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Iceland Airwaves '09 - The Reviews in Dutch and more

Raw Diamants from the North
Belgian journalist Dirk Steenhaut, a longtime fan of the Icelandic music scene like me (he thinks about 25% is very good), recommends these artists of Airwaves '09 for the Flemish Radio Station Studio Brussel (StuBru) here:
- Sudden Weather Change "I want to see some noses bleed" (influences Sonic Youth & Pavement) - @ the end of the interview with Dirk they played the song "St. Peter's Day" .
Slideshow of my Sudden Weather Change @ Aldrei '09 Festival Photographs

"Killgore Trout III" Live @ KEXP Radio Seattle @ Airwaves '09 Festival

- Mikael Lind (Swedish guy living in Iceland)
- We Made God (influences Sigur Rós & Deftones)
- Eberg
- Helgi Hrafn Jónsson
Very irritating on StuBru is that whenever they (DJs, guests, ...) say "Sigur Rós", it sounds like Sigur Ros, and it is so helvitis easy 'cause it's the same pronounciation & meaning as "Roos" (Goggi's pronounciation) in Dutch/Flemish. I hope Balli of Kimi Records/Borgin/Brak records labels is going to teach them to pronounce Icelandic words correctly soon. Maybe they can teach him the first Flemish words to communicate downtown Smetlede!

More Reviews of Airwaves '09:
In Dutch (BE/NL)
Dirk Steenhaut for Focus Knack Magazine
Dirk Steenhaut for Goddeau
Maurice Dielemans for Kindamuzik
Rob van der Zwaan for Festival Info
Ellen de Jong for 8weekly
Kees de Jong for Roar E-zine
In French (FR/CA)
Matthieu Petit for Voir
In German
Anja Wässerbach for Spiegel Online Reise
In English
Vasilis Panagiotopoulos for Drowned in Sound (DiS)
Sarah Fakray for Dazed & Confused Digital
Clash Music
KEXP Radio Seattle Blog

2 ummæli:

linus.nonpapa sagði...

i don't want to be a pedant and all that you know, but actually "rós" is pronounced much more like flemish "ros" than flemish "roos"... it certainly doesn't have a long oo.

unless of course georg holm doesn't know how to pronounce the name :^)

Wim Van Hooste sagði...

Hi !linus,
It's not the "roos" from Leuven or Limburg, but there's an accent on the o, so it has to be longer than without accent. I've put the correct pronounciations in many previous posts, thanks for your suggestion (
If I do the same with Spanish words, other people correct me too.
When Goggi says it, it's different than Dirk Steenhaut, and many others also outside StuBru.
The same with Björk with ö (it's not Bjork), Reykjavík with í (sounds like viek and not vik), etc.

Strange when 2 Belgians start discussions on Icelandic words,
but it took me about 6 months to come close to the Icelandic tongue.
After all, maybe I pronounce it the Akureyri way (e.g. pylsur in Reykjavík vs. Akureyri), where I learned Icelandic years ago.