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Music from the moon - Documentary about Music from Greenland & Iceland

Music from the moon
Music from the Moon is an intercultural music- and puppet theatre project for children, in which the moon talks about his experiences around the world. In spring 2006 The Hypno Theatre traveled to Iceland and remote places in Greenland to perform their show. This film joins the group on their journey through the nordic culture- and music scenery: Be prepared for impressive landscapes, exceptional concerts, intimate moments with Emiliana Torrini, Benni Hemm Hemm, Dagur Kari and other stars of the icelandic and greenlandic culture- and music scene and a theatre show, that joins the moon on his journey around the world...

Music from the moon - A scenic documentary about music in Iceland & Greenland: Official Trailer from GUCC grafik film

Music from the moon – Clip #1 – Emiliana Torrini from GUCC grafik film

Clip #2 – Benni Hemm Hemm (BHH) from GUCC grafik film

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