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Animation "Alone" feat. Amiina's Song "Ugla"

Animation "Alone" feat. Amiina's "Ugla"
New Album with 9 songs is expected to be released in September.


Björk & Dirty Projectors: "All We Are"

A Song of the "Mount Wittenberg Orca" Björk/Dirty Projectors Project
More information @ Stereogum
Dirty Projectors + Björk- All We Are by DominoRecordCo

Iceland Inspires Concert 1. July 2010 @ Hamragörðum undir Eyjafjöllum

Iceland Inspires Concert
1. July 2010 @ Hamragörðum undir Eyjafjöllum
Due to a stormy weather forecast for the South Coast of Iceland there are going to be some changes tomorrow!

GusGus is Inspired by Iceland from Inspired By Iceland

For a Minor Reflection (FaMR) is Inspired by Iceland from Inspired By Iceland

Hjaltalin is Inspired by Iceland from Inspired By Iceland

Watch the concert online @ Inspired by Iceland

Jóhann Kristinsson - Jón Þór Ólafsson in Concert @ Babalú 1. July 2019

Concert of
Jóhann Kristinsson - Jón Þór Ólafsson
Thursday 1. July 2010
@ Babalú, Reykjavik
Johann Kristinsson released the EP "Tropical Sunday", a couple of days ago.
Jón Þór Ólafsson is well known for his success in bands like Lada Sport, Isidór & Dynamo Fog.
Lada Sport Live @ Venue (16. June 2010)
"The world is a place for kids going far


Jóhann Kristinsson @ Facebook
Jóhann Kristinsson @ MySpace

Lada Sport @ MySpace

Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Reykjavik: Grapevine Got Legs!

Grapevine Got Legs!
is a free walking tour designed for folks who want to know how and where to hang out in Reykjavik, learning some of its stories without looking like a total tourist. It’s fine if you look like a tourist, though.
On the walk you’ll find out some of the secrets to Reykjavik's cafes, music scene, galleries and nightlife. The two-hour tour starts at independent music and art shop, Havarí, and will end at a choice bar where you’ll be able to chat with locals and share a beverage (or eight).
During the tour, you’ll get several short presentations from local art and music scene folks who will orient you with all of the fun and innovative things happening in the city. The tour runs for approximately two hours and will include free and discounted samples of local food, music, art and drinks.
As a thank you gift for joining the tour, you will get a special discount card to bars and cafes in the downtown area – and your Grapevine Certified™ tour guide will help you figure out what fun things you might enjoy doing over the weekend, to ensure you tap into that special local feeling.
And did we mention that it’s free? ‘Cuz it is!
Tour starts every Friday @ 16:00, at the Havarí Music Shop & Gallery.
First one on Friday 1. July with Tour Guide Julia Staples.

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Extreme Chills with Somewhere Else - Troopa - Thizone @ Hemmi & Valdi 1. July 2010

Extreme Chill
Somewhere Else - Troopa - Thizone
Thursday 1. July 2010 @ 22:00
@ Hemmi & Valdi
Laugarvegur 21, Reykjavík

Ben Frost selected by Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative

Ben Frost Selected For Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative 2010-2011
Reykjavík-based Australian musician & producer Ben Frost has been selected by Brian Eno for mentoring in the Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative 2010-2011.
The initiative is an international philanthropic programme designed to assist rising artists to achieve their full potential through one-on-one mentoring with artistic masters over the course of one year.
Ben Frost lives in Iceland since 2005. He is a co-founder of the Bedroom Community Label and artist collaborative which includes artists such as Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly.
The award includes a prize of 25,000$.
Rolex Mentor Protégé

Seabear on the Water - The Canal Sessions @ Oudegracht, Utrecht (NL)

Seabear on a boat
The Canal Sessions @ Oudegracht, Utrecht, The Netherlands on 22. May 2010.
Videos by Anne Broekman & Matthijs van der Ven.
Edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
The Canal Sessions

The Canal Sessions: Seabear "Arms" from The Canal Sessions

The Canal Sessions: Seabear - Leafmask from The Canal Sessions

The Canal Sessions: Seabear - Wolfboy from The Canal Sessions
Seabear @ MySpace

LungA Festival @ Seyðisfjörður in the Spotlight @ IMX

10 years: A LungA Time Indeed
The LungA Art festival is a yearly event held in a small bohemian town on the east coast of Iceland called Seyðisfjörður. In the middle of July people gather in this small town of only 700 inhabitants to enjoy the melting pot of various art forms.
Before LungA was Hljómstefna, first held in 1998. The idea of that festival focused on people interested in music, but the ideology was very similar as LungA, which is to combine various musicians in music making and boost peoples interest in music. The festival contained musical education, synchronization and concerts.
The festival lived through two consecutive years, but in 2000 the festival was changed with more effort put into widening the idea and focus on working with young people at the ages between 16 and 25 years old.
Throughout the years LungA has grown and has now become on of Iceland's biggest art festival for young people. From only 20 participants in the first year, the festival has been completely sold out for the last years. To celebrate LungA's 10 year anniversary in 2010, IMX chat to organizer Ivar Pétur Kjartansson…
When and how did LungA start?

The first official LungA festival took place in 2000. It started out of the restlessness of a few young and creative people. They were lucky to know Alla, the mother of LungA, who decided to start this festival with them. She's been the brain and heart of the festival since then.
What were the reasons for starting it?
It was the desire to do something creative that made this happen. 10 years ago there was not much to do for young people on the east coast besides sport, which is all good but for the kids who were not into sports the festival was very welcome. It showed them it's possible to have other interests.
Who was behind it and is the same people now?
Alla has been running the festival since its beginning with a group of young people, but that group has changed over the years.
Was there any kind of event like this in the town, music or otherwise?
No, not of this caliber. There's always been concerts and art events but nothing like LungA.
Why is the event geared more towards young people?
The festival in general is for all ages but the program is aimed for young people and the art workshops are only for 16-25 year olds. We want to give young people a chance to experience and participate in art and art related events. But we welcome all ages and we believe our program is exciting for everyone interested in art and music. We are also very happy to say that people 50 years and older get free entrance to the LungA concert.
Is there, or has there, been a music scene to speak of in Seyðisfjörður?
I think it's in the same proportion as bigger communities. The population is just much smaller so we maybe have 2-3 active bands going on at a time. We've always tried to give the local bands from the east coast a chance to play at LungA and for example both Bloodgroup and Miri played their first live shows at LungA.
Is it the smallest music festival in Iceland?
No on the contrary it's one of the biggest festivals each year. LungA is not just a music festival. It's a week long art festival for young people with workshops, exhibitions, shows, performances and concerts. Over the week more than 4000 people visit the town. It's climax and best known aspect though are definitely the concerts that take place at the weekend.
Which bands have played so far? All Icelandic or any international?
We've had a few international acts in the last years and most of the biggest names in the Icelandic scene. I could name Trentemoller from Denmark, DJ Mehdi from France, Kasper Björke from Denmark plus Icelandic bands like GusGus, Bang Gang, Mugison, Minus, Trabant, Maus, Ghostigital, Botnleðja, kimono, Sudden Weather Change, Benni Hemm Hemm and many more.
Who’s playing 2010?
This year we have Bloodgroup with a string quartet, Hjaltalin, Seabear, Retro Stefson, Miri, Helmus und Dalli, Oculus, Óli Ofur, (Casette), DJ Flugvél og Geimskip and Muted/Hypno. These bands are all playing on the Saturday of the festival on two outdoor stages. On Friday night the Kimi Records summer fun tour is in town with kimono, Sudden Weather Change, Stafrænn Hákon and Quadruplos.
Have any foreign guests attended the festival yet? And what is the appeal aside from the music?
Yes every year we have people from all over the world visiting the festival, both to participate in the art workshops or just to attend the festival. Besides the concerts we have a lot of different events and
activities going on through the week and over the weekend. Besides from that Seyðisfjörður is always a beautiful place to visit.
10 years is a long time…what are you most proud of to date?
What we are most proud of is that we know many examples of people studying or now working in the field of art and music after having their first experience of it at LungA.
For more information, visit www.LungA.is
Source: Iceland Music Export (IMX)

gímaldin og félagar and Markús & The Diversion Sessions @ Bar 11 Basement 2. July 2010

gímaldin og félagar
feat. Gísli Már Sigurjónsson &
Þorvaldur H. Gröndal

Markús & The Diversion Sessions
Friday 2. July 2010
@ Bar 11 @ The Basement
Hverfisgata 18, Reykjavik

Markús & the Diversion Sessions
released an Album on the Brak Label.
"Old" gímaldin products for sale 2.

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New Rökkurró Song "Sólin mun skína" of New Album "Í Annan Heim"

Second Full Album "Í Annan Heim" is on its way. Record was produced by Alex Somers, boyfriend of Jónsi & member of the band Parachutes. The band already released an EP & Debut album.
Listen to the new track "Sólin Mun Skína" (The Sun will shine):
Sólin mun skína by Rökkurró
Rökkurró @ MySpace

Song of the 170. Week: "Kjólakallinn" by Pollapönk

170. Song of the Week is Pollapönk's "Kjólakallinn". A song of the band's 2nd Album "Meira Pollapönk" (More Pollapönk), released by Record Records label on 31. May 2010.


Pollapönk is a band formed by former Botnleðja members Heiðar & Halli.
The 2nd release contains 15 songs: “113 vælubíllinn”, “Þór og Jón eru hjón”, “Pönkafinn”, and more.
The first album "Pollapönk" released back in 2006 was their graduating project for school (Kennaraháskóla Íslands/School for teachers).
In 2007 Arnar Gíslason & Guðni Finnsson of Ensími & Dr. Spock & Mugison joined the duo.

Record Records

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Back to the 90's: Spoon (1994)

The band Spoon featured singer Emiliana Torrini. They released 1 album "Spoon" in 1994.

Interview by Jens Gud with Emiliana Torrini (1995)

Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 6: "Mjötviður mær" by Þeyr

# 6
"Mjötviður mær"
by Þeyr
Released on 14. December 1981 on Eskvímó Label (ESQ 2). One year earlier, december 1980, the band released their debut album "Þagað í hel" on SG Label.
The band was strongly influenced by Joy Division, their music is often described as "post-punk", or even "depro-punk". Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson/HÖH (Psychic TV member for a while) acted as the band's inspirator/guru.
With the help of Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke, a regular visitor of Iceland in the early 80's , the band was able to play some gigs @ London in the autumn of 1981. John Peel played some Þeyr songs in his show on BBC Radio. Almost they became the supporting act for a tour of 6 months of The Cure.
This Album was recorded in 140 hours @ Hljóðriti @ Hafnarfjörður with the help of Tony Cook.
2000 copies were sold.
The Cover features a naked man, which is a reference to a drawning by Leonardo da Vinci. On the back the naked man is running @ Skerjafjörður towards Bessastaðir (The Residence of Iceland's President).
Band members on this album were singer Magnús Guðmundsson, Þorsteinn Magnússon on guitar (of Eik fame), Guðlaugur Kr. Óttarsson on guitar, Hilmar Örn Agnarsson on bass & Sigtryggur Baldursson on drums.
Songs on the Album:
Side 1
1. Úlfur
2. Iss
3. Current
4. 2999
5. Mjötviður
6. Ópið

Side 2
1. Þeir
2. Rúdolf
3. Never Suck (on Fun-Days)
4. Það er nóg
5. Hva-than
6. Ónefnt
"Iss", "Þeir" & "2999" are poppy songs with keyboards & voice-distortion. "Rúdolf" is an angry, quite traditional, anti-fascistic rock-song.
"Rúdolf" Footage from Rokk í Reykjavík Movie

HÖH is co-writer of the songs "Iss", "Current", "Þeir", "Það er nóg" & "Ónefnt".
With the help of British Radio Legend John Peel signed a deal with Shout Records. This label released in 1982 an Album "As Above", with some songs of "Mjötviður mær" (LX001). Same cover as "Mjötviður mær".
Track list:
Side A: Homo gestalt - Killer boogie - Dead/Undead - Wolf - Technologos - Poeme
Side B: Current - Rudolf - Are you still there - Though - Shout

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Extreme Chill Festival 2010 - Undir Jökli/Under The Glacier 6-8. August

Extreme Chill Festival 2010
Undir Jökli/Under The Glacier
Electronica Music Festival
under the Snæfellsjökull Glacier
@ Hellissandur
6-8. August 2010
Admission: 2500 IKR for the Weekend
Stereo Hypnosis
Xerxes (NO)
Moonlight Sonata (FR)
Jafet Melge
Steve Sampling
The Crackers
Frank Murder
DJ AnDre
DJ Árni Vector

It's not pop, it's not porno, it's Pornopop

It's not pop, it's not porno, it's Pornopop
, a great, but quite unknown band consisting of the bros. Pétur Jóhann Einarsson & Águst Arnar Einarsson.
Band of brothers started in 1996 in their parents' basement, making music with a Roland drum machine. 2 months later they did some late night sessions @ recording studios all over Reykjavík, recording @ night, sleeping @ daytime. The outcome was the highly acclaimed album "Blue" which helped them land tour dates with Sigur Rós.
Five years later they began writing music for their 2nd album. This time they used the dB Studio of friend, Arnar Helgi Aðalsteinsson, of the band Plat & producer of Ampop. Together Arnar & Einarsson & Einarsson recorded & produced the album "…and the slow songs about the dead calm in your arms".
This duo is working on a third album "Two lazy tigers", to be released this year.
Listen to these old songs:
"My Bed = My Gravity" of the Album "Blue" (1996)
Get the album @ Gogoyoko

"Centre", a song of the Album "And The Slow Songs About The Dead Calm In Your Arms" (2006)
Get the album @ Gogoyoko

"Death Tape" of the same album

Another 1
"Wired To The Cold Metallic Scene"

Pornopop @ MySpace

Haffi Haff releases Album "Freak"

Haffi Haff releases "Freak"
Haffi Haff released his début "Freak". He collaborated with Stop Wait Go & Örlygur Smára.

Haffi Haff @ MySpace

Sólstafir "She destroys again" Official Video

Icelandic metal band Sólstafir
"She Destroys Again", a song of "Köld" Album (Spinefarm Records, 2009)
This video was shot entirely using a manual 35mm slr camera. There was no digital post processing, except that the photos were combined & arranged in Final Cut. All effects are 100% manual & handmade.
You can view stills from the video @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/heldrive...


Sólstafir @ MySpace

Poetrix "Draumar" Video

Rapper Poetrix (Sævar Daniel Kolandavelu)
"Draumar", a song of the Album "Fyrir lengra komna" (2008)
A Song by Poetrix, Marteinn Örn, Eiríkur Orri, Árni Hjörvar, Gunnar Karel & Smári Tarfur
Credits for this song:
Guitar: Smári Tarfur
Contrabass: Árni Hjörvar
Trumpet: Eiríkur Orri
Piano: Gunnar Karel
Drums: Marteinn Örn
Singer: Rósa Birgitta (of Feldberg & Sometime fame)
Rapper: Poetrix
Video was made by Hákon Jens Pétursson & Sigurður Þorfinnur Einarsson.

Poetrix @ MySpace

Endless Dark "Cold, Hard December" Video

Endless Dark, a band from the towns Ólafsvík & Grundarfjörður. Busy recording a Debut EP.
"Cold, Hard December", a Video shot @ UK

Endless Dark @ MySpace

Jóhann Jóhannsson "Melodia" Live @ San Francisco

Jóhann Jóhannsson Live @ The Great American Music Hall @ San Francisco on 14. May 2010

"Melodia" (Guidelines For A Propulsion Device Based On Heim's Quantum Theory), a song of "Fordlândia" Album (2008)



Fighting Shit "Fuck You"

Fighting Shit
"Fuck You" Live Video with Ólafur (Óli) Arnalds on drums

Fighting Shit @ MySpace
Dedicated to all Belgian Policemen

Markús & The Diversion Sessions "Now I Know": Listen to the New Album @ Karamba 1. July 2010

Now I Know
Markús & The Diversion Sessions
Thursday 1. July 2010 @ 21:00
@ Karamba, Laugavegur 22
Album "Now I Know" is released on Brak Records (Sublabel of Kimi) in 300 numbered copies .
Markús was a member of the bands Campfire Backtracks, Glasamar Further Than Far Far, Sofandi & Skátar.
Release Concert of the Album
@ Café Rosenberg 12. July 2010

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Me and My Brain (2007)

A song written by Dr. Gunni for Eurovision 2007.
Unfortunately it didn't win the 3rd Semi Final.

"Ég og Heilinn Minn" - Vocals by Heiða (Ragnheiður Eiríksdóttir), of Unun fame; now Hellvar.

Herbert Guðmundsson recording together with his son Svanur

Family Ties - Another chapter of the Icelandic musical families
Herbert (Hebbi) Guðmundsson
is recording a new Album, together with his son Svanur (Swan), voted best voice/singer @ this year's Músíktilraunir.
Gulli Briem on drums; Tryggvi Hübbner & Stefán Magnússon (Eiríksson) on guitar, Haraldur Þorsteinsson on bass. Magnús & Jóhann are doing backing vocals.
A couple of months I made this video, Svanur's father Herbert was sitting in front of me while shooting.
Svanur with his band Feeling Blue @ Músíktilraunir 2010

Svanur Herbertsson receiving the award out of the hands of Einar Örn 'Sugarcube' Benediktsson (on behalf of Smekkleysa Label)

Hljóðaklettar Cassette & Jacket - Evil Madness "Free Magic Weed" Video

FM Belfast is selling Underwear this summer,(unused I presume), Jónsi offers his own Raw Chocolate in his shop,and Hljóðaklettar is selling Jackets + Cassetttes.
Hljóðaklettar 'Dress UpJacket & Audio Cassette released on 17. June (Iceland's Independence Day)
Hljóðaklettar is a boutique record label founded and curated by Rúnar Magnússon & Sabrina Joy Winogrond for the purposes of releasing rare, limited, and collectible music. Each release will have a run of no more than 300 units and will be meticulously hand packaged, numbered, and distributed. Hljóðaklettar focuses on electro acoustic, generative, drone, and disco.
Hljóðaklettar is an Icelandic word meaning ‘The Echo Rocks’, 'Echoing Rocks' or ‘Whispering Cliffs’. The word refers to a group of crater plugs depicting basaltic columns in different positions creating various rock patterns. The loose material of those craters was washed away by flood waves originating from the big icecap Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Southern Iceland.

Dress Up
This is a very limited edition release (35 units). The jacket is a navy blue, light blue, and white football warm up jacket with ‘Hljóðaklettar’ screen printed on the back. The adjoining cassette is a label compilation containing music from various artists. This will be valued as a rare collector's item (Catalog #HKMC1).
Cassette contains Music by (in alphabetical order):
BJ Nilsen
Crying Cowboy
Dino Felipe
DJ Musician
Evil Madness
Helgi Þórsson
Hunk of a Man
Johann Johannsson
Pétur Eyvindsson
Rúnar Magnússon
SameSameButDifferent v.02 - Iceland
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Takeshi Muto (Phoenecia)
Vindva Mei
Cassette Artwork by Jay Schleidt.
Order Information
Paypal $65.00/€48 + shipping to paypal@hljodaklettar.com
Shipping Costs
North & South America: $12.00/€9
Asia: $12.00/€9
EU: $10.00/€6
More information here.
Here is a video of one of the bands of the cassette:
Evil Madness

"Free Magic Weed" Video made by Ryan Simpson

Evil Madness- Free Magic Weed from Hljóðaklettar

Evil Madness @ MySpace

Ryan J Simpson @ MySpace

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Vicky "Lazerbeam" Video

A new video by Vicky for a fantastic song
"Lazerbeam", a track of their debut album "Pull hard" (2008)

Vicky @ MySpace

Iceland Inspires Concert 1. July 2010 @ Hamragörðum undir Eyjafjöllum

VAX "Hot in Here" Video

"Hot in Here"

VAX @ MySpace

Jónas Sen & Ásgerður Júníusdóttir "Vertebrae by Vertebrae" @ Reykjavík Arts Festival 2010

Jónas Sen & Ásgerður Júníusdóttir
Björk "Vertebrae by Vertebrae" cover @ Reykjavík Arts Festival on 26. May 2010.
Song was arranged by Jónas Sen, the longtime collaborator of Björk.
Video was shot by Jón Egill Bergþórsson. www.youtube.com/v/cuWFiKcEtuc&hl&fmt=18

Hjaltalín Tour around Iceland in June/July 2010

Hjaltalín um Ísland - Hjaltalín does Full Circle around Iceland
Start: Wednesday 30. June 2010
End: Saturday 17. July 2010
Support Act (for most of the gigs) is Láru Rúnars
Hjaltalín Program:
30. June: Búðardalur - Leifsbúð (m. Láru Rúnars)
1. July Flatey - Hótel Flatey
2. July Ísafjörður - Krúsin (m. Láru Rúnars)
3. July Dýrafjarðardagar, Þingeyri - Félagsheimilið
7. July Skagaströnd - Kaffi Bjarmanes (m. Láru Rúnars)
8. July Akureyri - Græni hatturinn (m. Láru Rúnars)
9. July Akureyri - Græni hatturinn (m. Láru Rúnars)
10. July Þjóðlagahátíð á Siglufirði - Siglufjarðarkirkja
13. July Hrísey - Samkomuhúsið (m. Láru Rúnars)
14. July Sumartónleikar á Mývatni - Reykjahlíðarkirkja
17. July LungA, Seyðisfirði - Stóra sviðið

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Ólöf Arnalds in Concert @ Nordic House/Norræna Húsinu 29. June 2010

Ólöf Arnalds @ Norræna Húsinu on Tuesday 29. June

New Album of Ólöf "Innundir skinni" will be released by the British Label One Little Indian in September. @ Nordic House a new video made by Ásdís Sif Gunnarsóttir will have its première. A single will be released with "Close my eyes", a song of Arthur Russell.

Her first album "Við og við " came out in 2007, also with the help of Kjartan Sveinsson.

Davíð Þór Jónsson, Skúli Sverrisson, Shahzad Ismaily, María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir, Daníel Bjarnason, Matthías Hemstock, Róbert Reynisson, Ragnar Kjartansson & Björk did collaborate with Ólöf on the new record.

Concert @ Norræna Húsinu starts @ 21:00.

Doors @ 20:00.

Tickets @ 1500 IKR @ MIDI.

"Close my eyes" Live @ Madrid on 18. June 2010


Ólöf Arnalds @ MySpace

Björk featured on new Dirty Projectors Record

Collaboration of Björk with Dirty Projectors
More than a year ago Björk & Dirty Projectors gave a concert together @ New York City.
David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors wrote the material for the self-released EP "Mount Wittenberg Orca", containing 7 pieces, about 20 minutes of music.
Buy the EP @ Topspin for 7$.
More information about the project @ Stereogum


Jónsvaka Off-Venue - Free Concert @ Hressógarðinum 25. & 26. June 2010

Jónsvaka Off-Venue
Free gigs @ Hressó @ Hressógarðinum
Friday 25. June 2010
21:00: Foreign Monkeys
21:30: Moses Hightower
Saturday 26. June 2010
16:30: Hudson Wayne
17:00: Myrra
17:30: Árstíðir
18:00: Mukkaló
18:30: For a Minor Reflection
19:00: Bloodgroup

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For a Minor Reflection (FaMR) @ Havarí 25. June 2010

The City of Reykjavík & Havarí
Summer Concert
For a Minor Reflection

Friday 25. June 2010
17:00 - 18:00
@ Havarí, Austurstræti 6, Reykjavík
The band is going to play songs of their
New Album "Höldum í átt að óreiðu".
Already released in Iceland.
To be released in Europe on 6. September 2010.
FaMR @ Iceland Airwaves 2009


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Song of the 169. Week is Miri's "Ég á heima á Íslandi"

169. Song of the Week is "Ég á heima á Íslandi" (I live in Iceland) of the band Miri. This a song of their Album "Okkar", produced by Curver Thoroddsen.


Miri @ MySpace

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Mammút on European Tour this Summer

The youngsters of Mammút are very busy this summer on the main land. A lot of Gigs & Festivals @ Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Slovak Republic.
Tour Dates
3. July @ Skiippagurra Festival @ Tana, Norway
23.July @ Kino @ Ebensee, Austria
24. July @ Kuahgartn Open Air @ Babensham St. Leonhard, Germany
25. July @ Eier mit Speck Festival @ Vierse, Germany
27. July @ Am Schluss Festival @ Thun, Switzerland
28. July @ Sonic Ballroom @ Cologne, Germany
29. July @ Hafen 2 @ Offenbach, Germany
30. July @ Krach Am Bach @ Beelen, Germany
31. July @ Lott Festival @ Raversbeuren, Germany
1. August @ Astra Stube @ Hamburg, Germany
2. August @ White Trash @ Berlin, Germany
4. August @ Tabacka Kulturfabrik @ Kosice, Slovak Republic
6. August @ STUCK! 2010 @ Rockhouse @ Salzburg, Austria
Mammút @ MySpace

Icelandic Artists @ Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival: Go MySpace

This is a post for those who are still keen on MySpace.
Because there is not yet information about the Icelandic artists on the festival's website, I give you a list of all the Icelandic artists already confirmed to perform @ Airwaves '10 @ Reykjavík from 13-17. October 2010.
For my Collection of Videos & Music Players go here.
Some Space for MySpace:
Agent Fresco
Bang Gang or Bang Gang's Website
Cliff Clavin
Dikta or Dikta's Website
HAM on Facebook (No MySpace!?)
Lára Rúnars
Lights on the Highway
Mugison or Mugison's Website
Of Monsters and Men
Pascal Pinon
Retro Stefson
Seabear or Seabear's Website
Sudden Weather Change
Who Knew

Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 5: "Kafbátamúsik" by Ensími

# 5
"Kafbátamúsik" (1998)
(Submarine Music/U-Boat Music)
The band Ensími was formed in 1996 by singer & guitarist Hrafn Thoroddsen & drummer Jón Örn Arnarson. Both were members of the famous rock band Jet Black Joe. Other band members became Kjartan Róbertsson on bass (previous member of death metal band Strigaskór nr. 42), Oddný Sturludóttir on keyboards & vocals, Franz Gunnarsson on guitar & vocals (previous member of metal band In Memoriam). Franz met Jón Örn @ Skífan Record Store, where both used to work.
Their first album called "Kafbátamúsik" was released on Dennis Records, a sublabel of Skífan label, on 15. October 1998 (DCD 003).
The songs were recorded @ rehearsal space of the band and @ Studio S
ýrland during the summer of 1998. Jakob Smári Magnússon played bass on "Drelflík" & Óskar Guðnsson saxophone on "Flotkví". Sound was recorded by Addi 800.
3200 copies were sold.
Songs on the album:
1. Flotkv
2. Arpeggiator/gulur
3. K
4. Drelflík
5. Conga
6. Gaur
7. Hrúgald
8. Atari
9. Naglabassi
10. Permanent
Read a review (2009) of all the songs by Sindri Eldon for Grapevine Magazine here
Listen to "Arpeggiator/gulur":

On 11. June 2009 the band played for Grapevine/Rafskinna Magazines (theme was "Manstu ekki eftir mér") the entire album/masterpiece @ NASA venue.
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