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Song of the 172. Week is "Dare Devil" by Bellatrix

172. Song of the Week is "Dare Devil" by Bellatrix.
This is a track of the Album "It's all true", released in 2000 on the London-based Fierce Panda Label (NONG 14CD).


Kolrassa Krókrídandi was formed in 1992 by 4 girls of 16 years from Keflavík. They won the battle of the bands competition (Musíktilraunir) in 1992 & signed a record deal with Smekkleysa (Bad Taste Label).
In 1998, after making 3 popular albums (+ one in English "Stranger Tales"), they decided to take on the world and revamped their sound and changed their name to Bellatrix. They released the album "g" with Global Warming Records and quickly built a strong fan base in the UK& Skandinavia. Bellatrix toured extensively around Europe & even did a tour with Coldplay. The band co-headlined the Carling stage at the Reading & Leeds festival in 2000. They became the darlings of the indie press in Britain and signed to the legendary label Fierce Panda by founder Simon Williams in 1999 and released their final album "It's All True" in 2000.
Elíza released 2 solo albums & an album with the band Skandinavia. Sigrún plays keyboards in the band Dýrðin. Ester Bíbí plays bass in Singapore Sling. Anna Magga plays guitar with the band Miss Daisy and Vaginas. Kidda plays bass and guitar with Kristín Eysteins, Kalli plays drums with the band Bob Volume.
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