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Rare Icelandic music stuff of Sigur Rós, Björk, Unun & HAM

Here's a selection of rare Icelandic music stuff I own.
Poster included with the Smekkleysa CD Box (1997)
In 1997 Smekkleysa label (aka Bad Taste) released a serie of 8 CDs with a few notable young underground bands. Each CD contained around 8 songs. Sort of EPs, mini Albums designed to get the bands some starting point, but not distributed or promoted widely until that day. A lot of these bands disbanded soon after those releases, like it goes in Iceland.
Number 5
was Soðin Fiðla, # 4 The Bag of Joys.
Most notable was the Number 2 of this box was the debut album of Sigur Rós: "Von".
In April 1998 I bought one of the few left boxes with the 8 CDs @ Record Store Japis (R.I.P.) @ Laugavegur shopping street, the workplace of a.o. Ghostigital's Curver.
Björk's "real" Debut (Falkinn, 1977)
Takk Elvar of Hellvar
HAM's "Buffalo Virgin", the first full release of this doom metal/hard rock/whatever band
(One Little Indian, 1989)
For Elvar
Signed Björk "Post" T-shirt & Album

Ceci n'est pas Þrír Frakkar
Three Icelandic T-Shirts
with Unun T-shirt
Takk Jóhannes of 12Tónar

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hey do you want to sell your bjork post tshirt? i miss mine terribly