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XIII releases Black Box Package on 13. September - Release Concert @ Sódóma 17. September 2010

XIII releases Black Box
The XIII package contains 2 CDs with 26 songs (7 new + 19 bests song of first 3 albums), also a booklet with text & photographs that illustraties the history of the band (32 pages).
The 3 old records were remastered, and can be downloaded for free by those who buy the box.
The rock band XIII (13) was founded in 1993 by Hallur Ingólfsson who had previously been a member of bands such as HAM, Gypsy and Bleeding Volcano.
XIII released “SALT”, its first record, in 1994, the music was dark and heavy and had an immediate place in the international rock scene. The record was then released to great critical acclaim in Europe by No Bull Records, a subsidiary of Koch Records.
In 1995 XIII released its second album called “Serpentyne”. The music was slightly more refined and than on the debut album but still quite dark and demanding.
Serpentyne was released in Europe in 1996 and the band enjoyed good press coverage and good reviews. In 1997 the band went on a 15 date tour around Germany to support the album, the tour was successful and the German rock critics were extremely impressed, calling the band "the best kept secret in Rock”!
Following the tour the band went on hiatus and was not active until 2002 when it released it’s third album called “Magnifico Nova”. Again the XIII received favorable reviews and the album was very successful in the European market where it was released by the French label 13bis.
In 2005 the band recorded its fourth album, again on the 13bis label. The album was fully produced but was never released into the market due to an internal reorganisation at the record company. Following this the band went into hibernation once again.
In 2009 the band resumed work and has since been very active on the rock scene in Iceland.
"Black Box"
Release Concert
@ Sódóma Reykjavík
17. September 2010
XIII @ MySpace
Live @ Eistnaflug 2010

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