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New Gavin Portland Album released on We Deliver The Guts Records on 12. February 2010

IV: Hand in hand with traitors, back to back with whores
Gavin Portland
releases their New Album on 12. Februrary 2010 on the We Deliver The Guts Records in Germany (
Gavin Portland is a R'vik based (post) hardcore band formed in 2005.
They already released 2 EPs in 2006
"I: The end of every minute"
"II: Tell us how it ended, tell us how we died
Debut Album “III: Views from distant towns” (2006) was released by the Icelandic label 12Tónar.
The band members are Kolli (on vocals), Þórir (on guitar/vocals, also known for My Summer as a Salvation Soldier), Addi (on bass) & Sindri (on drums).
Gavin Portland @ MySpace

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