sunnudagur, júlí 11, 2010

Blog Hiatus for 2 Weeks: I need a vacation

Holiday Hiatus
I'm taking a blog break for 2 weeks.
Only pre-programmed posts to come.
A lot of Songs of the Week to listen to: a brand new one by Toggi & some older stuff by Bellatrix & Reptilicus.
On Thursday 15. July of course there will be my 22. contribution to the international blog collective Music Alliance Pact.
If you're bored, you can follow other blogs:
e.g. the blog of the band Pascal Pinon
Pascal Pinon's debut album will be reissued by the German Morr Music Label & they are currently working on new material to be released by Morr as well.
Nice to have the blog in Icelandic & English. Good work girls!

Or follow the
Sonic Iceland Project of Kai & Marcel
I need a vacation


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