mánudagur, júní 01, 2009

Reyk Veek: Underground Techno Artists Collective

Reyk Veek is a Collective of Icelandic Underground techno artists.
Their goals are:
- start an all-icelandic underground techno scene that may appeal to the masses
- networking and promoting by a combination of new media and traditional channels, exploiting the very intimate nature of social activities and clubbing in Iceland
- work on and develop a music and visual arts scene that may be exported as an all-Icelandic product
- crystalize the so-shaped scene in the REYK VEEK Record Label (VEEK** with regular digital and vinyl releases; signed artists will be exclusively Icelandic
- Reyk Veek events will be held on a regular basis, so as to shape -and in turn be shaped by - the Icelandic clubbing scene.
So they'll follow in the footsteps of Thule Label & Pineapple Label.

The artists behind Reyk Veek are:
Karíus & Baktus www.myspace.com/kariusundbaktus
Oculus www.myspace.com/oculusmusic
Asli www.myspace.com/djjonfri
Orang Volante www.myspace.com/djdiscovolante
Siggi Kalli http://northernexposure.is/artists/siggikalli
Fúsi Axfjörð

Releases under the name VEEK.
First event VEEK 001 was on 30. May @ NASA venue

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