sunnudagur, maí 30, 2010

Vote of the Week # 2: Favorite comeback @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival?

Time for a comeback?
Kolrassa krókríðandi (also known as Bellatrix) will be performing @ Eistnaflug Festival this year.
"Opnaðu Augun Þín" (Open your eyes)


S. H. Draumur
makes a comeback @ Airwaves.
Vote of the Week
# 2
Which other bands would you like to see to make a comeback @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival?

Vote of the Week # 1: Best of Björk
Only 14 people voted (13 on Blogspot/1 on Wordpress). Hope to get more votes for this week's Vote of the Week.
Homogenic was most popular (5 votes)
Vespertine got 4 votes
Debut got 3 votes
Post 2 votes

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