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Song of the 167. Week: Siggi Ármann's "Every second"

The 167. Song of the Week is "Every second" by late troubadour Siggi (Sigurður) Ármann, who recently died too young, too early.


Siggi Ármann was a young composer, singer and guitarist. His first Album "Mindscape" was released by Smekkleysa (aka Bad Taste Ltd.) label. Production of the disk was handled by Sigtryggur (Siggi) Baldurson & Jóhann Jóhannsson, who both hit the keyboards and drums, where necessary.
He was supporting act of Sigur Rós in 2001 in Iceland & abroad.
He covered "Be quiet and drive (far away)" of The Deftones, "Bullet in the head" of Rage Against The Machine, and even "A forest" of The Cure.
His 2nd Album "Music for the addicted" was released in 2006, with collaborations of JJ, Siggi Baldursson & Kjartan Sveinsson of Sigur Rós.
Siggi Ármann
Hvíl í friði
Jóhann Jóhannsson on his Website on 2. June 2010
I, along with many others in the Icelandic music community, mourn the untimely passing of Sigurður Ármann Kristjánsson, known to most as Siggi Ármann. I was lucky enough to work with him on two of his albums, Mindscape and Music for the Addicted. From the first time Sigtryggur Baldursson played me his rough home recordings, his music affected me deeply with its simplicity, precision and emotional directness. It was simple and sophisticated, naive and profoundly metaphysical at the same time. His songs were often precisely composed, with his simple three part arrangements, raw guitar picking and simple but expressive lyrics, often just one repeated phrase which stuck to your brain like a mantra. Working with Siggi was like working with the gentlest viking warrior in the world; his imposing physical presence was in sharp contrast with the delicacy of his music, vocals and guitar playing as well as the gentleness of his manner. His life was not an easy one and he battled severe depression all his adult life. He was not always easy to work with but his uniquely individual talent, his kindness and all-consuming enthusiasm for music made working with him one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. He will be missed.

Siggi Ármann @ MySpace

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One of my favorite acts of the 2006 Airwaves. Hard to describe, impossible to forget.