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Sudden Weather Change @ Faktorý 29. July 2010

Sudden Weather Change
& guests
@ Faktorý venue
Thursday 29. July
Doors @ 21:00
Start @ 22:00
Admission: 500 IKR
Sudden Weather Change will perform their debut "Sudden Weather Change" EP @ Faktorý (the old Grand Rokk) tomorrow. Two months ago a Facebook group was made which challenged the band to take fan favourite "Godspeed" again live. The guys haven't played Godspeed nor any other song from their EP live for a long time.
Sudden Weather Change said they would play the song if 116 people would join the group, but now there are 128 guys playing, so they'll play, not only Godspeed, but the whole EP.

"Prey mode" Live @ Ghent, Belgium (2010)

Sudden Weather Change @ MySpace

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