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Emiliana Torrini goes Belgian: Jacques Brel cover "If you go away" on Rarities Album

Yesterday I bought the Emiliana Torrini Album called "Rarities" @ R.I.P. Bilbo Antwerpen. An album with covers & B-sides.
Cover photograph proves this smoking issue.
Released by Virgin Records America, Inc. as a CD promo back in 2001.
Now also officially released by One Little Indian Ltd. in 2009 (catalogue number TPLP1015CD)
Number 2 is a Jacques Brel cover (the original is called "Ne me quitte pas"). Brel is probably best (known) Belgian singer-songwriter & actor ever, not French excusez-moi, died too soon of lung cancer (as notorious heavy smoker).
Judge for yourself here:

9 Tracks:
Weird Friendless Kid 4:14
If You Go Away 4:34
7-Up Days 3:48
Flirt 2:03
Tuna Fish (Acoustic Version) 2:55
Baby Blue (Rae & Christian Remix) 7:35
Easy (Remix) 3:04
Unemployed In Summertime (Remix) 5:57
To Be Free (Futureshock Mix) 8:09

In April Árni V. of FM Belfast & friends (Sesar A a.o.) did "No limit" of 2 Unlimited (Belgian/Dutch - B/NL group) @ Aldrei festival 2009 after-party on Sunday night.
I talked with Árni about Björk doing a 2 Unlimited song in France to do a FM Belfast version of this Belgian classic (although the singers doing the no lyrics were Dutch):
limit à la Björk
Here's the proof:

Other Icelandic covers of Belgian songs in the future!?:
2 Belgen
"Lena" by Ghostigital, Stereo Hypnosis, Hoffman?
2 Many DJs
by Captain Fufanu?
Absynthe Minded
"My heroics" by Klink, Sudden Weather Change or Ghostigital?
Admiral Freebee "Oh darkness" by Hudson Wayne?
Ann Christy "De Roos" by Sigur Rós or Pascal Pinon?
Arid "Too late tonight" by Agent Fresco?
Arno "Les yeux de ma mère" by Bryndís?
Axelle Red "Je t'attends" by Heiða Eiríks?
Axelle Red "Sensualité" by Emiliana Torrini?
Clouseau "Daar gaat ze" by Jeff Who??
Daan "Swedish Designer drugs" by Bárujárn or Krummi?
Das Pop "Electronica for lovers" by Jeff Who??
Dead Man Ray "Chemical" by Seabear or Sin Fang Bous?
dEUS "Hotel lounge" by Bubbi, Mugison, Esja, Lights on the Highway?
dEUS "Suds & Soda" by Reykjavík!, Mugison or Pétur Ben?
Eva De Roovere "De Jager" by Lay Low, Emiliana Torrini, Ragnheiður Gröndal?
Evil Superstars "Satan in my ass" by Aela?
Ferre Grignard "Ring, ring, I've got to sing" by Hjaltalín or múm?
Flip Kowlier "Min moaten" by Retro Stefson?
Front 242 "Headhunter" by Hellvar?
Famous Dutch Director (remember the Ian Curtis movie)/B&W Photographer Anton Corbijn shoot the Video @ Brussels of the Best Belgian Band ever/Electronic Body Music 4ever: Front 242

"Mia" by Amiina?
Gorki "Lieve kleine piranha" by Króna or Dr. Gunni?
"Mad about you" by Worm is green or Jeff Who??
Hooverphonic "Vinegar & Salt" by The Funerals or Leaves?
Jacques Brel "Le plat pays" by Mógil, múm or Hjaltalín?
Jaques Brel "Le port d'amsterdam" by Heiða Eiríks?
Jo Lemaire "Je suis venue te dire que je m'envais" (a Gainsbourg song) by Heiða Eiríks?
Kadril "Louise" by Hjaltalín, Mógil, Parachutes or Jónsi & Alexmúm?
K's Choice "Not an addict" by Klink, Dr. Spock, Ensími
Laïs "'t Smidje" by Mógil, Parachutes or Jónsi & Alex?
Lords of Acid
Luc van Acker & Anna Domino "Zanna" by Feldberg or duo Ólöf & Ólafur Arnalds?
Mauro "Skytiger" by Pétur Ben?
Millionaire "Champagne" by Paul Oscar or Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson/Esja?
Milow "Ayo Technology" by Sesar A?
Nacht und Nebel "Beats of love" by Singapore Sling, Bloodgroup, Sometime, Captain Fufanu or GusGus?
Noordkaap "Ik hou van u" by Stórsveit Nix Noltes, Sprengjuhöllin?
Novastar (B/NL) "Wrong" by Elíza or Jeff Who??
Plastic Bertrand "Ca plane pour moi"? by Blóð?
Praga Khan "Breakfast in Vegas"? by Sometime or Bloudgroup?
Raymond van het Groenewoud "Meisjes" by Lay Low, Slowblow, Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán or Dr. Spock/HAM/Rass?
Red Zebra "I can't live in a living room" by Agent Fresco, Sudden Weather Change, Who Knew or DYS?
Sandra Kim "J'aime la vie" by Morðingjarnir? (I know you like/know Sandra, Haukur)
Soeur Sourire "Dominique" by Lay Low?
Soulsister "The way to your heart" by Jeff Who??
Stash "Sadness" by Ampop, Blindfold or For a Minor Reflection?
Stef Bos (B/NL) "Papa" by Krummi or Esja?
TC Matic "Putain Putain" by FM Belfast? Or Dr. Spock? Or Dr. Spock in the FM Belfast Remix?
TC Matic "Oh La La La" by Æla or Rass?
Telex "Eurovision" by Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson, Merzedes Club or Dr. Spock?
The Kids "There will be no next time" by Bang Gang, Rass or HAM?
The Scabs "Hard times" by Sudden Weather Change, Who Knew, Skakkamanage or Dr. Spock?
Vaya Con Dios "What's a woman" by Pascal Pinon, Elíza or Rökkurró?
Vaya Con Dios "Just a friend of Mine" by Feldberg?
Wallace Collection "Daydream"
Willem Vermandere "Lat mie maar lopen" by Megas, Pétur Ben or Mugison?
Won Ton Ton "I lie and I cheat" by Vicky acoustic?
Zita Swoon "My bond with you and my planet: DISCO!" by Jan Mayen?
Suggestions by Veerle, Leo, Jen goes Digital and myself
All suggestions are welcome...

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