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Free Palestine CD made in 2004

1. KK - Englar Himins Grétu í Dag
2. Vinyl - Lost in My Mind
3. Tenderfoot - Waterfall
4. Ske - On the Way We Lose It Some How
5. Lára og Delphi – Why*
6. Quarashi - Payback
7. Ensimi – Fairground*
8. Ghostigital – Bump*
9. Santiago - Road Lines
10. Touch – Justify*
11. múm - Once a Shiny Morning Puddle
12. XXX Rottweiler featuring KJ – Peningar*
13. Leaves - Favour
14. 200.000 naglbítar - Hjartagull
15. Worm is green - Push Play*
16. Bob Justman - Christmas Day*
17. Gus Gus – Ubeat*
18. Mugison, Ragnar og Rúna - Gúanó Stelpan Mín
*Exclusive tracks only available on Free Palestine CD
Free Palestine CD Information in English
Free Palestine

Sóley "We will put her in two graves" Video

"We will put her in two graves"

sóley | MySpace Music Videos

Sóley @ MySpace

Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band in the Spotlight @ IMX

The Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band - Iceland’s Funk Phenomenon
The Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band was originally formed in 2000 by Samúel for a set of live funk/afro/jazz performances in Reykjavík. The band released “Legoland”, a live recording from their debut concert, in 2000 and in 2007 reformed for a record called “Fnykur”, an old Icelandic word for something stinky, smelly or funky.
Samúel is also one of the leading members of smaller Icelandic funk unit Jagúar. The group has released five albums and toured trough Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and USA including gigs at Londons Jazz Cafe and The Summerstages festival in New York. In 2004 Jagúar opened up for James Brown in Reykjavík.
Apart from working with Jagúar, Samúel has worked as an arranger and session man for various Icelandic artists such as Sigur Rós, Mugison, Reykjavík Big Band, Trabant, Mezzoforte, Tómas R. Einarsson and many more.

As he prepares to release a brand new Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band record, IMX catch up the funk phenomenon for a chat…
Sammi, when did you become a funk fiend?
I’ve always been a big funk fan, even before I knew anything about funk. I remember really liking Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as a kid. Then when I grew up I heard some really funky stuff and there was no turning back. Kool and the Gang´s early stuff was a big mind opener.
Was funk your first (musical) love?
Actually I was really into film and TV music as a kid. I loved John Williams and Henry Mancini and later I fell in love with Ennio Morricone’s music. I used to sing along to all these TV themes.
When, where and why did you decide to form a Big Band?
I decided to do it when I was graduating from my music school. It was an old dream. I’ve been a big band fanatic since I first played in a school big band at the age of 14. But I wanted to give it a twist of my own. My band is not a traditional big band. We play funk with a mix of afro/jazz.
What was the initial reception to your funk sound in Iceland?
I’ve always felt a really positive reaction to what I’ve been doing. The funk scene - if you can call it a scene in Iceland - is very small.
The idea of such a potent form of black music being played in the particularly “white” arctic probably strikes some as novelty or a bit ironic.
We’re definitely not a novelty act. We are heavily influenced by black music - James Brown, P-Funk, Afro beat, but also a lot of other stuff. We are not copying others, we are doing our own thing within the tradition of the Afro-American musical tradition.
When was Jagúar formed and what are the main differences between that project and SJBB?
Jagúar was formed by Daði Birgisson, a great keyboard player. I met him and his brother Börkur and they invited me to sit in with the band. I never left. In contrast, SJSBB is a big band. In Jagúar we have three horns but in SJSBB there are three horn sections - one with four trumpets, one with four trombones and one with five saxophones. It gives me many more possibilities as a writer. Jagúar is a democracy; SJSBB is a monarchy. I love both projects.
What have been the highlights of both band’s careers so far?
Opening up for James Brown was one of the big highlights for Jagúar but also that we are still going strong. We’ve been through some line up changes but we are still writing new music and playing. For SJSBB I would have to say that touring Iceland in 2007 was a big highlight and also playing at Berlin Jazzfest and Nattjazz in Bergen recently.
What was it like to meet the Godfather of Soul James Brown?
"Fantastic" was what he said about us to his audience. When we met him he didn’t say much, though he complimented Ingi (bass player) for his great suit.
You have a new SJBB album coming: what can you tell us about it?
It’s titled "Helvítis Fokking Funk" and will be out on the 17th of June. We recorded it all together in one and a half days last April. It will be released on my own label SJS Music. Kiddi from Hjálmar recorded it. It sounds great.
Is there a new Jagúar record on the way?
Yes. We started working on it last year but only managed to record half of it. We’re waiting for the right time to finish it. I’m very excited about it.
What other plans do you have for either SJBB or Jagúar this year?
SJSBB will play and promote the new album. We will play with Jimi Tenor on the 1st of July at a new funk festival that I’m putting together. Jagúar will hopefully finish the 5th album.
Which other contemporary funk/soul/jazz bands worldwide have impressed you in recent times?
Antibalas, Budos Band, Jimi Tenor, Tony Allen, Hypnotic brass band, Jamie Lidell, Jamiroquai, Plantlife - to name a few.
Are there any goals you haven’t yet fulfilled as a full time funkateer?
Maybe working with George Clinton? Also I would love to bring more funk artists to Iceland...
Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band @ MySpace
Source: IMX

Release Concert of Kakali @ Sódóma Reykjavík 3. June 2010

Útgáfutónleikar / Release Concert
"The Cave"
@ Sódóma Reykjavík
Thursday 3. June 2010 @ 22:00
Doors @ 21:00
Admission: 1000 IKR
Supporting Act: Snorri Helgason

Song of the 166. Week is "Helmút á mótorhjóli" by S.H. Draumur

166. Song of the Week is on oldie of S.H. Draumur (Black/White Dreams) "Helmút á mótorhjóli" (Helmut on a motorcycle) of the record GOÐ.


The band is making a comeback @ Airwaves festival in October, after 17 years!
GOÐ will be remastered & released @ that time by Kimi Records.

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Benni Hemm Hemm, Alasdair Roberts & The Reykjavík Wind Ensemble @ Icelandic Opera 3. June 2010

Ryk á Book
Benni Hemm Hemm, Alasdair Roberts & The Reykjavík Wind Ensemble
@ Reykjavík Arts Festival
3. June 2010 @ 20:00
@ The Icelandic Opera, Reykjavík
Admission: 2900 IKR
Icelandic & Scots are woven together in this brand new piece by Benni Hemm Hemm. The Reykjavík Wind Ensemble sneaks in between words, occasionally taking control and blowing the roof off.
Conducted by Tryggvi M. Baldvinsson
Another performance @ Akureyri @ AIM Festival on 5. June @ 3 pm

Ryk á Book is an hour long piece in 11 parts by Benedikt H. Hermannsson. Icelandic and Scots are woven together, making up a language which sounds familiar yet conveys no obvious understandable meaning. The two singers, Benedikt H. Hermannsson and Alasdair Roberts, sing very personal words in their native languages – at times they morph each other out, at others they help each other and magnify the meaning of the words. The Reykjavík Wind Ensemble is a stable ground under the songs, sneaking in between words and occasionally taking control and blowing the roof off.

Alasdair Roberts is a Scottish folk singer, guitarist and writer of songs. Active for the past 15 years in Glasgow, he releases records on the Chicago based Drag City label and has collaborated widely with musicians from all kinds of backgrounds. In 2010 he´ll release a collection of traditional ballads entitled Too long in this condition and is currently writing new material.
More information here
Benni Hemm Hemm Live @ Spot Festival Showcase (21. May 2010)
Video by Vasilis

BHH Website

Eimskip Ad with "Sjómannavalsinn" by Hjaltalín

Eimskip Advertisement
Featuring the fishermen’s song “Sjómannavalsinn" by the band Hjaltalín

Það gefur á bátinn við Grænland
og gustar um sigluna kalt,
en togarasjómanni tamast það er
að tala sem minnst um það allt.
En fugli, sem flýgur í austur,
er fylgt yfir hafið með þrá.
Og vestfirskur jökull, sem heilsar við Horn
í hilling með sólroðna brá,
segir velkominn heim, segir velkominn heim,
þau verma hin þögulu orð.
Sértu velkominn heim, yfir hafið og heim.
Þá er hlegið við störfin um borð.

En geigþungt er brimið við Grænland
og gista það kýs ekki neinn.
Hvern varðar um draum þess og vonir og þrár,
sem vakir þar hljóður og einn?
En handan við kólguna kalda
býr kona, sem fagnar í nótt
og raular við bláeygan, sofandi son,
og systur hans, þaggandi hljótt:
Sértu velkominn heim, sértu velkominn heim.
Að vestan er siglt gegnum ís.
Sértu velkominn heim, yfir hafið og heim.
Og Hornbjarg úr djúpinu rís.
Written by Svavar Benediktsson / Kristján frá Djúpalæk
Short version (60 seconds)

Long version

Hjaltalín @ MySpace

Vote of the Week # 2: Favorite comeback @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival?

Time for a comeback?
Kolrassa krókríðandi (also known as Bellatrix) will be performing @ Eistnaflug Festival this year.
"Opnaðu Augun Þín" (Open your eyes)



S. H. Draumur
makes a comeback @ Airwaves.
Vote of the Week
# 2
Which other bands would you like to see to make a comeback @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival?

Vote of the Week # 1: Best of Björk
Only 14 people voted (13 on Blogspot/1 on Wordpress). Hope to get more votes for this week's Vote of the Week.
Homogenic was most popular (5 votes)
Vespertine got 4 votes
Debut got 3 votes
Post 2 votes

Musicians Einar Örn Benediktsson & Óttarr Ólafur Proppé of Besti Flokkurinn (Best Party) in Reykjavík City Council

Photograph by Daníel (Visir/Fréttablaðið)
Comedian Jón Gnarr Kristinsson's Best Party (Æ-lis) is the biggest Party of the City of Reykjavík
6 Seats in the Capital's City Council for the new political party.
With one for Sugarcube Einar Örn Benediktsson & another one for HAM's Óttarr Ólafur Proppé

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FM Belfast "Underwear" Live @ Das Bett, Frankfurt 25. May 2010

FM Belfast Live @ Das Bett @ Frankfurt
With Borko on percussion, and without Örvar

FM Belfast

Cosmic Call recording "Owls" @ Studio Sýrland

Cosmic Call recording @ Studio Sýrland (Syria)

Cosmic Call @ MySpace

Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 2: "Ísbjarnarblús" by Bubbi Morthens

Classic Icelandic Album
CIA # 2
is the 1st solo album of Bubbi Morthens
"Ísbjarnarblús" (Icebear Blues)
The album was recorded during 1979, released on 17. June 1980 by Iðunn Label and sold about 15.000 copies. The album came out 4 days before the supporting gig of Bubbi's punk band Utangarðsmenn for The Clash @ Laugardalshöll.
Starting point was to make an acoustic blues album inspired by Leadbelly, but during the sessions inspired by Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Megas, Magnus Eiríksson the album’s style changed considerably. Especially the lyrics were revolutionary. Bubbi wrote uncompromisingly about the injustice of Icelandic society, particularly in regards to fish industry workers and also migrant workers.

Songs on the album:
Side 1
1. Ísbjarnarblús
2. Hrognin eru að koma
3. MB Rosinn (Bubbi & Tolli Morthens, his brother)
4. Grettir og Glámur (Daniel Pollock/þórarinn Eldjárn)
5. Færeyjablús
6. Jón pönkari (Utangarðsmenn/Gunnar Ægisson)
Side 2
1. Hollywood
2. Agnes og Friðrik
3. Hve þungt er yfir bænum
4. Þorskacharleston
5. Mr. Dylan
6. Masi
7. Stál og hnífur
Bubbi's Website

Sudden Weather Change "Looking for a booking agent" European Tour - An Update of the Tour Dates 30. May - 4. June 2010

Sudden Weather Change

“looking for a booking agent”
Short European Tour 2010
Sudden Weather Change is going on a short tour next week. The will perform old and new songs in the UK, Belgium & Germany. The new songs are from upcoming single "The Thin Liner", available on tour as a 7”. Their debut album "Stop! Handgrenade in the Name of Crib Death 'nderstand?" will be available on tour 2.
"The Thin Liner" Live @ KEXP Radio @ Iceland Airwaves 2009

Tour Dates
30. May 2010Brainlove Festival @ Windmill Brixton, London, UK
1. June 2010 - Café Video @ Ghent/Gent, Belgium
3. June 2010 - Madame Moustache, Brussels, Belgium
4. June 2010Bang Bang Club, Berlin, Germany (together with the band Who Knew)

Weirdcore Summer Evening with Hypno/Muted - Thizone - Oculus @ Venue venue 3. June 2010

Summer Evening
Hypno/Muted - Thizone - Oculus
@ Venue venue, Tryggvagata 22
3. June 2010 @ 21:00
Free Admission
Hypno (Dubstep)
Muted (Drum & Bass)
Thizone (Electro-Acid)
Oculus (Breakbeat)
More Weirdcore News: Free Tonik "Bogus Journey" EP @ here

Baby Come Back: S.H. Draumur @ Airwaves 2010

First Surprise for Festival:
S.H. Draumur
@ Airwaves
Kimi Records will release a remastered GOÐ on LP in October 2010. Original was released by Dr Gunni's Label Erðanúmúsik in September 1987.
Iceland Airwaves Festival

kimono "Tomorrow" Live @ Icelandic TV on 10. March 2010

"Tomorrow", a song of their 4th Album "Easy music for difficult people" (Kimi Records, 2009) @ RÚV, the Icelandic National TV Station just before their release gig @ the Icelandic Opera on 11. March 2010.
The will be released in Europe
in the fall of 2010.

kimono's Website

Seabear "Softship" Live @ The Shoot Inn @ SXSW - Video by Baeble Music

"Softship" Live @ SXSW Festival, 2010 @ Baeble Music

Watch the full concert at baeblemusic.com

Live Streaming of Jónsi's Concert @ Ancienne Belgique, Brussels 29. May 2010

Jónsi's gig @ AB venue, Brussels will be streamed live on the site of Ancienne Belgique.
This broadcast will start @ 20:45 local time tonight
or 19:45 London time
or 14:45 New York City time
Watch the show of Jónsi @ AB here
Jónsi's Website

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Hiatus - Short Blog Break

Sint-Martens-Voeren here we come
I'm going on a Teambuilding Trip with my colleagues for 2 days, near the border with The Netherlands & Germany.
Back with more Icelandic music posts on Saturday 29. May.

Agent Fresco "Eyes of a cloud catcher" Live @ Nordic House, October 2009

Agent Fresco
"Eyes of a cloud catcher"
From the highly-anticipated documentary on the Iceland Airwaves festival, "WHERE'S THE #@&%! SNOW?!" and upcoming episode of DontPanicTV: Agent Fresco
DONT PANIC FILMS and Sleepless In Reykjavik!
Directed by Bowen Staines and Gunnar B. Gudbjornsson
Shot by Bowen Staines and Gunnar B. Gudbjornsson
Edited by Bowen Staines

Agent Fresco "Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher" Live @ The Nordic House from Bowen Staines

Agent Fresco @ MySpace

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Vicky, Cliff Clavin, Skálmöld & Thingtak @ Sódóma Reykjavík 27. May 2010

Cliff Clavin, Vicky, Thingtak & Skálmöld

Thursday 27. May 2010 @ 22:00

@ Sódóma Reykjavík

Admission: 1000 IKR

Music @ Mývatnssveit
9-10. July 2010
Cliff Clavin Video "This is where we kill more than time"
Directors: Arnar Helgi Hlynsson & Egill Björnsson
DOP: Unnar Helgi Daníelsson
Production Design: G. Orri Rósenkranz
Produced by Localice


Cliff Clavin @ MySpace
Vicky @ MySpace
Skálmöld @ MySpace

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Midnight Poutine: The Icelandic Playlist

Canadian Gregory Bouchard (Greg) wrote about a weekend downtown 101 R'vik for Midnight Poutine.
He has made an Icelandic Playlist:
Agent Fresco - "Eyes of a Cloud Catcher"
Who Knew - "Made Belief"
Sudden Weather Change - "Kajaks"
Parachutes - "Your Stories"
Pascal Pinon - "Ósonlagið"
Útidúr - "Fisherman's Friend"
Ruxpin - "She Played this Song For Me When I Was Yo"
Nolo - "Fondu"
Weapons - "Mister Mister"
DLX ATX - "Mirage Axe"
Reykjavík! - "TERROROCRACY"
Ólafur Arnalds - "Hægt, kemur ljósið"
For a Minor Reflection - "Kastljós"

Jóhann Jóhannsson Live @ The Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts (May 2010)

Jóhann Jóhannsson Live @ The Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Website of Jóhann Jóhannsson

The Icelandic Extravaganza - Summer Madness @ London 11. June 2010

The Icelandic Extravaganza
Summer Madness
with DJ Gisli
Friday 11. June 2010 @ 20:00
Place 2B:
The King of Denmark
7-9 Cloudesley Road
London, N1 0EJ

The Icelandic Opera @ Blue Lagoon 8. May 2010

The Icelandic Opera singers gave a performance for the people bathing in the Blue Lagoon ("Bláa Lónið" in Icelandic).
The performance was a part of the European Opera Day which was held on Saturday 8. May. The theme of the day was "crossing-bridges".

Blue Lagoon

Today is a birthday

Today is a birthday... mine

Photograph of The Sugarcubes in front of Laugavegur "22", now "Karamba" bar

Song of the 165. Week: Two Step Horror's "King Bee"

Song of the 165. Week is "King Bee" by Two Step Horror (Þórður Grímsson & Anna Margrét Björnsson).


The duo takes part in the Vebeth Movement of musicians & artists with a similar philosophy. Their goal is to publish music & art independently of a third party. The current bands in Vebeth are:
Blanket of Death, Dead Skeletons, Two Step Horror, The Go-Go Darkness* Hank and Tank, The Meek, The Third Sound
& DJ Musician.
"King Bee" Video

Two Step Horror @ MySpace
Vebeth @ MySpace

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Sykur feat. Rakel Mjöll "Bite me" Video

Members: Halldór Eldjárn - Kristján Eldjárn - Stefán Finnbogason

"Bite me" with vocals by Rakel Mjöll of the band Útidúr
A song of their debut album "Frábært eða frábært"
Video was made by:
Director: Garðar Örn Arnarson
2nd Director: Erlingur Jack Guðmundsson
Camera: Jón Gauti Jónsson
Gaffer & Editing: Anna Guðný Guðmundsdóttir
Script: Garðar Örn & Erlingur Jack


Sykur @ MySpace

Yohanna goes ABBA & Nick Cave @ Kuopio Finland (May 2010)

Yohanna (Jóhanna Gudrún Jónsdóttir) in Finland
covering ABBA ("Thank you for the music") & Nick Cave ("Into my arms")

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Yohanna @ MySpace

FM Belfast "Synthia" in Stills @ Stiff Kitten 20. May 2010

FM Belfast
"Synthia" Video consists of a series of still images of FM Belfast Concert @ Stiff Kitten 20. May 2010 made by Still Moving Music for AU Magazine.

FM Belfast

Hera Björk "Je ne sais quoi" - 2nd Rehearsal for Eurovision 2010

Hera Björk @ Eurovision TV, rehearsing for the 2nd time.
"Je ne sais quoi"

Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 1: "... lifun" by Trúbrot

More new ideas. Posting about Icelandic Masterworks / Classic Icelandic Albums aka CIA.
First one is made by the hippie rock band, supergroup Trúbrot. The band who made a progressive concept album back in 1971, the year of my birth. They started rehearsing in a garage @ Laugavegur shopping street in January. The 13 songs on the album chronologing life from birth to death.
Concept: from the cradle to the grave, and the influence of the environment on that unnamed person.
CIA # 1
Trúbrot "....Lifun" (1971)
The band Trúbrot was formed in 1969 @ Keflavík & disbanded in 1973.
Members were:
Rúnar Júlíusson (vocals, bass), Gunnar Þórðarson (guitar), Gunnar Jökull Hákonarson (drums, 1969-70, 1971-72), Karl Sighvatsson (keyboards, 1969-70, 1971-72), Shady Owens (vocals, 1969-70, 1971), Ólafur Garðarsson (drums, 1970-71), Magnús Kjartansson (keyboards, vocals, 1970-73), Engilbert Jensen (vocals, 1972-73), Ari Jónsson (drums, vocals, 1972-73), Vignir Bergmann (guitar, 1972-73)
"...Lifun" Album (LP) was released on Tónaútgáfan Label on 29. June 1971.
Reissued as CD on Geimsteinn Label in 1991.
Members on the album "...Lifun" were:
Rúnar Júlíusson (vocals, bass), Gunnar Þórðarson (vocals, guitar), Gunnar Jökull Hákonarson (drums, percussion), Karl Sighvatsson (orgel) & Magnús Kjartansson (piano, vocals).
Octagonal album cover was designed by Baldvin Haldórsson
Copies Sold: 6200
Recorded @ Morgan Studios, Sound Techniques, London with Jerry Boys
Jerry Boys has worked with The Beatles, Pink Floyd & Rolling Stones.
Side 1
1. Forleikur (Lives overture)
2. Margfölf er lifun er lifum við ein
3. Hush-a-Bye
4. To be Grateful
5. School complex
6. Tangerine Girl
7. Am I Really Livin'

Side 2
1. Forleikur (Circulation)
2. What We Believe in
3. Is there a Hope for Tomorrow
4. Just Another Face
5. Old Man
6. Death and Finale

Vote of the Week / Election Time - # 1: Best of Björk

I wanna be elected
Let us try something new this Sunday afternoon. Inspired by the upcoming elections in Iceland, but also in The Netherlands & Belgium, I'm gonna organize my own Icelandic Music Elections.
Voting for the Björk's Best Album is possible 1 week.
Results will be published next Sunday.
Vote of the Week
# 1
Best Album of Björk

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Ruxpin "In The Form Of A Bird I meet My Creator " Video

"In The Form Of A Bird I meet My Creator"

Video was edited from a wonderful short animation called "Ascension" made by Chris Lavelle (Vimeo Video @ http://www.vimeo.com/user3335319)

Ruxpin @ MySpace

Parabolur Percussion Project @ Culture Night @ Stockholm (October 2009) & Hilton, Reykjavik (March 2010)

Parabolur Percussion Project
PPP is a project by the Trio Siggi Baldursson, Steingrimur Guðmundsson & Kippi Kaninus.
They use old telecommunication radio disc covers that have been converted into percussion instruments.
Here a some Videos using these instruments:
@ Culture Night, Stockholm (October 2009)

@ Hilton, Reykjavik (March 2010)

PPP's Website

Ghostigital / Jónsi & Alex @ The Morning Line, Istanbul, Turkey 22. May 2010

Einar Örn Benediktsson is very busy these days. Candidate for the Best Party. And performing with Curver Thoroddsen as Ghostigital @ Istanbul
Icelandic Artists @ The Morning Line, Istanbul

The Morning Line @ Istanbul is an integral part of the European Capital of Culture 2010 celebrations. The Morning Line is a sensational experiment that T-B A21 undertook with the great innovator Matthew Ritchie, two very talented young architects Aranda\Lasch, an amazing engineering firm Arup AGU, an astoundingly inventive sound lab from the technical University of York headed by Tony Myatt, a group of extremely creative composers and my amazingly courageous foundation T-B A21. All of us took an incredible leap of faith into the unknown, hugely inspired by a group of physicists, cosmologists and mathematicians! Another inspiration for Matthew was "Paradise Lost" by John Milton. Together we have created one of the most complex and bewildering experiments that brought as many disciplines together as we possibly could ever dream of, and then proceeded to convince the Mayor of Istanbul that he really wanted to place this audacious project next to the Spice Bazaar @ Eminönü Square.

The official opening ceremony will take place on Saturday 22. May from 7:00 until 8:00pm followed by special performances by Jónsi & Alex, Cevdet Erek, and Lee Ranaldo.

On Sunday 23. May there will be the Contemporary Music festival, with some great composers and musicians. These were carefully selected by our guest sound curators Russell Haswell, Melih Fereli, Kamran İnce, and Cihat Aşkın. Several live performances will take place, the majority however being extreme electronic sound compositions, will be performed without performers...
For the presentation in Istanbul guest sound curator Russell Haswell has invited Jana Winderen, Peter Zinovieff, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and Yasunao Tone to conceive new acoustic works, commissioned by T-B A21. Two other new works by Ghostigital and Jónsi & Alex are also being presented for the first time in Istanbul. As The Morning Line continues to travel the world as a platform for contemporary music, and within its mandate to encourage and support the production of innovative composition wherever it tours, T-B A21 has entered a partnership with ITU - MIAM, Centre for Advanced Studies in Music, Istanbul, under the guidance of Melih Fereli, former director of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), Kamran İnce, and Cihat Aşkın and has commissioned new compositions by Erdem Helvacıoğlu, Cevdet Erek, Batuhan Bozkurt, and Mehmet Can Özer.

Ghostigital: Cannibal in Tuxedo (internal/external), 2010
Duration: 29 minutes
For those new to the sonic world of Ghostigital, you should know that there doesn’t seem to be any floor plan to the music, even though there is architecture. It’s best you just relax, release preconception, don’t think or analyze too much. Here’s an idea: let us do the analyzing so the thoughts don’t get in the way of your listening experience. Know the music will come to you the way it wants to; you are not in control.


Jónsi & Alex: All Animals, 2008/10
Duration: 30 minutes
Faraway melodies floating in and out from places we feel are familiar but do not recognize. Is it singing? Is it piano? Is it the animals and trees creaking about in the wind? There is magic within the stillness. We long to start over, use all that is around us to build new beginnings. For some this is the end, but for us it is a second chance, a hope to create harmony and endless possibilities … All Animals recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland, with acoustic instruments, primarily piano, voice, and animal sounds.

Jónsi & Alex

I love Icelandic music @ WordPress

I've imported my whole blog (> 3300 posts) on my I love Icelandic music WordPress.
In case of more Blogger (The Pop) Cop Killer raids, or for those who prefer WordPress.

Ragnar Rósinkranz - The Videos

Composer & violinist Ragnar Rósinkranz was born in Reykjavik. His family contains a lot of artists, authors & performers.
His father Guðlaugur Rósinkranz was the Director of the National Theatre (Þjóðleikhúsið) during the period 1949-1972, and his mother Sigurlaug Rósinkranz a successful opera singer.
Growing up, he and his sister traveled the world following their mother’s career, and consequently spent their formative years in Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Italy and California.
@ age 7, he began violin studies in Stockholm, Sweden with Kalman Olah. In 1980-’82 Rósinkranz attended the Maria Skolan School for Musically Gifted Children, and toured with the Swedish Strangstyrkan Symphony as a soloist and a member.
@ 11 years of age, the family moved to California where Rósinkranz continued his music theory and conducting studies at California Institute of the Arts, joining the Cal Arts Symphony.
He continued playing with multiple orchestras until 2001, when he decided to turn his attention to composing full-time.
Rósinkranz wrote and produced his first full orchestral film score in 1996, for the CBS Movie of the Week remake of Jimmy Stewart’s classic “Harvey”.
He went on to score several independent films, and then became a series composer the for final three years of the CBS television drama “The District,” starring Craig T. Nelson.
"Open the road"

"Harmony called me"

Ragar's Website
Ragnar Rósinkranz @ MySpace

Goggi Hólm of Sigur Rós about Gogoyoko

Georg "Goggi" Hólm, bass player of the band Sigur Rós, talks about Gogoyoko.
Gogoyoko is an Icelandic online music store and social network for music fans, artists and labels bringing you Fair Play in Music.

For a Minor Reflection on Icelandic Radio Station Rás 2

Interview by Óli Palli @ Rás 2

FaMR Radio Interview @ Rás 2 from For a Minor Reflection on Vimeo

FaMR's Website

Útidúr Live @ Kastljós TV Program

Útidúr live @ Iceland TV Program Kastljós
The band is going to record their Debut Album this summer.
Band Members:
Gunnar Örn - Singer/Guitar
Gunnar Gun - Contrabass
Helga - Violin
Haukur Þór - Trombone
Kristinn Roach - Piano
Larús - Drums
Maja - Violin
Rakel Mjöll - Singer
Ragnhildur - Trompet
Salka Sól - Accordion & more
Sigrún Inga - Violin
Úlfur Alexander - Guitar
Þorbjörg Roach - Accordion & more

"Let's make room" (Demo)

Another Demo: "Mind your stay"

Útidúr @ MySpace

föstudagur, maí 21, 2010

Upcoming gigs in Reykjavík in May 2010 - An Update

I present you some things to do this long WE & next week:
Saturday 22. May 2010

Toggi @ Apótek @ 22:00. Admission: 500 IKR
AMFJ, DLX ATX, Dynamo Fog, Captain Fufanu @ Venue @ 22:00. Part of Maihem. Admission: 500 IKR
Weapons, Cosmic Call, Yoda Remote & Útidúr @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 23:00. No AdmissionSunday 23. May
Ben Sol's Sunday Session @ Jacobsen @ 18:00: Deep House, House, Lounge, Disco Music & A Movie.
Útidúr, Me, the Slumbering Napolion, Jungle Fiction & Lockerbie @ Venue @ 21:00. Part of Maihem. Admission: 500 IKR
Monday 24. May
Grand Concert of Megas @ Háskólabíó Concert Hall @ 21:00. Part of Reykjavik Arts Festival. Admission: 5500 IKR
Wednesday 26. May
Summer Jam with Rottweiler, Emmsjé Gauti, Diddi, DJ Moonshine & More, BBQ @ Prikið @ 22:00
Where is the line? @ The Icelandic Opera @ 20:00. Covers of Björk & other Icelandic artists by Mezzosoprano Ásgerður Júníusdóttir & Pianist Jónas Sen. Part of Reykjavik Arts Festival. Admission: 2900 IKR
Svavar Knútur @ Café Rósenberg @ 21:00
Deep Purple Cover Band @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 22:00
Thursday 27. May
Ólafur Arnalds @ The Icelandic Opera @ 20:30
Skúli Þórðarson @ Hornið, Hafnarstraeti @ 21:00. No Admission
Friday 28. May
@ Hressó @ 22:00
@ Café Rósenberg @ 21:00
(Dutch Death Metal), Wistaria (Wacken Metal Battle Winner), In Memoriam, Atrum, Gruesome Glory (from Akureyri)
Saturday 29. May

Silfur @ Hressó @ 22:00
Memfismafian @ Café Rósenberg @ 21:00
Óli Ofur & Oculus @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 23:30
Sunday 30. May
Ben Sol's Sunday Session @ Jacobsen @ 18:00: Deep House, House, Lounge, Disco Music & A Movie.

The History of Icelandic Rock - Part 17

The History of Icelandic Rock Music
Part 17
Purrkur Pillnikk - The Most Active Band Ever!
Dr. Gunni in Grapevine Magazine (Issue # 6, May 2010)
Ahh... 1981. The best year in Iceland's rock history. At least for me, a 15 year old who’s life music had taken over completely. Bubbi Morthens and his Utangarðsmenn— the most popular band in Iceland—were already passé for forward thinking dudes like myself. My early idols Fræbbblarnir, with their simple bar grip Ramones-inspired punk pop, just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Now it was time for "deeper" stuff, so I turned to Joy Division and their Icelandic counterpart Þeyr, as The Fall and Purrkur Pillnikk.
In 1981 it seemed like every garage had a band rehearsing in it. The feel was similar, I guess, to what happened in Iceland after The Beatles broke in the sixties. After a period of stagnation and disco pop in the late seventies, suddenly everybody wanted to be in a rock band (or punk/new wave band to be more precise).
In the Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð college, which was already famous for being the breeding ground for bands like Spilverk þjóðanna and Stuðmenn, future Sugarcubes Einar Örn Benediktsson and Bragi Ólafsson along with two friends wrote and rehearsed nine songs in an afternoon in May and played them live for their fellow students the day after. The band, Purrkur Pillnikk, was to become the most active band in Iceland's music history.
The early songs were short and fast, with clever lyrics. In less than a month, the band had already recorded their debut 10 song 7" EP, "Tilf". The band's statement— as well as the era's statement—was rendered in the song "Tilfinning" (“A Feeling”), a 52 second glorious blast of jazzpunk: "It's not about what you're capable of, it's about what you do.Gramm Records was founded purposely to release PP's début EP, but went on to become the main indie label in Iceland for most of the early eighties, or until Smekkleysa was founded by the same people in 1986. Gramm soon opened a record store where you could get super hip records from labels like Rough Trade and Crass. PP played incessantly. Einar's stage act was provoking, he was all over the place, screaming and challenging the audience, while the other guys stood gravely staring at their instruments, still learning how to play them.
Einar Örn had already been "punk" since 1977 (he had lived in England with his parents). He had helped with The Stranglers' and The Clash's concerts in Reykjavík (1978 and 1980) and acted as the manager of Utangarðsmenn. In the summer of 1981, he accompanied Utangarðsmenn on an ill-fated Scandinavian tour that would end the band 3 months later with fistfights and near-starvation.
When Einar returned to Iceland there was no way Purrkur Pillnikk would do the old songs again, so the band set out to write new material. In August they went to England and recorded the classic "Ekki enn" ("Not Yet") LP in 50 hours at Crass' Southern Studios.

The album was released in November and sold well (at least for this kind of music), shifting 1500 copies. The songs were longer, more complex, and the lyrics were powerful and thought provoking as ever—alienation and agony being the main ingredient. The album's longevity is obvious; it went and scored #46 last year in a "Best Icelandic albums ever poll."

In early 1982 the band set out to record more new songs. "It's our pleasure to make records," Einar said in an interview. "We always lose money making records, we do not stand or fall with our next record." It was to become "Googooplex", a set of two 12"s, "disco-style". Musically and lyric-wise the 13 new songs did not add much to PP's palette, but the album included the band's best known song, "Augun úti", much later used by GusGus in the song "Forever". Purrkur Pillnikk had supported The Fall in Iceland in 1981 and in spring 1982 the band travelled to England to play 11 gigs with Mark E. Smith and co. After returning the band set out to play more, but as often happens with Icelandic bands, the country's tiny population and limited opportunities were wearing their staminadown. PP's last ever gig was in late August of 1982, where the band played five new songs in a medley called "Orð fyrir dauða" ("Words before death"). PP's death twitches could be heard on two posthumous releases, "No time to think", a 4 track 7" sung in English, and "Maskínan" LP (“The Machine”), a collection of live recordings. It came out two years after the humble beginnings in MH. To their credit, Purrkur Pillnikk have never made a comeback and probably never will. It was a spur of the moment thing.

By Dr. Gunni
Based on his 2000 book Eru ekki allir í stuði? (Rock in Iceland)