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It's not pop, it's not porno, it's Pornopop

It's not pop, it's not porno, it's Pornopop
, a great, but quite unknown band consisting of the bros. Pétur Jóhann Einarsson & Águst Arnar Einarsson.
Band of brothers started in 1996 in their parents' basement, making music with a Roland drum machine. 2 months later they did some late night sessions @ recording studios all over Reykjavík, recording @ night, sleeping @ daytime. The outcome was the highly acclaimed album "Blue" which helped them land tour dates with Sigur Rós.
Five years later they began writing music for their 2nd album. This time they used the dB Studio of friend, Arnar Helgi Aðalsteinsson, of the band Plat & producer of Ampop. Together Arnar & Einarsson & Einarsson recorded & produced the album "…and the slow songs about the dead calm in your arms".
This duo is working on a third album "Two lazy tigers", to be released this year.
Listen to these old songs:
"My Bed = My Gravity" of the Album "Blue" (1996)
Get the album @ Gogoyoko

"Centre", a song of the Album "And The Slow Songs About The Dead Calm In Your Arms" (2006)
Get the album @ Gogoyoko

"Death Tape" of the same album

Another 1
"Wired To The Cold Metallic Scene"

Pornopop @ MySpace

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