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Record Stores / Music Sellers in 101 Reykjavík Area / Where to buy some good Icelandic music downtown - An Update

Many people asked me where to grap some Icelandic music while visiting Iceland, while running around in the 101 area of the capital on their "free day" after exploring the island for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
Here is my updated version of a selection of shops & record stores where you can find a (large) collection of Icelandic music, if you want to purchase it in real life, and not online.
Previous post about music sellers can be found here.
12 Tónar
Skólavörðustígur 15, 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 511 5656
12 Tónar
12 Tónar is an independent record label & music store. This is the place to visit if you love music. You can sit down in the sofas, listen to some music & drink coffee @ the same time. Jóhannes & Einar Sonic (of Singapore Sling) & colleagues are answering all your questions.

Smekkleysa (Bad Taste) Smekkleysubúðin Record Store
Laugavegur 35, 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 534 3730
Smekkleysa/Bad Taste
Smekkleysa hf. (Bad Taste) is the record label founded by The Sugarcubes & friends. This label helped launching the career of Sigur Rós & many others. Years ago they had mail order, later on they opened a record store with a lot of Icelandic albums. Kiddi Rokk & colleagues can help you to select some records.

Geisladiskabúð Valda
Laugavegur 64 ( entrance @ Vitastigsmegin), 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 562 9002
Geisladiskabúð Valda @ Facebook
Geisladiskabúð Valda is the small second hand record store of Valdi, focusing mostly on classic rock & heavy metal. At the store you can get CDs, DVDs, vinyls, PC games, etc. The main focus is heavy music such as heavy metal & death metal. Large amount of 2nd hand Icelandic music.

Mál og Menning
Laugavegur 18, 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 515 2500
Mál og Menning
Mál og Menning is a book- and stationery store where you can get Icelandic and foreign books on every subject you can imagine. The store also stocks some Icelandic music.

There are 2 shops downtown now:
- Austurstræti 18, 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 540 2130
- Skólavörðustígur 15, 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 540 2510
Penninn-Eymundsson are book and stationery stores situated in many areas across Reykjavík and throughout Iceland. There are also branches at Kringlan and Smáralind shopping malls. These stores stock Icelandic and foreign books, stationery, giftware, postcards and so on. At Eymundsson you can find also some fine Icelandic music.

Lækjargata 2a, 101 Reykjavík
Book and stationary store with large Icelandic music corner.

Austurstræti 6, 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 551 5858
The couple Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson & Berglind Häsler, original from Seyðisfjörður in the East Fjords, are running the new Havarí shop & gallery downtown Reykjavík. Both are musicians in the band Skakkamanage, they form the duo Létt á Bárunni, and Svavar solo is Prins Polo.
The shop is situated nextdoors Shalimar Restaurant @ Austurstræti 6, across the street is Subway.
In the gallery/shop you can buy stuff (music & art) of 4 origins: Kimi Records, Borgin Hljómplötur (a sublabel of Kimi), Gogoyoko & Skakka­popp.

Laugavegur 26, 101 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 591 5310
Skífan is the largest music store in Reykjavík. It carries every sort of music from both Icelandic and foreign musicians and bands. Large collection of country, classical, pop and rock music along with all sorts of other kind of music. The shop also sells PC and Playstation games and DVDs of all sorts.

Lucky Records
Hverfisgata 82, 101 Reykjavík
Rather new second hand music store, mainly vinyls. Ingvar Geirsson has also a store @ Kolaportið (Flea Market @ the old harbour) during the weekends.

Kolaportið Flea Market
Tryggvagata 19, 101 Reykjavík
The biggest flea market of the island, near the old harbour of the capital. Open on Saturdays & Sundays & Public Holidays from 11:00-17:00. You can find some old, second hand music stuff, next to the fish, candy, shoes, etc.

3D Map made by Wim Van Hooste, assisted by Michael Vlaeminck.

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