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Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Reykjavik: Grapevine Got Legs!

Grapevine Got Legs!
is a free walking tour designed for folks who want to know how and where to hang out in Reykjavik, learning some of its stories without looking like a total tourist. It’s fine if you look like a tourist, though.
On the walk you’ll find out some of the secrets to Reykjavik's cafes, music scene, galleries and nightlife. The two-hour tour starts at independent music and art shop, Havarí, and will end at a choice bar where you’ll be able to chat with locals and share a beverage (or eight).
During the tour, you’ll get several short presentations from local art and music scene folks who will orient you with all of the fun and innovative things happening in the city. The tour runs for approximately two hours and will include free and discounted samples of local food, music, art and drinks.
As a thank you gift for joining the tour, you will get a special discount card to bars and cafes in the downtown area – and your Grapevine Certified™ tour guide will help you figure out what fun things you might enjoy doing over the weekend, to ensure you tap into that special local feeling.
And did we mention that it’s free? ‘Cuz it is!
Tour starts every Friday @ 16:00, at the Havarí Music Shop & Gallery.
First one on Friday 1. July with Tour Guide Julia Staples.

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julia sagði...

Thanks! I hope you can make it sometime soon. xo

Wim Van Hooste sagði...

Hope you still have the tour in October.