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Jónsvaka - Reykjavik's Midsummer Festival 24-27. June 2010

Midsummer Festival
24-27. June 2010
The name derives from John Baptist’s birthday, which has been celebrated on this longest-lasting day of summer for centuries, but the festivities that conjure during the day and the action of the subsequent night combined make up John’s Wake (which literally translates as Jónsvaka).
The festival will bring together various young and promising artists from miscellaneous parts of the art spectrum in Reykjavik’s median so the result should be awesome: Colorful and energetic shenanigans, artistic triumphs and glimpses of the art scenario’s best can be expected on every corner. The festival is pitched at increasing youth participation in the art scene, providing a platform for young artists and in passing illuminating the summer in Reykjavik with wonderful performances.
It’s easy to see how swanky opportunity this fiesta is for young and creative individuals who are interested in conveying their art through this new and dynamic podium. Besides the several art events, a musical program will be one of the festival’s cornerstones where the crème de la crème of the Icelandic music scene will justify their status on a colossal grandstand.
All events of the art section are free of charge and the concert program price is very modest.
Musicians on the program:
Agent Fresco
For A Minor Reflection
Foreign Monkeys
Ólafur Arnalds
Reykjavik Underground
Sin Fang Bous
Sudden Weather Change

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