mánudagur, júlí 26, 2010

Song of the 174. Week is by Reptilicus: "Okkar heili er innsiglaður"

174. Song of the Week is a song by Reptilicus: "Okkar heili er innsigladur" of the S.O.B.S. EP.


S.O.B.S. was released by Staalplaat in the summer of 1996. It contained two remixes by McKenzie of a track from O entitled "Song of the Beast" (S.O.B.)(based on an Icelandic folksong "Ókindarkvæði"), hence the title (which was originally a working title, s.o.b. with a plural s). It contained two new tracks, one of which was to become something of a radio hit during that summer: "Okkar heili er innsiglaður", which contained a raving sermon by well known Iceland Pentecostal preacher, Gunnar Þorsteinsson, edited on top of throbbing dance-ambient-noise music.

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