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Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 6: "Mjötviður mær" by Þeyr

# 6
"Mjötviður mær"
by Þeyr
Released on 14. December 1981 on Eskvímó Label (ESQ 2). One year earlier, december 1980, the band released their debut album "Þagað í hel" on SG Label.
The band was strongly influenced by Joy Division, their music is often described as "post-punk", or even "depro-punk". Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson/HÖH (Psychic TV member for a while) acted as the band's inspirator/guru.
With the help of Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke, a regular visitor of Iceland in the early 80's , the band was able to play some gigs @ London in the autumn of 1981. John Peel played some Þeyr songs in his show on BBC Radio. Almost they became the supporting act for a tour of 6 months of The Cure.
This Album was recorded in 140 hours @ Hljóðriti @ Hafnarfjörður with the help of Tony Cook.
2000 copies were sold.
The Cover features a naked man, which is a reference to a drawning by Leonardo da Vinci. On the back the naked man is running @ Skerjafjörður towards Bessastaðir (The Residence of Iceland's President).
Band members on this album were singer Magnús Guðmundsson, Þorsteinn Magnússon on guitar (of Eik fame), Guðlaugur Kr. Óttarsson on guitar, Hilmar Örn Agnarsson on bass & Sigtryggur Baldursson on drums.
Songs on the Album:
Side 1
1. Úlfur
2. Iss
3. Current
4. 2999
5. Mjötviður
6. Ópið

Side 2
1. Þeir
2. Rúdolf
3. Never Suck (on Fun-Days)
4. Það er nóg
5. Hva-than
6. Ónefnt
"Iss", "Þeir" & "2999" are poppy songs with keyboards & voice-distortion. "Rúdolf" is an angry, quite traditional, anti-fascistic rock-song.
"Rúdolf" Footage from Rokk í Reykjavík Movie

HÖH is co-writer of the songs "Iss", "Current", "Þeir", "Það er nóg" & "Ónefnt".
With the help of British Radio Legend John Peel signed a deal with Shout Records. This label released in 1982 an Album "As Above", with some songs of "Mjötviður mær" (LX001). Same cover as "Mjötviður mær".
Track list:
Side A: Homo gestalt - Killer boogie - Dead/Undead - Wolf - Technologos - Poeme
Side B: Current - Rudolf - Are you still there - Though - Shout