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"Goth bádum megin": New 7" Single of Skátar - Release 2. October

Icelandic band Skátar will release their new single "Goth bádum megin" (“Goth on Both Sides”) on 7” vinyl and in a downloadable form on 2. October and will celebrate the release with a concert in Kaffibarinn in downtown Reykjavík @ 21:00 2. October.
Two other bands, Sudden Weather Change& Sykur, will also perform.
Following the release, Skátar will tour the country with Bloodgroup, Dlx Atx & Sykur, which ends with their performance at the Iceland Airwaves music festival in Reykjavík on October 18.
In November Skátar will perform at the Swn Festival in Wales.
You can download the song "Party Liners (I Make Blade, You Crusade)" of the Single "Goth báðu megin" for free until the 2. October @ the Grandmothers Records Label site @

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Source: Iceland Review

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