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Ragnar Rósinkranz - The Videos

Composer & violinist Ragnar Rósinkranz was born in Reykjavik. His family contains a lot of artists, authors & performers.
His father Guðlaugur Rósinkranz was the Director of the National Theatre (Þjóðleikhúsið) during the period 1949-1972, and his mother Sigurlaug Rósinkranz a successful opera singer.
Growing up, he and his sister traveled the world following their mother’s career, and consequently spent their formative years in Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Italy and California.
@ age 7, he began violin studies in Stockholm, Sweden with Kalman Olah. In 1980-’82 Rósinkranz attended the Maria Skolan School for Musically Gifted Children, and toured with the Swedish Strangstyrkan Symphony as a soloist and a member.
@ 11 years of age, the family moved to California where Rósinkranz continued his music theory and conducting studies at California Institute of the Arts, joining the Cal Arts Symphony.
He continued playing with multiple orchestras until 2001, when he decided to turn his attention to composing full-time.
Rósinkranz wrote and produced his first full orchestral film score in 1996, for the CBS Movie of the Week remake of Jimmy Stewart’s classic “Harvey”.
He went on to score several independent films, and then became a series composer the for final three years of the CBS television drama “The District,” starring Craig T. Nelson.
"Open the road"

"Harmony called me"

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