Inside" Live @ NASA, Reykjavik

"Deep Inside"

Biggi jamming with his Icelandic musical friends @ LA

Biggi Hilmarsson with his Icelandic composers mates Ólafur Arnalds, Atli Örvarsson& Veigar Margeirsson jamming @ Studio in Los Angeles

DIP "Glands" Video

DIP were Sigtryggur Baldursson & Jóhann Jóhannsson. Vocals by Ásgerður Juniusdóttir. Directed by Jeff Renfroe & Marteinn Þórsson (waterfall/fjord) in 2000. Song was featured in the Film "One Point 0"(2004).
The duo released one album "Hi-Camp Meets Lo-Fi" (Bad Taste, 1999)

DIP - Glands from Marteinn Thorsson

Pascal Pinon "Fernando" Live @ Shanghai (2011)

Pascal Pinon Live @ Shanghai during their Chinese tour
"Fernando", a new song

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Sigur Rós "Hafsól" (INNI)

Sigur Rós 
"Hafsól" (INNI)

Björk "Crystalline", "Thunderbolt" Live @ Later with Jools Holland (BBC) on 22 November 2011

Björk Live @ Later with Jools Holland



Björk vs. Sims 2 "All is full of love"

Björk vs. Sims 2
"All is full of love"

Rökkurró "Sólin mun skína" Live @ Venue venue @ Reykjavik March 2010

Rökkurró Live @ Venue venue @ Reykjavik March 2010
"Sólin mun skína"

YATRA ARTS/705: Jóhann Eiriksson w/Guðmundur Ingi Markússon - Hamilton 11.19 A

YATRA ARTS/705: Jóhann Eiriksson (of Reptilicus & Gjöll fame) with Guðmundur Ingi Markússon (aka GIM) - Hamilton 11.19 A

Stafrænn Hákon "Emmer Green" (edited casbah version)

Stafrænn Hákon
"Emmer Green" (edited casbah version)

Reykjavík! "Repticon" @ Krúsin off-venue @ Aldrei Festival, Ísafjörður, West Fjords

"Repticon" @ Krúsin off-venue @ Aldrei Festival, Ísafjörður, West Fjords on 1. April 2010

Morðingjarnir Live @ Krúsin off-venue @ Aldrei Festival, Ísafjörður, West Fjords 1. April 2010

More cleaning up...
Morðingjarnir @ Krúsin off-venue @ Aldrei Festival, Ísafjörður, West Fjords April 2010
"Ég er kominn heim"

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WIHO Artwork Intermezzo: # 9 Ensimi / # 10 Reykavik! # 10 bis / # 11 Prinspóló

Artwork # 9 :Ensimi (12 x 12 cm)
Artwork # 10: Reykjavik! (12 x 12 cm)
Artwork # 10 bis: Reykjavik! (20 x 30 cm)
Artwork # 11: Prinspóló (12 x 12 cm)

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Rock in Reykjavik 2.0: A tribute to Rokk í Reykjavík 1982*2012 Video Competition

The Icelandic Music Alliance
( I love Icelandic music/Icelandic music Maf(f)ia/Icelandic music Mob)
Wim Van Hooste (WIHO)
A tribute to Rokk í Reykjavík 1982*2012 Video Competition
Rock in Reykjavik 2.0
Part 2: The Revenge (of the Facebook Nerds)
Every Icelandic musician, every musician living in Iceland, everybody on planet Earth,  is invited to bring a tribute to a song featured in the rockumentary Rokk í Reykjavík. This documentary was directed by famous director and Oscar nominee Friðrik Þór Friðriksson in the winter of 1981-1982.
The tribute has to filmed and be put on YouTube or Vimeo with the key words “Rock” or “Rokk” and “Reykjavik”, between 1. January and 31. March 2012.
Every participating musician is asked to donate 1.000 IKR, to take part in this competition (= Birthday gift to the Puffin with red mohawk WIHO).
All videos will be evaluated by an international jury.
The best videos will be posted on the several blogs to get international exposure afterwards.
Also the best videos will be shown at Gaukurinn á Stöng on Thursday 24. May 2012 between 18:00 and 19:30.
Afterwards, between 20:00 – 00:00 there will be a private birthday party of WIHO at this venue. The selected, invited artists are challenged to bring a cover on stage. The bands or musicians with a very good video will also be asked to perform their track on stage of the famous venue Gaukurinn.
The money on the Save Ice Bank account will be used to produce a DVD and CD of this tribute concert and tribute videos, to be finished in 2013.
More information (soon) on these blogs: