laugardagur, nóvember 19, 2011

Second Coming on 1. January 2012 - Stay tuned - More news later on - Enjoy this in the meantime

The Move Any Mountain Movement
"We're Gonna Move Mountain Esja" 
The Second Coming 
I love Icelandic Music 

Also enjoy
Kind collaborating
in 2012  
"The Whaler" by SWC
Sudden Weather Change - The Whaler from Sudden Weather Change

"Rautt" by Thorir Georg
  Rautt by Thorir Georg   

HAM Live @ NASA @ Airwaves 2010
GusGus Live @ NASA @ Airwaves 2010

"Cats" by Reykjavik! @ KEXP Radio of Seattle

Rachel's - Last thing's last (st.sampling remix) by stevesampling

"Vertigo" by FM Belfast
FM Belfast - Vertigo from Máni M. Sigfússon

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