mánudagur, júní 07, 2010

Rokk í Ráðhúsinu @ Rjominn Website

Tonight I found a nice post entitled
Rokk í Ráðhúsinu
(Rock @ The City Hall)
on the Rjominn website.

Besti flokkurinn (Best Party) is taking over the City Hall of Reykjavík the next 4 years. Major Jón Gnarr, comedian of radio show Tvíhöfði & many more comic shows, was involved in some musical projects. He played bass in a punk band Nefrennsli, he wrote the lyrics for the HAM song “Youth” & wrote together with Dr. Gunni the farting song “Prumpufólkið”.

Nefrennsli @ MySpace

Listen to some songs by members of the Best Party here

Tvíhöfði & Quarashi "Útlenska lagið" (1998)

HAM "Youth" (1989)

HAM singer, Óttarr Proppé, is the third man in the council. Bass player of HAM, Sigurður Björn Blöndal was on 9. Place for the elections, played in Rass (Ass) & Funkstrasse with Óttarr.

Rass "Óréttlæti" (2005)

Einar Örn Benediktsson, on 2. Place, nearly 30 years after the start of Iceland's most active punk band Purrkur Pillnikk. EÖB was also part of KUKL & Sykurmolarnir (The Sugarcubes), Frostbite & Ghostigital. He even did the soundtrack for 101 Reykjavik movie together with Blur's Damon Albarn, a friend of Iceland for a while.

Purrkur Pillnikk "Gluggagægir" (1981)

Sykurmolarnir "Eat The Menu" (1989)

Karl Sigurðsson of Baggalútur on 5. Place

Magga Stína of Risaeðlan (Reptile) was on the list too

Diljá Rokklingur on 10. Place

Dr. Gunni of Bless, Unun & S.H. Draumur was on 11. Place

Rokk í Reykjavík in 2010!