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Back to the 90's: Hoppandi Hirðfífl

Watch a Video starring the drummer Kjartan Bragi Bjarnason of the bands kimono & Seabear back in 1993.
With the band Hoppandi Hirðfífl (Saltatory court fool) performing the song "Hjálpaðu mér" (Help me)
Live @ TV Program of host Hemmi Gunn here.
The name of the band reminds me of the best topic on the website Iceland Review Online of the last months:
Ask Eygló

"How do you say “asshole” in Icelandic?"
Question: I know a guy from Iceland who is a real asshole. And I would love to call him what he is in his own language. So how do you say “asshole” in Icelandic? My studies in the language have not covered this sort of thing as of yet.
Sue Story, Huntington, WV, USA
Answer: The literal translation of “asshole” is rassgat. However, it is not used as a swearword in Iceland but rather as a compliment.
If you want to describe someone as cute or kind you affectionately say: thú ert algjört rassgat
(“you are a real asshole”). Strange, I know.I’d rather call that guy: asni (“jerk”—literal meaning “donkey”), leidindaseggur (“trouble maker”), kvikindi (“bastard”—literal meaning “meanie”), hálfviti (“half-a-brainer”), fífl (“fool”), fábjáni (“idiot”), or, if you want to be really mean: skítaklepri (“sticky piece of shit”).

Source: Ask Eygló



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